1. We are One

  2. Memory

  3. A New God

  4. Angels, Spirits, Guides and other Manifestations

  5. September 11, 2001

  6. Bad Times are Good

  7. Clairvoyance

  8. You Cannot Die

  9. Dreams in Spiritual terms

  10. Freedom to Choose our Religion

  11. Giving

  12. Good and Evil

  13. Au Natural

  14. The Healing Process

  15. Heaven and Hell

  16. Manifesting

  17. Meditation

  18. Why we want to be healed

  19. God is not what you think.

  20. Sickness and Healing

  21. The “Is-Not is.

  22. Starting All over Again

  23. Peace

  24. Judgement

  25. Our Past is Shaped by Our Future.

  26. Discovery of the Soul

  27. The Law Or Karma

  28. Something about Nothing

  29. Starting A Disaster relief Program

  30. I am a Figment of My Imagination

  31. Preparing for Enlightenment

  32. Enlightenment takes you to Selfishness.

  33. The Dark Side of a Pope

  34. Natural Talent

  35. It's Okay to Be Human

  36. Synchronicity

  37. Resistance to Change

  38. Adding Meaning to Life

  39. The Great Paradox

  40. Exploring the Truth

  41. Living With Mind, Body...

  42. I Am Creator, I Am Roy

  43. Errors in Thoughts, brings...

  44. Who is There to Forgive

  45. Relationships are Opportunities

  46. Technology--Leading away from Your Nature

  47. A guide to spiritual enlightenment.

  48. How much is peace worth?

  49. Suffering from Negativity

  50. Killing any chances of getting what you want.

  51. Strive to a higher level

  52. A Message From Joseth (Channelled)  7/31/03

  53. Asking for Help

  54. Before Religion

  55. When Love is Blind

  56. I have a great golf swing.

  57. Everyday Spirituality

  58. What's in his Name?

  59. Guilt

  60. Illness, Pain and Suffering

  61. I keep shooting myself in the foot.

  62. Trust

  63. A Wise Answer

  64. Rest

  65. Sex, gay, lesbian and other deviates.

  66. Time to move on.

  67. 10/29/03

  68. Why Do I Bother

  69. Motivation

  70. Imagination

  71. The Bottom Line on Manifesting

  72. Drawing the line on Unconditional Love

  73. Getting Past the God Crap

  74. A Gift From Beau

  75. War, Disasters and All is Well.

  76. Make Your Mark Upon Humanity

  77. Recognizing the Gift Horse

  78. Recognizing Self

  79. The Final Frontier

  80. Migraines the Great Equalizers

  81. Giving Importance

  82. Picture This (Part One)

  83. Picture This (Part Two)

  84. Selfishness is...

  85. Travelling Slower Than the Speed of Thought

  86. Greenhouse Kids

  87. Before Enlightenment

  88. Happy First

  89. Lord We Are So Unworthy...What a...

  90. News

  91. The Sound of Silence

  92. Chopping Wood and Carrying Water

  93. There is a purpose for my writing.

  94. The worst Blasphemy

  95. I Read Your Perspective

  96. Are We There Yet?

  97. Thoughts About Our Choices

  98. Fear And Christianity

  99. Interpreting Questions

  100. What's with the number eleven thingy?

  101. Time does not exist

  102. Get Real

  103. Manifesting Effectively

  104. Enlightened People do it Holistically

  105. Holistic

  106. Simplicity

  107. The Beginnings of War

  108. Starting Over

  109. Spiritual Malpractice

  110. A walk with the living dead

  111. Making Choices

  112. Building a Parthenon

  113. I come with only one gift for you

  114. Who ya gonna call?

  115. About News

  116. Don't Take Live So Seriously

  117. Stop Trying To Be Perfect

  118. Making Spiritual Bread

  119. America For War

  120. Participation

  121. Christmas 2004

  122. Happy New Year

  123. Alone in a world filled with only me.

  124. Finding the Easy Way

  125. A New Thought For Peace

  126. Fear Factor

  127. Mind In Time and Space

  128. Words Than Can Leave You Powerless

  129. A Winner Never Uses Chance or Luck

  130. How Do You Paint New Age

  131. Simple

  132. Oh My God

  133. In Everything You Have Choices

  134. Testing Your Awareness

  135. Formulating New Thought

  136. War What is it Good For

  137. Writing Non-Fiction

  138. Peace on Earth in Another 365 Days

  139. What would Happen if I Did Nothing

  140. Thought, Emotion and Passion...

  1. Killing me softly

  2. Working with self to Manifest..

  3. Suicide

  4. Your way is not my way

  5. I Am God, I Am Life, I Am Roy

  6. Praise For The Human Mind

  7. Struggle

  8. A Gathering of Souls

  9. Manifesting Thought Into Reality

  10. My Life is Brilliant

  11. Ten Commandments that don't work

  12. Masturbation--Doing what comes...

  13. We Are All Spiritual For Better or...

  14. Assumption--A level of Consciousness

  15. Suicide is the cause of Death

  16. More Than Words

  17. Aye For The Nay-Sayers

  18. What a Wonderful World

