Beyond the Edge of Reason
by Tajuana Ozaneaux

Tajuana, although young in years, she speaks from the wisdom of her elders and her own personal experience. Tajuana is an amateur writer who is not afraid to step out of the box and the beliefs of her family to write what is in her heart.





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The aspect of human nature makes it difficult, if not impossible, for any group to truly be united. Politics, the selfish maneuvering of individuals and manipulation all have their hand in affecting the lofty ideals of any group.

Perhaps the way to reduce such circumstances, which are unavoidable, is for the group to remain as focused as possible on its' intent. There should also be emphasis placed on the careful and wise selection of those individuals that are chosen to represent the collective; while underscoring the importance that those selected be as enlightened as possible.

How does one measure enlightenment and therefore quantify the term "enlightened as possible?" That therein lies my dilemma. We all have different perspectives which therefore give way to various ideas of what personifies enlightenment.

I used to believe that knowledge in itself lead to enlightenment. I busily went about reading as many books as I could on various subjects, while incessantly gobbling up and incorporating the ideas of so-called "experts" into my beliefs. I found myself creating and forming belief systems based on things that "I" had not taken the time nor used the opportunities that presented themselves examine if they were true for me. I became lost in the rabbit hole of B.S. that permeated from the result of failing to identify my personal truths. Becoming quite adept at sprouting off the latest catch phrases, all while seemingly impressing others with my knowledge--I took a real fancy to myself; until situations presented themselves in my life forced me to rethink my thoughts, fears and ideologies.

In other words, as I began to experience the results of the really crappy choices I had made--I realized something HAD to change. It was difficult to look at myself as the one being responsible for all that was transpiring in my life. After all, I knew all this stuff. You know the formulas, secrets as told by the "experts" on how to live, act and even breathe. Besides, I didn't consider myself a masochist. There's no way I would be doing this to myself deliberately. However, once I stopped blaming everything and everyone else, I realized that I need look no further than myself in trying to identify where the problems lie. I was responsible for everything that had transpired. The good and the bad.

This realization came totally out of the blue. But further introspection allowed me to see the truth. My truth that is. I wish I could say that after receiving such insight that my life was a cakewalk. But The deeper I dove, the messier it got. Until one day, things just clicked. It was like looking through a pair of eye glasses that had been cleaned, without ever realizing that they had been dirty in the first place. The clarity and crispness in which I was able to see my life was truly amazing.

I now think that enlightenment, is not solely relegated to the knowledge one gleans from books, but rather a combination of many things. I believe our experiences give us the opportunity to convert that knowledge to wisdom--which is uniquely useful to our personal and spiritual development.

I am open to understanding the value of being in touch with all things on all levels. All things, whatever they may be--have value. My self introspection has lead me to the conclusion that the separation I have experienced is of my own creation, formed by beliefs and thoughts I willingly accepted.

Everything that exists is part of the "same" whole. If I can grasp and understand the order of divine providence and existence itself, perhaps this will lead to being able to make decisions that are those based in love and compassion. Thus, the resultant will automatically be composed of and generate high ideals Regardless of the catalysts that brought about the situation or experience, a beneficial outcome will be manifested.

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