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Forgiveness is programmed to insure your confidentiality. See our privacy notice for more details.


Click on the button above to start the Forgiveness program.  










Forgiveness Step 1
Decide Who to Forgive Now

Forgiving yourself.
Forgiving somebody else.












Forgiveness Step 1A
Name Who It Is That You Most Need to Forgive












Forgiveness Step 1B
Name What It Is That You Most Need to Forgive For












Forgiveness Step 2
Decide How Much You Are Willing to Forgive












Forgivensss Step 3
Figure Our How Much You Are Able to Forgive












Forgivensss Step 4
Accept an Invitation to Forgive












Forgiveness Step 4A
Decide How Much You Actually Do Forgive












Forgiveness Step 5
Give Yourself Credit For Forgiving












Forgiveness Step 6
Feel Gratitude For Forgiving












Acceptance Step 1
Recognize The Value of Acceptance













Acceptance Step 2
Decide That You Are Willing to Create Acceptance













Acceptance Step 3
Figure Out If You Are Able to Create Acceptance













Acceptance Step 4
Accept an Invitation to Create Acceptance












Acceptance Step 4A
Confirm That You Actually Are Creating Acceptance













Acceptance Step 5
Give Yourself Credit for Creating Acceptance












Acceptance Step 6
Feel Gratitude for Creating Acceptance












Forgive Additional People













Forgive Something Related













Forgive Something Else

Is there anything else you also need to forgive, now?

Any anger, blame, criticism, envy, fault finding, grudge, guilt, hate, hostility, ill will, jealosy, judgment, regret, resentment, or shame you might have, towards yourself or others, would be places to look.

Choose whatever will give you the most relief to forgive, now.













Is Anything In the Way of Forgiving or Accepting?

You may have some inner chatter about forgiving or accepting. Our MonkeyMind program is helpful for discovering this chatter.

You can also check for a fear or a belief.

Most of these fears, beliefs, or whatever else is in the way can be handled with our Inner Peace process.

If nothing is in the way, you can complete the process.


Why The Forgiveness Process

In working with the Inner Peace process, we recognized that many of the important gains were related to some form of forgiveness. A common component to many of the angers, hates, grudges, resentments, blames, shames, and guilts that users experienced great gains letting go was forgiveness of self and/or others.

While the Inner Peace process is quite powerful in relation to its simplicity, we believe the forgiveness process, for what it does is even more powerful in relation to its simplicity.

We welcome your feedback in making it even better.


Privacy Notice

You can say anything to the Forgiveness chatterbot and whatever you say is totally safe.

Forgiveness is written in client side JavaScript. That means none of your information is sent anywhere, not even to your disks.

Everything you enter gets erased when you close the program.

If you are concerned that somebody may look over your shoulder, you can even enter code words and, as long as you know what your entries mean, Forgiveness will still work.


Terms of Use

Inner Peace Software is Forever Free software.

There are no charges, no advertisements, and no solicitations. It is completely free.

Nonetheless, it is still subject to its terms of use.

Please choose:

Accept all terms, even the fine print, and continue.
Review terms of use document summary.

Forgiveness could help with a LOT of the world's suffering if more people knew about it. Pass it on.

Forgiveness is not a cure all, but it doesn't have to take all the straws off of the camel's back to make a difference.  




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