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Why we want to be healed, is the secret.


Sept 2002

I have finally come across a reasonable explanation to the question that is asked: Why are some people healed and others aren’t? By healing I mean more than just physical healing or mental healing, but include spiritual healing as well.

   As explained earlier, I believe that we cause ourselves to be injured and to come down with minor or serious illnesses. If we can cause ourselves to be sick or injured, we have the power as well to heal ourselves and keep ourselves away from injury.

   In the Edgar Cayce Book, The Edgar Cayce Primer, by: Herbert B. Puryear, (pg. 164) he writes:

   “A spiritual approach to healing acknowledges not only that God is the Source of all healing, but also that all healing comes through the Spirit from within our own inner being. Thus, healing is not the result of merely external application or internal medication, but rather of attuning to the Spirit within. The term spiritual implies a constellation of considerations, including purpose, intent, desire, motivation, and ideals.

   The purpose for which one wants to be healed is of the utmost importance. Some, coming to Edgar Cayce, asked if they would be healed. In turn, he asked why they wanted to be healed---so that they could go back to the same life style that led to the illness? As a matter of fact, most of us want to be healed for just that reason---so that we may return to our previous life patterns. However, we may say that there are only two good reasons why we should want to be healed., The first is our desire to change---that is change the patterns that led to the illness---and the second is our desire to serve our God and others better.

   Spiritual healing begins, then as we reorient our desire, purposes, and ideals toward being one with and a channel for the flow of the Spirit”….end.

   What would be the point of being healed, if we returned to what made us ill or injured in the first place? Would we not simple manifest it all over again? Healing begins within. First, we must find out why we got sick or injured and then vow not to return to that experience. Sickness or injury is an outward manifestation of what is going on inside us. The best healing is not to get sick or injured in the first place. Stay attuned to the spirit; stay well!

   In his book "The Science of Mind", Ernest Holmes teaches that we are not to try and heal the sick, but to know  that person as being in perfect health. Sickness is the manifestation of an incorrect thought process. He states that we must first heal the healers thinking. Because we are the creator of the illness in our minds by knowing the sickness exists in this person, we must now change our thought about it. The sick must therefore be manifested as one who is not sick, clearly in our minds.

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