Beyond the Edge of Reason
by Tajuana Ozaneaux

Tajuana, although young in years, she speaks from the wisdom of her elders and her own personal experience. Tajuana is an amateur writer who is not afraid to step out of the box and the beliefs of her family to write what is in her heart.





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Thinking Outside the Box

At one time or another, I believe we've all heard the expression thinking outside the box. For me, this expression conjures up thoughts of being stuck in an ice-cold conference room way too early in the morning--looking at spreadsheets and drinking wretched coffee trying to keep from freezing my bum off--while wondering whether or not I should take the last bagel.

I and the poor unfortunate souls who shared my fate, were told that we had to come up with something to increase productivity. Think outside the box, people we were told.

Therefore, I tend to equate this phrase as something used to describe individuals or situations that didn't comply with your run of the mill methodologies or modes of thought. The box being a personification for the problem, idea or situation. When it comes to this phrase, I am certain others have their own analogies and definitions.

It has been my observation that when one performs the act of thinking outside the box, the result is usually something remarkable and revolutionarily different, a breakthrough allowing a shift in perception or perspective, thereby changing the way one views things.

Okay, I thought, is there something to this thinking outside the box thing? And if so, how is it done? Is there some sort of methodology to learn? Do they have courses or books that teach you how to do it? Or is it something that just happens? I sat trying to recall all the times I'd heard the expression, while simultaneously visualizing the various situations and their outcomes.

From where does this the inspiration come that inspires these unique outlooks and breakthrough ideas? I believe it is all around us---that it is each and every one of us.

We perceive this sort of thing as an uncommon occurrence. Maybe it is not so uncommon at all. Perhaps what makes it so uncommon to most of us is, that we are stuck in the way we perceive our reality. There could be a lot more card carrying members of the thinking outside the box club, if we would just take the chance to open ourselves to being and living in the moment.

I think that is what happens in those Eureka moments. For all the answers to all the questions that have ever been asked or ever will be asked ---exist in the moment. By eliminating the wall we build around ourselves and our thoughts just for an instant we permit the beauty and revolutionary breakthroughs we seek, to enter into our conscious experience.

Perhaps the unseen box which we believe exists, consists of nothing but the abstract--limiting thoughts, beliefs and fears incorporated into the belief systems of civilization as a whole. Unknowingly, most of us are just trying to get out grasping at whatever will free us from the limitations of our beliefs. Regardless of the finesse or lack thereof that one uses to free oneself-- Those that succeed get the prize. The prize is insight

This can only happen by being the experience, and living in the moment gives us the opportunity to make that happen. Our focus and intent should neither be on the box, nor should it be focused on the outside of the box.

Once we realize that there are no boxes to get outside of other than the ones we ourselves create; I think the rest becomes easy.

I guess what I m trying to say is that in order to think outside the box, we must first realize that there is no box. I would be interested in hearing others philosophies regarding this matter. Maybe together, we can figure out how to manifest this so-called behavior on a continued basis. Imagine each one of us consistently going beyond preconceived notions and established beliefs.

I believe such a manifestation would cause a remarkable shift and elevation of consciousness planet wide all I can say to that is: Wow!

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