ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter



Aug 2002


A dictionaryís description of meditate: to think about something deeply, to reflect deeply on spiritual matters, esp. as a religious act.

  There are basically four states of consciousness; beta, alpha, theta and delta. The beta level is our normal waking state. Delta is our deepest level. Through meditation we can access these other levels of inner consciousness.

  Meditation is attuning the physical and the mental with the spiritual. The spirit is that which resides in us.

  Meditation is a shift from the normal waking state to a deeper level of awareness. At these levels we can experience many events that we may not normally experience. We may experience visions, sounds or voices, dreamlike sequences, colours, lights, music etc. We may experience psychic phenomena such as remote viewing, ESP, clairaudience, clairvoyance, out of body experience or acquire knowledge of the future. The experiences are varied.

  It is within one of the lower states of consciousness that we can talk to the creator. Most Eastern religions and beliefs incorporate meditation into the religious rituals. Intensive praying is also meditation. When we are being creative such as in artwork, music, writing etc., we are accessing information from these states of awareness and are in fact meditating. We donít have to be sitting in a lotus position with hands resting on our legs, repeating a mantra endlessly to get into a state of meditation. All day long we are moving in and out of these states.

  Spiritually speaking it is the only meaningful way of communicating with God/Creator. It is the only way of attuning ourselves with the spirit inside. To find the creator we must go within, meditation facilitates this reunion. The role of meditation influence is little understood and very underestimated in importance. Much of it is because of the ignorance we harbour about who and what we are. There is much more to us than what meets the eye. We are a three part being, consisting of mind, body and spirit. Those who are aware of it know the importance of meditation in reaching the spirit. Problems in understanding ourselves arise because we see ourselves as only the physical and apart from the spirit and each other and that which surrounds us.

  Western practitioners are aware of the many benefits of meditating. Better health, less anxiety and fear. Practitioners who continue meditation on an ongoing basis experience lower stress levels and need less sleep. There are many reasons for meditating, but perhaps the best reason is to commune with the creator. When you visit with your friends, you do so because you enjoy their company. You receive benefits from that visit. The same should apply with your visit with the creator. You want to be with him/her because you love him, and you want to spend time in communion with him. You are to meet him in the temple of your own body. You will receive benefits from this visit as well. The benefits should not be the reason for your meditation. They will come automatically. Meditation helps you flow with the current of life, rather than always swimming upstream.

  It is basically a meeting with the one that is really in control of your life. Itís where all the plans are being drawn up, a briefing or collaboration. 

  Deep meditation will bring a certain stillness making us aware, prone or susceptible to unexpected discoveries about life and ourselves. Meditate every day. Ask yourself: Can you give fifteen minutes each day, once in the morning and once in the evening to your creator? Can you afford not to do it?

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