  19. Reincarnation is a Promise of...

  20. Opportunity

  21. Ten Reasons Why You Can't Do It

  22. Holistic Manifesting--Include...

  23. Would You Know God if You Saw Him

  24. I Talk to My Car

  25. They Are Here And They Are Hiding

  26. We Are Not One Function Machines

  27. The Llama Party

  28. Death is Planned Lovingly at...

  29. Fingers-the little soldiers of creation...

  30. Time to Move On

  31. The Whole is the Illusion

  32. A Lonely Road of Awareness

  33. The End of Selfless

  34. Your Secret Power--Don't You...

  35. Chopping Wood and Carrying Water

  36. Mirror, mirror

  37. Making Hard Choices

  38. Finding the Success in Failure

  39. The Secret to Change

  40. The Secret

  41. Manifesting--How Does It Work?

  42. Out Of Body Experience

  43. Why You Can't Have What You Want

  44. Feeling Good About Being Bad

  45. Donations--To Give or Not to Give?

  46. What Comes After "We Are All One?"

  47. Nothing is Who You Really Are

  48. Spirituality Moves You Away From...

  49. Opportunity Knocks More Than Once

  50. Don't Try to Save the World

  51. This is Your Time--The Time of Your...

  52. How to Identify the Silent Observer

  53. The Path That Leads Inwards

  54. The Loneliest Place in Creation

  55. You Cannot Experience Your True Nature While You Are Thinking

  56. Good Luck on Demand

  57. Help With Higher Gas Prices

  58. I May be Insane--or Not?

  59. The Final Stages of Enlightenment

  60. Stumbling Forward and Going Nowhere

  61. Spirituality--What's it Good For

  62. Learning How to Let Go

  63. To Help or Not to Help

  64. The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)

  65. The Oneness Blessing Part Two

  66. The Oneness Blessing Part Three

  67. The Oneness Blessing Part Four

  68. Chefography

  69. Affirmation from the Law of Attraction

  70. Tuning Out So You Can Tune In

  71. The Oneness Blessing Part Five

  72. Bitterness Leads You Away From Self

  73. The Law of Expectation

  74. Learn to Make The Most of What's Handed to You

  75. Alone in a relationship

  76. The Opportunity For Change

  77. The Coming Out of God

  78. You Are a Victim by Choice

  79. Christmas Can be Fun

  80. The World Was Once Flat

  81. Are You Ready For Abundance and Success

  82. Are You Missing Out In Your Relationship

  83. The Fear In Religion

  84. Our Priorities Are Reversed

  85. Sometimes a Cigar

  86. Using Religion to Escape the Church

  87. What Happened to Your World And How Do You Change It

  88. Could Have Should Have

  89. Healing The Universe is an Inside Job

  90. Illness and Healing are Just a Thought Away

  91. More on the Law of Attraction

  92. New Age

  93. What is Spiritual Wisdom

  94. What is The Next Step in Evolution

  95. Selling Christianity

  96. Chefology And The Spiritual Experience

  97. Winning an Argument

  98. Power, Evolution, and Personal Responsibility

  99. The Next Step in Human Evolution - the Super...

  100. Start Writing Your Book Now

  101. Spirit Space Fills In Some Gaps

  102. What Changes In Our Life With Spiritual Awareness

  103. What is Spirituality

  104. Healing; What Works and What Doesn't Work

  105. I Am God Having a Human Experience

  106. None Deserving People

  107. Who Are the Spiritual

  108. A Relationship with Spirit Without Religious...

  109. School is Out on Spirituality

  110. Friends, Lovers, and Other Strangers

  111. The Life and Death of Corky Barrington

  112. Spirituality is a Lifestyle

  113. Choose Happiness First

  114. A Model Society Will Not Work

  115. Know Your Enemy

  116. Teach a Man to Fish

  117. When Did You Stop Thinking For Yourself

  118. Religion and Addiction

  119. Evolving Past Religion

  120. How to Restore Your Power to Create

  121. I Am Alive and Well

  122. What Comes After the End

  123. Obama Elected - Us Must Avoid the Mistake

  124. The Talking Mirror

  125. A Computer Virus is a Thought Manifested

  126. The Age of Affirmation

  127. What is it That Motivates Your

  128. Fitting A Square Peg Into a Round Hole

  129. Who Are the People Who Will Save the World

  130. Who Are the People of the Next Emanation

  131. Optimism Will Embrace 2009

  132. Addiction and Spirituality-a Natural Mix

  133. Thought is Pure, Formless, and Emotionless

  134. Power Is Not Power Unless it is Exercised

  135. Treatments For Addictions--Why Some...

  136. Evolution Through Chaos and Change

  137. What Would I Give To The World

  138. You Have Been Given A Purpose Drive Life


Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination.Review Roy's new book at: http://www.yourlifewasnevermeanttobeastruggle.com