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Here is what one of are readers said about "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle"


Klienwachter's book is not academic, but an honest outpouring of someone`s thoughts of the journey to enlightenment. Mr. Klienwachter has a strong passion for who he is and writes without pretense. His style is easy to read and full of shared insights of his journey.

Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle is a compilation of four separate, but related books-1) Understanding the First Steps, 2) Power of Healing, 3) Simple Manifestation, and 4) Getting Real. By letting us in his life, sharing the stories of friends, and referencing other's works, Mr. Klienwachter reveals the power of living outside the box, the power of positive thinking, and the ability to co-create the reality of our dreams.


Nuggets of wisdom, interspersed throughout the book, are cause for reflection. The book prompts many questions on awareness, organized religion, healing, concepts of god, and the meaning of life or as Mr. Klienwachter states, Spirituality is the study of who we are.


Cynthia Gayle Clayton, author of Transformative Meditation


Roy has a unique way of saying that which many have said before, adding his personal experience to the mix. The blend is one of a clear, simplistic introduction to the spiritual nature in all of us. By the end of the book there is "no doubt" that we can all experience the magnificence of our own creation and creations. Thank you Roy, for your wonderful insight and sharing "your truth". It has enhanced my own, adding to my wholeness. Truly inspiring. I look forward to your future words of wisdom.

In Love and Light, Namaste Linda D. Jensen