ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter




The purpose of life is to experience the physical moment. Each moment in "now," is the only reality that you can experience on a conscious level, and it is an illusion. The past and the future are experienced at other levels of consciousness. Your imagination is very powerful and together with purpose and thought, create automatically the future or past that you imagine. Depending on how focused you are with your imagination, it becomes real or manifest in your physical world. You mind is the birthplace of all that you experience.

   Allow your imagination to run wild, then choose the experience that interests you the most. Donít let fear get in your way. Although fear can not stop us from imagining, it often stops us from experiencing it physically.

   A healthy imagination is vital in creating a rich and rewarding life. If variety is the spice of life, then imagination is the sponsoring parent of it.

   What gets in your way of experiencing what you imagine? Indeed what gets in your way of fantasizing? The stronger the fantasy is the quicker you pull away from it. As soon as you become aware that you are creating a new awareness, you automatically pull away. The new reality becomes too scary, because you fear loosing the old one. The one that you believe to be real. In order to experience the new reality, you must let go of the old. People say that if it comes too fast, it canít be real, yet the opposite is true. Reality is created in the moment. If we allow the fantasy to develop and experience it often, then we bring it into our present physical awareness and experience it as real. The power of the imagination can be controlled and used for practical application in our present experiences.

   During your childhood, you imagined your adulthood and that is what you are creating now. You fantasized about what it would be like to be an adult and in control of your life, and voila, here you are. If you imagined each of the steps, then you experience those steps as they happen. The quickest way to get to adulthood is to know that you are an adult. Children act out parts and believe that the roles they are playing are real. And so it is. A little girl does not imagine the steps to get to be a princess, she already knows she is one. A top salesman is focused on being at the top and does not dwell on the steps that takes him there.

   A little boy does not take ground school or flying lessons to become a pilot. He knows he already is one, when he stretches out his arms and flies.

   People who experience their imaginations, do not get hung up on details. If results are what you want, then focus on results, imagine having the results already, the steps will take care of themselves. Everything will fall into place that will take you to the results you desire.

   Business owners often fail, because they spend too much time on detail and mundane activities in their business (paper clip counters), instead of imagining their success and focusing on it, they have simply created a job for themselves.

   Give life to your imaginings. Imagine how wonderful it is to have everything that you want. You experience comes from your imagination and is created automatically if you spend enough time on purposeful thought.

   When you turn away from you imagination, because you have been told to stop day dreaming or that you can not have everything that you want, then you create the situation of not having what you imagine and you will push it away from you. Remember your childhood. Learn from it. Become as a child again and your world will once again be larger than life. Remember what it was like to experience your imagination.

   You created your adulthood, then you turned away from what you imagined it to, because others taught you to turn away from your childhood dreams. You lost the only tool that you really ever had that would bring to you, what you really, really want, and that is your imagination.

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