ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


You CannotDie!


Dec 2001

Death: The Collins English dictionary says this: the permanent end of all functions of life in an organism or some of its cellular components.

   After life: Collins dictionary says this: life after death or at a later time in a person’s lifetime.

   The dictionary assumes of course that all living things have life. It not completely accurate.. Neither mankind nor any other living thing has life. All these things are lifeless. Life only passes through all so-called living organisms in the strictest spiritual sense.

   The dictionary has failed to consider the other two aspects of our existence. We are a three part being; being mind, body and soul. The soul/spirit is life. It is the only life. Life passes through the body from spirit outward.. The body is simply an illusion. It is a vehicle for the spirit to experience itself in the physical realm. The human body is the embodiment of the spirit/creator in the physical plane. Therefore the personality that we give a name to and that we can see as a human has not life. There are over 6 billion embodiments of the creator on this earth that consider themselves separate from each other. They are not separate. They are all the same spirit, individualized in 6 billion different manifestation. The same life passes through all of them.

   We cannot die because we have never been alive. Only the body can die (change its form). It cannot die of course because it was never alive. It does change its form. It is from the earth and it goes back to the earth. Dust unto dust. The spirit is the only life there is and all spirits/souls are of the same spirit. The spirit changes forms and reincarnates into another form after it is finished with the previous form.

   From the Edgar Cayce book, The Edgar Cayce Primer; author Herbert Puryear says: With the death of the physical body, the mental and spiritual bodies remain much the same with respect to patterns and purposes. We move to the experiences and planes of consciousness that we have prepared for ourselves. We process our earth experiences at the mental level, review the lessons learned. And begin to prepare for a proper time and occasion to return in which we resume our lessons and our pilgrimage toward oneness with God, with the universe, and with our fellow man.

   There can be no after life because there is only life. The spirit never dies. We do not die. Its just life returning to life, only the illusion is gone or dies. Our thoughts and memories are added to the collective memory; they are never lost. We are given the gift of forgetfulness after birth so that we may experience the physical plane without the old memories; to recreate in the uniqueness of our new physical body. This is the creator experiencing the creator in a different manifestation of itself. 

   From the book, Seth Speaks, Seth says this: “Birth is much more of a shock than death. Sometimes when you die you do not realize it, but birth almost always implies a sharp and sudden recognition.”

   Also from the same book: “When one has been born and has died many times, expecting extinction with each death, and when this experience is followed by the realization that existence still continues, then a sense of the divine comedy enters in.”

   “The spirit therefore, is never in a state of nothingness, with its consciousness extinguished. It is very important that such be realized; it is very important to understand that consciousness is never extinguished.”

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