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"You were given two tools to create the universe, a body and a mind. It was never meant to be boxed in - start thinking outside the box!"

Roy E. Klienwachter


Editor's Notes...

Dear Free Spirits,

Welcome to our December Newsletter

*I woke up to our first major snow fall yesterday and as I drove to breakfast it wasn't until I had driven three miles that I was reminded that roads can be slippery as I skated around my turn barely missing a curb. I thought I was going slow enough but I was incorrect in assuming that. I made it with a great adrenaline rush. Lesson learned - SLOW DOWN!

*For those of us who don't celebrate Christmas, it is still a great time of the year to be in touch with people and renew friendships and you own identity. Every time you meet someone or visit a relative or friend, remember that it is an opportunity for you to declare who you are in relationship to them. All people bring you gifts whether you can identify or accept them.  Try to allow people to accept what is perfect in you, while you accept what is perfect in them. Just this once accept them the way they are for the little time you have with them. You're not getting married here; it's just a one night stand.

*As the new year approaches and you are thinking about how it will be, try getting out of the box this year and make this one resolution only. Everyday you will do one thing different. Change one little habit, like brushing the opposite side of your teeth first this morning - whatever. Once you have created a habit of change, your whole life will be different. A habit takes just over three weeks to create. You will not be the same person next new years eve.

*For those of you who are not aware of it, I have an established spiritual forum. In the forum we talk about spiritual matters and how spiritualism effects our everyday life, and you may post your questions and replies. This is not a religious forum. It embraces new thoughts about spiritual philosophy. Please join our community or check it out at:

*Out of the fifty people who responded to my request to review my new manuscript, more than half did not answer my email with the link to the script. More than likely they didn't check their junk folder. Of the other half only 11 have finished the survey. It doesn't sound like much but it is actually double what I expected. Over half of these will be on the back cover or inside my new book when it comes out. I had some great reviews thank you. You really liked the book!

* The reconstruction of my site is coming along as expected. I should be ready for re-launch at the end of the year. I have added 500 new pages to make navigation easier, and have several new features.

*I now have a dozen new "Outside the Box" products, including mugs, tee shirts, buttons, magnets and more. Have a look at the revolving products at the bottom of my home page at

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The Art of Forgiveness



Sitting at my computer starring at a blank screen this morning, I have been unable to come up with words of inspiration or wisdom for the Christmas season. It has all been said before in many different ways and at the same time each year with the same results. So it struck me, if we hear the same words and the results are the same; then it must be the words that are not working.

   One of the things I dislike mostly about religion is that there is a tendency to worship the symbols and expect magic to come from them Ė the energy is wasted. If our holidays and words do not bring the changes that we desire then it is insanity to keep using them expecting different results. Over thousands of years the practice of religion has failed to serve us. So I will cut to the chase.

   If Christmas is a symbolic season of peace and peace is what we desire and this ceremony brings us peace, then it is incumbent upon all of us to celebrate Christmas

    The first place to start initiating peace is with you, with the recognition that you are not experiencing peace; you need to be at peace with yourself. Because both peace and conflict are choices, you may have made a choice that is not working for you. If you are at peace with yourself, you will always find yourself in peaceful places. If there is one in your life who you are not at peace with, then it is your inability to be peaceful with this person that you need to recognize. You need to forgive yourself, not the other person. You cannot change the way the other person is, as he cannot change you. But you can recognize the differences and find a peaceful solution Ė it is always there even if you donít recognize it in the moment.

   There are six billion people in the world with differing opinions and at different levels of peace. Decades of trying to change opinions have clearly demonstrated that it brings at best an uncomfortable peace and most of the time; conflict. Different ideas can work together as does different spices and ingredients in a recipe Ė itís simply a matter of blending.

   So for this Christmas try something different that will have real meaning. Go to the person, friend, family member or who ever, and agree to disagree while recognizing their right to have a different opinion. This is not about hugging and kissing Ė it is about respect and a willingness to co-exist without violence or conflict. It is a recognition that you have not come up with a solution to an undesirable situation, but that it is important for your peace of mind to do so. Recognition and acceptance of differences is a good foundation for a peaceful coexistence.

   So, this season do something outside the box, and make the effort to pave the way for peace, itís the first step to peace that is the most difficult and important. You will never experience peace in the world until you experience it in your personal life (heart). Do not approach the person with the idea of forgiving them for being the way they are. It is not your intent to be judgmental, but to pave a way for a possible future relationship. Remember that it is the one who gives you the greatest challenge that also offers you the greatest reward.

   So if all the things you do this year; putting up the tree, the lights, decorations and inviting family and friends over, doesnít bring you the results you are looking for Ė try something different next year. Create a new holiday, a new season which will clearly bring you what you want. Or you could just go along for the ride and hope for peace as you have each year before. Keep worshipping those symbols and donating to the cause, but donít be surprised if you get the same results.

   I am not going out of my way to be cynical, it just comes so easily. I am opening a door to a different possibility that you may want to try. I will repeat - if what you are doing does not bring the results you want, it is insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. No matter how many times you hit yourself over the head with the same hammer, the headache is not going to go away.

   So I must say for this year, enjoy the path you have chosen and may it bring you what you desire.

Happy Holidays!!

Roy E. Klienwachte

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"Find just one good thing in another and focus on it - it's amazing how they will change!"

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Create Instant Happiness Using A Simple Technique

It has already been determined, and is a given fact, that the mind rules the body totally. But that is not to say that the current condition of the body does not affect the mind in some ways.

When the body experiences pain, or any other negative physical state, the mind IS affected. The goal here is to use this to create a state of happiness.
Letís perform a quick experiment. Stand up and hold both your arms out to the sides of your body, perpendicular to the floor. Move them in small circles. Keep doing it.

