ARCHIVES                                                          Written by international  spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter




Mar 2002

My good friend Nicolas came to me yesterday. He was having a problem and he needed help to understand what happened.

   Nicolas has a friend Gino. Gino recently decided to make a variety of small figurines. It gave Gino great pleasure to make these figurines and he thought if only he could sell a few it would help with the costs. He also knew that people would derive pleasure from owning one of them.

   Gino made several of them and talked to Nicolas about taking some down to the shops in town to see if anyone was interested in selling them for him. Nicolas graciously volunteered to take a sample into town with him the next day and present it to a shop he thought would be interested. Gino was very happy about this gesture and thanked Nicolas for his offer and left it at that.

   A while later Nicolas was feeling upset about offering to help Gino, he expressed his feelings to him. Gino responded with a hurt feeling and was somewhat angry.

   Nicolas explained to Gino that he thought Gino should be a little bit more enthusiastic about his offer to help and Gino expressed his feelings of anger at himself because he was not sensitive to Nicolas’s feelings.

   I explained to Nicolas that to give is a spiritual quality that we all have. To give in unconditional love is to walk in Godly consciousness. When we give truly from the heart in unconditional love, then that is what we get back.

   If you were to ask someone you know of, that constantly gives to others; why they do it; they will most likely tell you first thing that is makes them feel good. Second they will tell you that they are helping someone.

   We must think of ourselves first to activate the giving process, and then we think of the receiver of that giving. The reward in what we receive back is unconditional love; “The joy of giving”, without condition; nothing else is necessary or should be expected. Gratitude is a bonus, not an expectation and invites further giving.

   Nicolas’s offer to help Gino was given with an expectation of “return” of enthusiasm from Gino. Although Nicolas was not consciously aware of it; when the feeling of “lack” was returned from Gino; Nicolas was hurt and became angry and wondered why he even bothered.

   When we give from unconditional love, we are manifesting the “Christ” or “Spiritual” consciousness that is within us. The creative consciousness is using are body to experience itself “giving” in the physical world. The universe rejoices in the perfection of it all, when it happens. The opportunity to give is the reward.

   We should never give from guilt, expectation or obligation; these are the things we will get back, along with anger and resentment. This hurts both the given and the receiver. Give only because it’s in you to give..

   Nicolas’s feelings could never have been hurt if he recognized this fact. Once the offer was caused to happen from unconditional love he was acting in his own “best behave”; within the knowledge that he was helping his friend, Gino. Both suffered from a sense of “lack”. Nicolas lacked the response he wanted; Gino felt he “lacked” sensitivity to Nicolas’s feelings. Learn to give in unconditional love, let it flow through you.

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