ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter



The Healing Process


May 2002

(Consciousness +Intelligence) =(Manifestation) orCause & Effect


1.     All atoms have consciousness.

2.     Where there is consciousness, there is intelligence.

3.     Intelligence; is in every cell of our body, which is made of atoms.

4.     The living consciousness (the creator) is in every cell of our body.

5.     Our consciousness is therefore God consciousness.

6.     Nothing else exists-our thoughts are those of the creator thinking.

7.     God consciousness is perfect; it has no illness or sickness.

8.     Because every cell in our body is the creator manifesting, we are as God, we are perfect.

9.     The personality is an illusion in a world of illusions. We do not exist. We have no life.

10. Only life has life. It is found in every living  or inanimate thing on earth. The life in us is the same life that is in the fishes, the animals and birds, all  things. There is no other life anywhere.

11. Reality is the invisible world of creative consciousness.

12. Illness or sickness is the misdirected use of universal consciousness embodied in each individual.

13. Intelligence is the creator of all manifestations.

14. Consciousness activates the intelligence to manifest or create.

15. Intelligence is mouldable or trainable.

16. We must train are intelligence to know who we are. That, which gives us life, is life, thatís all there is.

17. We are that which is the embodiment of all that is.

18. We are the creator manifesting as the creator in the earth plane.

19. The body is the temple of the creator.

20. To heal ourselves, we must first KNOW that there is nothing to heal.

21. Do not give life to your illness, do not try to heal it, just remember that you are already perfect.

The process of creation (healing) is simple-its so simple its unbelievable for most. Whatís hard isgetting rid of our old thoughts about how hard it is. Thought is to the Father as creation is to the Mother, that makes manifest the thought.

The process starts by reminding yourself about who you really are. You must remind the intelligence, train the intelligence. The intelligence responds to thought and faith.

Know who you really are, and you will know that you cannot be ill or imperfect..

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