ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Are We There Yet


People will ask me, how do I become spiritual? How do I become enlightened? When will I know when I'm there? How will I know that I am on the path, when I'm off the path? Where do I go to find enlightenment, and whom do I believe? Do I need the church? What if I pick the wrong religion... They all say they have exclusivity on the way. It's their way or the highway. Tell me what to do, Roy!

   It's so dam, fr..k'n simple, and obvious, that's the problem. It's starring you in your face every single day, and you can't see it. The meaning of your life is all around you. Where you are along the path to enlightenment is displayed in your actions everyday.

   A dedicated murder and rapist that takes his lifestyle seriously and honestly is more enlightened than most people that will read this page. A dictator is the epitome of God's greatest gift to mankind, that is freedom to become anything you want. To achieve anything your heart desires. To reach the top.

   If you want to know how your life is working, look where you are living, look at the people that surround you and who you interact with. Do you get along with them? Do you help them, when they ask? Do you make excuses not to help or contribute your fair share? Do you lie or stretch the truth, or leave out details? Do you give to charity? Do you steal? Do you give anything? Whom do you support? Do you watch TV and support shows that depict violence or other anti social behavior? If you want to know how you are fairing so far, how have you answered any of these questions? What have you done so far to change your lifestyle? What do you see, when you look around your room, your house?

   Looks at the symbols in your life. All the things that you accumulate, in your life, tells a story about your thought process. Things are thoughts manifested into physical reality. Where is your value system. Do you own a big screen TV so that you can enhance the violence you see on TV. Is your life about show and tell. Do you spend hundreds of dollars on sports tickets, to watch violence, because you like to see somebody get the shit kicked out of them? Do you donate to charity? Have you contributed anything to this site to help those that need it? Do you listen to poor quality music and read trashy novels? Do you talk about other people, high ideals or philosophy. All of the things of your life tell you what you are thinking. It is clear and obvious and you don't need me or anyone else to tell you how you are doing. Just take a look around you.

   After you are evaluated all that you see, and if you don't like it, get rid of all of it and make new choices. Bring new symbols (things and people) into your life that show off your new awareness. Give to sites like this that work to empower you. Give to those that ask your help. Support your teachers and physicians. Withdraw your money from overpaid celebrities and sports figures. Get out and bitch about your taxes, stand up and take responsibility for your life, do not except the things or people around you that do not represent who you are.

   The one piece of advice that makes the most sense, is to do nothing. Become an observer of your own life. It you don't like it, change it. If other's don't like the way you are, move them out of your life. But most of all, don't feel guilty for who and what you are. You are perfect until you decide that you are not. Nothing is your life can ever be bad, unless you think it is. If what you are doing is your best, you are working within your model of the world and you are already enlightened. To thy own self be true. Do not betray yourself by living the way someone else expects you to. Do not give because you feel guilty, give because it is who you are. Do not help, because you feel guilty, help because that is who you are.

   Your home, your work, your environment, your friends reflect who you are. They are the symbols of where you are along the evolutionary trail. If you do not know that you are already enlightened, then do not ask. If you do not see yourself in the symbols you have collected around you, you are off the path. You can not try to be enlightened. You either are, or are not. Do not miss the forest for the trees. The symbols of your life around you are trying to tell you something. Don't try to be something you are not. You can never be enlightened until you stop trying.

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