ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Thoughts About Our Choices



Winter is a fun time of year. For those that are involved in skiing, sledding, snow mobiling. They have been waiting all year to finally get out into the snow. The joy of being out on fresh ice, skating on a frozen pond is likened to have died or gone to heaven. Itís something winter people have been preparing and waiting for. They come alive, they are exhilarated by the cold winter weather. It is heaven on earth.

   For others it is hell. They are not prepared. They may not have the winter wear. Summer tires are still on the car and they canít get out of the driveway. Not being able to go to work means loss of wages. Hardships are realized as the snow keeps covering the driveway and sidewalks. Walking to the store to pick up a few groceries becomes a major event. The difference between all these events, seen as good or bad is the perception or thought about it. The snow falls equally on all. Being in the snow can be seen as work or play, exhilarating or depressing. If we are prepared for it, it is not seen as a major hardship. All the seasons offer both fun and opportunity as well as restriction or depression.

   Anticipation and preparedness are the means to turning our thoughts around. All of our life circumstances are likewise opportunities to feel exhilarated or depressed. All are experienced in the same space at the same time by people who are prepared for them or not. Life in the physical world is both experienced as heaven or hell, in the same time and space. All of us choose the circumstances of how we are going to experience life. Some prepare for it, others dread it, while there are those that take it as it comes. Still we meet life on our own terms.

   We run into trouble only when we consider life as the enemy. If we feel we have no control over it, we begin to experience it as hell or a punishment, something we struggle against. Life is, swimming upstream all the time. At anytime we can turn around and swim the other way, but like salmon driven to spawn, we are driven upstream.

   The only real difference between our experiences is choice. All of us without exception choose whether are life is going to be difficult or easy. We choose like circumstances that facilitate what we want to experience. We can prepare for the winter by having shovels, candles, extra food and clothing, or we can deal with it when it comes. Be prepared or take chances. We all start off equally when we are born. We choose the circumstances of our birth, our parents and the circumstances that will best facilitate the opportunities for the things we want to experience. We also have at anytime in our life the opportunity to change how we experience our life, by simply making different choices.

   When we wake up in the morning, we are faced with making the choices. Should I go to work today? Should I quit my job? Should I leave my family? Should I change jobs or move? From the time we awaken, all the choices run through our minds at some level and we choose to swim upstream or go with the flow. Itís not done from obligation, itís done from choice. Obligation is a thought process. Obligations are self imposed restrictions, that are made from choice. They reflect a decision or choice that mirrors how we see ourselves. An obligation is still a choice. We donít ever have to be obligated to anyone or anything, even to life itself. All, of what we do is choice.

   With the freedom to choose, comes the power to live our lives as we see fit. Choice is power, is freedom, and with that comes responsibility to accept our choices as having made them from freewill and knowing that we can choose something else at will and are prepared to accept the responsibility for the choice.

   Winter can be a fun experience if we accept the choices we make and are prepared for it. We must accept the burden of our own decisions, if we are to empower ourselves to make different choices. We cannot change anything if we do not accept the responsibility for making the choice in the first place.

   If we blame another for our circumstances, we then transfer our power to that person. We choose not to choose. We then again look to others to get ourselves out of the situation we find undesirable. That may never happen. Any choice is a good choice when it is made from freewill. All choices are in fact made from freewill, whether we have a gun at to head or not. Itís simply how we think about our choices that determines how we will experience them.

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