ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Sickness & Healing


Nov 2002

Why is it that we get sick? Why do some people have a terminal illness? Why do some people get well and others donít, even though they are good people? Why doesnít praying help some people to get well, while a seemingly less deserving person gets healed overnight? 

   We reap what we sow. Our thoughts are manifested into reality. What we think we create. What we know is so.

   Doctors are now admitting that more than 80% of our illnesses are psychosomatic. We literally will ourselves to get sick, whether it is a minor flu or a deadly disease. Fear and worry is the enemy of our body and is the sponsoring thought of our illness. The more separated we become from our spirit and the creator, the farther we move away, the closer we get to fear. Fear is the root emotion of all other negative emotions. Fear sponsors worry. Worry sponsors sickness. There is only one manifestation of continued fear; that is sickness.

   Worry is what makes us sick. Hence the expression, ď Iím worried sickĒ. We worry every day about our jobs; will we be able to meet our payments and obligations? Will I be separated from my husband/wife or family? Will my investments continue to grow or will I loose my shirt? I hate my job; I wish I didnít have to come into work. I hate so and so, I wish he would disappear. The list goes on and on, all day every day.

   It is estimated that we have nearly 65,000 different thoughts everyday. Of these thoughts, about 85% of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday and the day before that and so on. Most all of those thoughts are negative thoughts. We are constantly rehashing yesterdayís bad news. Our mind is loaded with negative, destructive thoughts that are manifested outwardly as sickness or accidents. It is no wonder that we come down with something or get into accidents. Many of us are in jobs or relationships that we donít like and they are making us sick. We donít eat properly and we pollute our environment. We may feel unworthy of wellness.

   The secret to wellness is obvious; simply change you mind about it. Think healthy and safe. You are what you think. What you have control over, change it, if it leads you away from wellness. Seek to remove all things from your life that causes you to worry. Where you have little control over outside events, you can only add your positive thoughts to the collective consciousness. Find out what makes you happy. Loose your thoughts about outward things and circumstances that you feel you must have in order to be happy. Be happy with nothing.  All the things that you think you need to be happy are killing you. You are going backwards.

   We donít have to give up everything to be happy. Be happy first, then do happy things. Seek to acquire the things that you want, knowing that you can give them up in an instant without giving up your happiness.

   The reason some people to not get well is simple, they donít want to. The bodyís inclination is to renew itself and make itself well. If we have the power to make ourselves sick, it would also follow that we have the power to make ourselves well. To find out why we are not well, we have to go inside and attune ourselves with spirit.

   If we made ourselves sick, why would we want to get well; only to go back to what made us sick. If we have determined that we want to get well, so we can change our ways, thatís what, will happen. If we decide that we want to get well so we can be of help to others, we will. If you want to get well, change your thought about it; then change the root thought that got you there, you wonít get sick again. Think well and simply be well.

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