Soon, you will feel a burn in both shoulders. Keep doing it.

After a time, your shoulders will begin to ache terribly. Now the pain is all you can think about. Keep doing it.

If you can keep doing it, eventually you will feel excruciating pain. Your breath will become labored. Your face will turn red. You will breathe faster and faster through pursed lips. Keep doing it until you can do it no longer.

Now, notice your state of mind. You will find that you are quite likely ready to scream...

Now drop your arms and take some deep breaths. Notice your state of mind now. Relief. You are happy that it is finally over.

The state of the body CAN affect the mind in this way. But what if we could reverse this process? What if we could create a pleasurable state in the body? How would the mind be affected? This, for some of us, is the classical definition of sex. More about that later.

Try this simple experiment. Stop reading for a moment. Now frown as hard as you can, and hold the frown for about 30 seconds.

Next, make the face you make when you smell something terrible. Hold this expression for another 30 seconds.

Now, change again and smile as hard as you can for about 30 seconds.

Ok, now go back and frown as hard as you can again. Notice how you feel. You feel very negative, donít you?

Again, make the face you make when you smell something very bad. Hold. Notice how you feel. Again, it is not a pleasant feeling, is it?

And finally, smile very hard and note your feelings now. Feels good, doesnít it.

Your mind is conditioned to create a mental response to a somatic condition. This has been conditioned into you since birth. Here is how this can work to your advantage.

Find a place where you will not be disturbed for a few moments. Stand very still and close your eyes. Now, imagine in your mind an experience that has caused you great mental pain in the past. This could be a failed relationship or maybe a situation where others made fun of you in public. Whatever. Make certain, though, that this situation caused intense distress.

Go over the incident in your mind. The goal is to vividly imagine the pain you experienced.

How did you feel?
What did you see?
What did you hear?
Who was there?
What emotions did you experience?

Work yourself into a controlled frenzy. Make the experience as real as possible. Feel it. Feel it. FEEL IT.

You are now in a terrible state of mind. Notice your feelings of pain, anguish, hatred, disgust, whatever. Make it hurt. Make it hurt bad. Now, stop and...

Smile as hard as you can.

Not just any smile. The biggest smile you can muster. A smile that would make a clown envious. The big one.

While smiling this smile of all smiles, begin to tap your toes. Whistle or hum one of your favorite tunes. Then force a laugh out loud.

Now how do you feel? You have forgotten the pain and now feel quite good!

You see, the posture of your body, if you can control it, WILL change your state of mind completely. This is because your mind, since birth, has programmed a frown to connect with negative mental states, and a smile to connect with positive mental states. All this technique really does is to reverse the process. It is seldom that you can be really angry and have a smile on your face at the same time (unless you are up to something...)

Positive Somatic Linking can be used to INSTANTLY transform a negative mental condition into a positive mental condition by performing a physical action.

This does not mean that it changes your thinking. It changes the emotions you experience.

Of course, I have no idea what physical actions you perform when you are in a happy frame of mind. So, for the purpose of making an example, let us suppose that you smile broadly, hum your favorite tune and clap your hands.

The next time you catch yourself feeling angry, anxious, and sad or any other negative state you wish to eliminate, stop immediately. Smile broadly. Begin to hum your favorite tune. Clap your hands. (Of course, if you are in a business meeting or any other public place, you may want to excuse yourself and head for the restroom).

The point is that the performance of these physical actions will immediately ARREST your negative mental state of mind and transform it into a positive state of mind. It cannot be otherwise. This is a fantastic technique if you will take the time to learn it and practice it. You will no longer be subject to the garbage your mind throws at you, as you will now be able to control IT, rather than IT controlling YOU! However, this technique can be taken one step further.

The science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has developed a technique known as "anchoring". Anchoring primarily involves matching a physical event with an emotion. (I highly recommend that you explore NLP as part of your journey towards creating Heaven On Earth. There are hundreds of websites and a plethora of books and pamphlets that describe how NLP works).

This is nothing new. We naturally "anchor" all the time. How many times have you heard a song that reminded you of a past event? The song is an anchor. You may experience joy at the memory or sadness. It has been burned into your brain by emotion. Do you wish to feel happy. Just put on your happy song!

In our system, Positive Somatic Linking is somewhat like hearing that old song, but with a twist. It works something like this.

Close your eyes and think of a time when you experienced the positive feelings and emotions you wish to experience right now. This past experience should be one of the happiest experiences of your life; a time when you felt exceptionally good about yourself and the world. Build this experience in your mind. Remember how you felt. Imagine this experience as vividly as possible. Build it up and up into a climax.

NOW SMILE AS HARD AS YOU CAN. And, when your mind is at the peak of the positive feelings and mental states you experienced back then, simply perform a physical action you never otherwise perform, such as tapping your thumb and forefinger together 3 times. Open your eyes and think of something else to clear your mind. Then, repeat the process.

Do this a few times. Eventually, your mind will come to associate tapping your fingers together three times with the positive emotional experience and with the BIG SMILE! Once this has been accomplished, you can instantly create a positive state of mind at any time, simply by tapping your fingers together 3 times and putting on that BIG SMILE! How useful could this technique be?

Positive Somatic Linking can be one of the most powerful, life changing tools to be found in our system. But it will not work unless you use it. Try it!

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Don McCauley ICM, MTC, CH is a writer, editor, Mind-Training Coach and is the author of "Learn to Live a Life Without Problems", a guide to finding love, peace and joy in a world of war, strife and turmoil. Copies of his book can be obtained at A free sample chapter of his book is available at For a an overview of the system that teaches one how to overcome any problem, visit


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