ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter




Jul 2002


What is manifesting? Collins English Dictionary says: To appear in visible form.

What is manifestation? From the same dictionary it says: The act of demonstrating; display.


Matter by scientific terms, is the densest form of light. What you see, feel or touch is not really there. If fact it is 99.999999% not there. It is a projection of light in its densest state. I have read that you could fit all the matter in the Universe on the head of a pin; if we removed all the space between atoms of that matter,  including the air and so called emptiness of space. Our eyes trick us into seeing something solid. The light is not constant and matter flickers in and out of reality. Like a movie projector that runs at the right speed so that we donít see the individual frames our eyes adjust for these empty intervals of darkness. Everything in the universe vibrates at a given rate so that we may see it and feel it. When something vibrates too fast for our eyes to focus on it, it becomes invisible. Like the blades of a fan that are stationary and visible, when started up they almost disappear as the speed is increased. Itís still there; you just canít see it, if it goes fast enough.

   If all that we see is a projection, then where is the projector? Who is projecting this 3 dimensional Hologram?

   Scientists studying atoms at the sub molecular level must repeat there experiments several times. Why? Because the thoughts they are having about what they are looking at, cause the particle to vibrate at different speeds and react differently. The particles are reacting to the thoughts of the scientist viewing it. Thought controls matter. If it controls it at the sub molecular level, then it also controls it at all levels. Matter is a manifestation of a thought process.

   Where does this leave us in regards to whom and what we are? What is our relationship to the rest of the universe?

   We are, and all that is around us, is a projection of a great consciousness. We have many names for this consciousness; God, The Creator, Ala, Universe, the all_of_that_is; the name is not important. Universally around the world it is accepted that there is a consciousness that has created all that we see or know to be.

   It is also universally accepted that we are apart of this consciousness. We are the sons of God in the Christian sense. Because we are a part of the whole or the_all_there_is, we are co-creators in the illusion that we live in.

   We each have co-created what we know of our universe with the collective consciousness.

   We have collectively created the illusion. Through our collective consciousness then, we manifest our own circumstances based on the level of awareness we are at or collectively are at, in the eternal moment of now.

   On every level, individually or collectively we have co-created our personal lives as well as all life on earth.

  Natural disasters and war are a manifestation of the collective consciousness. When we all think collectively of doom and gloom, disaster, tragedy and despair, war, anger, fear we create the right environment for something to happen. There are never innocent bystanders or victims. What we think, we make so, we manifest it, and we bring it into our reality. We cannot escape our thoughts; we can only change them.

   If you think of your life as living in fear and anger, then that is what you create. If you think the world is a bad and scary place that is what you will manifest. Collectively we all create it. We can change it all with a thought.

   Think now, all of us about peace and unconditional love and that is what we will manifest collectively. If you donít like the way things are, you can change it with a thought. Think wisely about what you are a part of.

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