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We welcome your article if it is formatted correctly and within the theme of our web site. Our links pages are the 2nd most read pages on our site. For the month of June 2012 we had over 4.6 million hits on our site. There are more than 6600 articles listed (June 2012). That is about 8% of the articles submitted to the site... most of the rejected articles are spam. We support our authors and are serious about quality - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, it really isn't all that complicated and you will be rewarded with more readers.

"PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Authors who have signed up but have not contributed an article are deleted immediately"

"PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND; that by submitting your articles you agree to receive periodic emails from us to keep you updated (very rare).

How to Submit Articles to "The Spiritual New Age Wisdom Directory"

Please take the time to read these guidelines before you submit your articles to this directory. We
trust that they will help you in determining what to submit to this spiritually theme based article
HELP, EMPOWERMENT, MOTIVATIONAL. INSPIRATIONAL, ETC. Please review are categories to see what we expect!

Editorial Guidelines and Qualifications for Submission

a. Your submission must be your own work. If you are representing the work of an author other than yourself, please submit it under their name including their contact email address.

b. Articles must be theme based and fall within the categories listed on our site. Please to not send in articles that you may have purchased or copied from the internet.

c. No affiliate program links in the article will be accepted.

d. All articles must have some value to the readers, advice, inspirational, informative or motivational.

e. No sales letters, advertisements, press releases, or self promoting editorial please.

f. Good English Please, and attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. All work is reviewed before publication and if we cannot read it are readers won't be able to either and we will reject it.
g. SIMPLE PUNCTUATION RULES: One or two spaces after each period, colon, or semi-colon; Periods should be inside of quotes; When doing "..." -- you should use only 3 dots minimum and maximum; When using dashes, use two in a row, ex: "--"; There is never a space BEFORE a period or BEFORE a comma.

h. Remember, articles must be theme related and not contain pornography/adult material or any other unacceptable slurring, racial overtones or gender based prejudices or slander.

i. Articles considered libelous, defamatory or encroaches on the legal rights of other, will be rejected.

j. Only one occurrence of any one article may be submitted to the site. And duplications no matter how it may have been changed will be rejected.

2. Format:
a. YOUR TITLE must be in upper and lower case, with the first letter of each word being capitalized. Titles that have all capitals will be changed.
It is ok not to capitalize common words such as "a" - "the" - "to" - "for" etc...unless you want to. We accept these either way.
   i. NO Quotes around your title please.
   ii. No Period at the end of your Title please.
Please do not repeat punctuation at the end of your sentence!!! Or ???
   iii. Your Submission should all be in plain text, no meta tags please or html code.
   iv. Please align your title to the left hand side.
   v. Author name or any URL's not allowed in title.
   vi. Please do NOT repeat your TITLE in the ARTICLE BODY.

A Bad Keyword TITLE might be:
Eight easily accomplished steps to becoming Super Rich and Famous
A Good Keyword TITLE might be:
Super Rich and Famous in eight easily accomplished steps
c. You Must Include Your First and last name as the author of the article. Author's with the same FIRST and LAST name are removed.
d. More Than One Pen Name is allowed for any one original author name.
e. Submission Article Body: Must be a minimum of 500 WORDS and no more than 1600 WORDS. Less than one thousand would be best for us.
   i. Copyrights are not necessary as the site is copyright protected.
   iii. Please do not submit articles with excessive HARD LINE BREAKS. A hard line break is when you use the HTML or
tag to force a carriage return rather than allowing each line to wrap naturally. We may either reject or convert any articles that are sent in with hard line breaks. It's ok to force a hard line break when you're making a small list of items but it's not ok to arbitrarily force hard line returns on every single line at a certain character width.
iv. Please remove any vertical breaks at the end of your article.

f. Active Links:

Confine your self-serving links to your RESOURCE BOX.

   i. Please check your links before submitting to be sure they work. The only acceptable live link is (http://www.yoursite.com) - ("target=") is not acceptable - any deviations are deleted!
   ii. Your links may NOT contain a file to be downloaded of any type.
   iii. We do not accept articles that have the same ACTIVE link more than once.

g. Please, no mail:to links, include web site URL and let the reader find your mail or contact link.

i. Article Summaries are not necessary. The program will include text from the article as a summary, usually partof the first paragraph. 

j. ARTICLE CATEGORY AND SUB-CATEGORY: Please choose the best category or sub category for your related article. If in our opinion it has not been categorized appropriately it may be changed.