ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Enlightened People do it Holistically


When it comes to writing Roy Bits, most of the time it is spontaneous and free flowing. I don't have to work at it very hard. Not like the rest of the site. Roy Bits is my favourite. It is usually written minutes before I upload the site. What ever pops out of my head at the time, is usually what is uploaded. In my writings I try to give thought provoking commentary that inspires people to look deeper. It really is a hard sell.

   It seems that after the years of writing and studying, talking to people and asking them what they are looking for...most are looking for quick fixes. That disappoints me because I am more of a holistic person. People it would seem are not looking for a new religion or belief systems, but are looking around for answers to immediate problems, not a change in life style.

   In sales it's well known that you find out what it is that the customer wants, and give them the solution, immediate satisfaction, if they act now. Many people are not getting what they want or think they should from their present belief systems or religion. Asked why don't they change, you get a blank look. If you pursue, you get anxious disdain or a quick shift to another topic.

   For the most part I believe that many people just don't want to go to the effort. It's a lot of work, and how to you go shopping for a new religion or belief. Besides, they all say that they know the way, theirs is the right way. So it would seems that many are willing to stay with something that doesn't work for them, and seek to find answers to immediate problems elsewhere.

   Because I have experience in marketing, I know that more people would be attracted to my site and would be more inclined to come back if I give them the quick solutions that they are seeking. I thought about writing a series of books that would give them the immediate answers that they seek. Ten or Twelve books would be easy to write and would serve the purpose, it would also bring in extra revenue that the site needs badly. I know it would work, I don't have to prove it to myself. It is not my way to hold back, and I really want to give everyone the benefit of what I know. But I may still do it, just to help out the site.

   I know from my own experience, and all that I have learned about spirituality and manifesting, that it takes just as much effort to heal terminal cancer as it does to cure the common cold, if one has it in one's mind to do so. Why would one remodel a house, one room at a time over months or years, if it cost the same, and takes the same time to redo the whole house? Holistic healing is just like that. If one fully understands the mechanics of manifesting and holism, then it makes sense  not try and cure anything, but to focus on the perfectly healthy, whole body. Paying little mind to what you think you have.

   Everything that one needs to know is in the pages of this site and linked back to the reader. All roads lead back. As I look back at the word, I see that everything is perfect, we are, the circumstances of our existence is. If it is not, then all we have to do is think differently about it, and it will be made so. It is also very perfect that those that read this are not there yet. Most everyone will keep looking for quick fixes, and spend most of their time in the physical world. It is simple were we are as a society, at this time. The first run on the ladder is no less important than the seventh. We will get there.

   The knowledge of the universe, of creation has always been with us, since we began walking the surface. The surface is as far as we have made it so far in millennia. It is the level of desire that brings us to a point of searching. Yet man as a whole chooses to pontificate over his superiority and dominion over his environment, hoping to prove that he is worthy. Each step he takes outward, takes him one step farther from the truth, that is within. The very second that mans gives in to the idea that he is connected to everything and that it is him/her that is creating it all, he will have enlightenment. He will know the truth. He will be whole and suffer no longer. He will know that quick fixes are for the unenlightened.

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