The answers to the questions below come from New Age Philosophy and are filtered through my own thought process and are based on my experience and my studies of the subject over the last five years. Some of the answers come from what other New Age authors have written.  I do not subscribe to or endorse any organized religion or faith system. The answers are a culmination of all the above perspectives. These are my opinions and none of these answers should be taken as definitive. If any of them make sense to you, you will know it. Take what you will; reject what does not work for you. Many of the questions have been asked of me over the years or have been emailed to me.



Selfishness (Can I consider myself without being Selfish?)

If you have considered that it is you that is creating your version of the world and all the circumstances that you are experiencing, then I would say that you cannot be anything other than selfish. Everything that you do, you really do for yourself as there is in fact no one else. When you learn to love yourself and do for yourself first, which is self awareness, then you are true to yourself. It is the natural tendency for all things to move to a higher self, in awareness of this you would not take away from anyone else to do so. In doing for yourself within the realization doing for self makes sense, and others will always benefit by your new enlightenment and higher self.

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