ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


A New God

July 2001


We have outgrown the time of Children’s Tales. It is now time that we explored a new reality about whom or what God/Creator is. God is not an anthropomorphic being. He/she/it does not exist with the human qualities that we have endowed it with. Our ideas of God have been handed down generation upon generation. Our concepts about what God is, is based on the environment of that time and what was happening in that ancient period. Our ability to understand or cope with the realization of God consciousness is severely limited because of our limited awareness from that time. The concept of God in other words as interpreted by the Churches, was taught to us within our comprehension of that time to deal with the information. The contemporary concept of God and our ability to absorb the new awareness have moved or evolved to a different level of comprehension.

   The idea of a God as male, old, with white hair and wisdom like, no longer serves us. The stories and teachings of God and the Devil, Heaven and Hell or good and evil, are child like tales that we have outgrown. New concepts and philosophies that better fit into our new awareness of what we are, why we are here and where we came from are replacing these ancient terms.   The old concepts are just no longer comprehensible and in fact insult our intelligence; just as the new awareness would not be comprehensible in ancient times and would insult the intelligence of then, a primitive society. We are simply viewing ourselves from a new level of awareness or cognizance.

   The churches are lagging behind, and in desperation are trying to hold onto old beliefs and congregations; yet people are still moving away and are searching for their roots away from the church, driven by the intuitive knowledge that we are part of something else greater than ourselves. There is an innate sense in each of us that there is something more than what we perceive with our five senses or what we have been taught. The information as taught to us by the church has not brought us closer to our creator; it has not stopped wars, crime, poverty, or sickness. The now limited function of the church is one of a living encyclopaedia or archives with only minor changes having being made over the centuries; but still not leading us to the truth or God consciousness. It is inevitable that the ancient churches will be replaced by new organizations that will better reflect our current beliefs and philosophies. These old concepts are no longer working and it has taken us 2000 years to realize it. That’s because the information may be faulted and out dated; their dogma once reflected our philosophy and beliefs, it is no longer reflective in modern terms. In fact the dogma as taught by the churches actually leads us away from our creator by imposing a sense of duality; a separation from us and our creator with the church still trying to act as a mediator operating from within its own agenda.

   We have a responsibility to and for the civilization in which we have our experience, for we help form it through our own thoughts, emotions and actions.

   Modern physics and Quantum Mechanics clearly show that we as individuals manipulate matter with our own consciousness. Thought creates matter and is the first step in the process of manifestation. Thought is the first step, intelligence takes over and creates matter, and this is the process. Our physical world is made of symbols that we have created from pure thought. Matter is the outward manifestation of an inner thought. Matter is thought manifested. All that you see around you was created by you individually and ‘en masse’. This is the new thinking, the new order. The new realization of who you really are. You are in control. You alone create your own destiny and experience. There is no exterior savoir no ‘one’ to come and rescue you. The savoir is within you. You created individually and ‘en masse” with your collective consciousness, poverty, illness, violence and wars. There are no innocent parties. In wars and other tragedies there are no innocent victims, you are the creator; your experience in the physical world is created by you, either at a conscious or subconscious level. The outward symbols are a physical manifestation of what’s going on in the inner self. You are the creator, the originator of your experience. That is what you were born to be, it’s who you are. The creator of all that you see is within you. There is no other place to look. This is where the buck stops!

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