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I am pleased to know that you have visited my site. Spiritual awareness is not religious awareness. By exploring your nature as a spiritual being you are not moving away from any religious beliefs. You are gaining an understanding of your environment and that which created you. All beliefs are valid and are steps of enlightenment which when acknowledged, makes this trip one of pleasure, and wonderment. Take a moment to explore some of the possibilities that you will find on this site.

Roy E. Klienwachter

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Welcome free spirits to this informational web site. You are spiritual by nature. There is nothing you have to do, say, or be to be spiritual. There is no life in a box, it is only when you peek out of the box that you find new life.

   I did not create this site, write my articles and books for anyone's benefit other than my own - to expand my awareness by allowing spirit to come through in my writing.  However, many have benefited by what I have done and that is a bonus for me. If I have caused anyone to question their current beliefs, then I have done well. If others have found their way, then they have given me the greatest gift of all. Unconditional love is unconditional freedom to experience the physical world in any way that you see fit. You are not a victim of circumstances - your are creating them. You are the embodiment of all that you believe your creator to be, and when you know it and believe it, you will never want for anything else again. No one has dominion over you unless you give it away. You are the manifestor of everything that happens in your life.


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Author Roy E. Klienwachter