ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


The Bottom Line on Manifesting



Walking on water, multiplying fish, turning water into wine, all require one thing. A purity of thought and a knowingness that it is done. So called miracles are possible with the knowledge that one can do them. The only thing that stands in the way of creating or manifesting what we want, is the thought that we can not do it.

   If you have spent any amount of time on the internet or in books reading the spiritual masters, you may have noticed one thing, they donít go far enough. They all stop short of saying one thing! Some of the more advanced are very close. They will tell you, that we have the power of God and that we are capable of anything. But even most of them are not willing to go all the way. They are not entirely committed.

   Holistic health care workers or healers will tell you that you can heal yourself, that all terminal illness is curable or reversible. But they stop short of telling you that you can replace a limb. Modern doctors will tell you that 85% of illness is psychosomatic, and half of the remaining 15% is preventable. Doctors agree that most illness is curable. Yet they always leave a way out. The 15% is a safety net for health care workers and healers that are not totally committed in their own belief system.

   It is my belief that our creator is all powerful. All that we know, was created, is created by the one power. That which you see of yourself and those around you was created, and is not limited. I do not believe that the one that created the universe is limited in any way. I also believe that we are individualized pieces of that creator, along with all its attributes and characteristics.

   The only difference between mankind and the creator, is that mankind does not know that "creator" and "man" are one. They are the same. The illusion of duality separates us and gives us distance. We are Creator (God) manifesting in human form. We own the power, we control it with thought and word. We command this energy to do as we wish within our ability to handle it. There is nothing that the creator can do, that man can not. They are one.

   Man has severely limited himself by denying who he is. He divorces himself from himself. He denies his power and takes even less responsibility for it. If we agree that man can manifest 85% of illness, why would he limit himself that way. Why not manifest 100%. And the reverse is also valid, why not manifest 100% of the cure. The figure is erroneous and arbitrary. You could use any number and it would be true.

   It has been my experience, that most of us agree that Godís love is unconditional. Yet mankind continually limits Godís love. Love, power, freedom are all interchangeable words, and they mean the same and are not limited, they are unconditional. It is mankind that limits love, power and freedom, because he fears them. Man has limited his own power, because he believes in the illusion of separation. Dualistic thinking is extremely limiting. Mankind can not have the power of God, if he continues to believe that he is not God.

   One can not grow back lost limbs as long as one does not believe that he/she has the power. It will never happen. Man believes he can not do a thing, because he has never seen it happen. He does not go past what is in front of him. Therefore he creates his own truth. A believe that is demonstrated time and time again, until someone pushes the right buttons; leaves on a ship to fall off the edge of the earth. Jumps into a coffin to fly around the earth or another planet.

   I do not believe that man is limited in any way. I have limited myself so much over my lifetime through negative thinking and a belief system that retards my own personal growth. Through self examination and the ability to remove myself and put myself into the position of the silent observer, I can see how successful I was at doing it. I, like most others, bought into the mind chatter and belief systems of limited thinkers.

   We are all wonderful manifestors. We create all the circumstances of our lives and we do it subconsciously. It is at this level that we do not have the conflicting data that says we can not do a thing.

   Turning lead into gold, water into wine, creating wealth, abundance and happiness is simple. Itís just not easily done. And itís not easily done because we strongly believe that we can not do it. Our parents and others have taken away our power from childhood and we believe what they told us. We believe what we read and make it a condition of our own existence. Once that innocence is lost, it is very difficult to go back. Years and decades of believing in a thing is very difficult to let go of. Even amongst the more enlightened, it always creeps into their consciousness and limits their abilities.

   I often write that prayer, meditation, rituals and affirmations are not necessary in creation. I still believe that the shortest distance between to points is in a straight line. If you desire something, the fastest to get it, is to know that you already have it. I still believe that none of this is necessary in the process of creation. However, humanity is just not there yet. The ability is, but we havenít been able to get past our own limitations. The world belief system is common amongst its inhabitants. We are all going back to God (the whole, that which created us). Yet it is not possible to do that until be become as the whole. If the creator is pure, then nothing that is not pure can join with it. This purity is simply a change of thought. The body is not who we are. It is the purity, acting impure.

   Our thoughts and the words we use to express them, reflect our purity. Thought triggers the power of the creator (our power) into creating what we desire. Our declaration of what we desire is our spoken word. Nothing will happen until we speak our truth. The moment we can speak with knowing that we can grow back a limb, it will happen. As you read this, your mind is already bouncing thoughts around in your head like, ya that canít happen, itís not possible, this is blasphemy, itís impossible. And you know what? You are correct in the limitations or assumptions of your thoughts, as long as you believe it to be so.

   For most all of us, we are going to have to go through the steps of changing our thought processes. The prayers, the affirmations, rituals, have only one purpose that is to focus the mind. To eliminate the mind chatter that gets in our way of creating. God does not think that he/she can not do a thing, and that is the state of awareness that we must be in to manifest. We are in the world, but we are not of it. We are God manifesting in human form, we are limited only by our thoughts, human thoughts.

   Know these things, take back your power, know that you are God manifesting in the human body. Focus your mind and thinking. You can have it all in less than a heart beat, just by knowing. It is possible, others have done it. If you believe that you can not, you can still get there in smaller steps. Always keep an eye on where you are going, be positive, surround yourself with your symbols and rituals, but only the ones that will help you focus your thoughts on what you desire. There is nothing that you have to have or do, in order to get there. It is only your thoughts that create your circumstances. A poor man can get there more easily because he is less attached to the body and its physical environment. But still limited by his thoughts of wanting what the rich man has, and buying into the rich manís thoughts about why he canít have it.

   Let go, but do not give in. Think simply, cleanse your mind, know what it is that you desire and do not deviate. Do not listen to me or any other. The power is yours and within you, it is no where else.

   You can have all that you desire, unless you believe that you can not.

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