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"Enlightenment is a dream, not a reality, it is a process!"

Roy E. Klienwachter


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Dear Free Spirits,

Welcome free spirits, to the October Newsletter

*Good news. The manuscript for my next book is being edited as we speak. "Led Down the Garden Path" should be available by the end of the year, which keeps me on schedule - to publish one book a year for ten years.

*I have completed my 10th deeksha (oneness blessing), and if you have been following my articles, then I have very little to report to you. My sister, our friend and myself have all received at least eight blessings. The first and only major change that has happened to us, is the one I reported in my first article. Our lives are continuing to play-out in a more relaxed form with far less stress. I would have really liked to see more direct and obvious changes, however, there are subtle changes that are continuing. It certainly is worth the experience if the opportunity comes your way.

*I am looking for volunteers to read the new manuscript before it is finalized and published. If you like to read "New Age" philosophy then you may be interested in previewing the book before it comes out. I will be sending out limited copies of the manuscript to 30 to 50 people. There are some conditions which will apply. If you are interested in being amongst the few to have a sneak preview of the book, please send me an email via our Contact Me! form on the site. Warning: If you have strict religious beliefs which do not allow you to look outside the doctrine of your faith (the box) - this book is not appropriate for you.

*I am now actively looking for some space where I can hold workshops instead of the small circles in my living room. I have found several places in the New Westminster/Surrey area. There will be more information forthcoming. If you are interested in attending these workshops on Spiritual Enlightenment please Contact Me!

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What Makes it Difficult to Use The Law of Attraction


The one undeniable aspect of the “Law of Attraction” is that you always get what you are thinking about. Knowing this is the key to making it work for you.

   I have been working with the “Law of Manifesting” for the last seven years and discovering how it works. Both of these laws work the same. They are both put into action by your thoughts – thought is the trigger, the key that turns on the whole process. If you are thinking “I can’t make this work,” not working is what you must be experiencing. If you have lived your life in poverty and lack, then your inherent thoughts are going to be of poverty and lack – you will think as a poor person, and poverty will be your experience.

   If you have been a chronically ill person all your life, then illness is your constant companion and illness is what you will always experience. If your thoughts are not in harmony with what you wish, you will not experience your true desires. Thoughts of violence are followed by a life of experiencing violence, and until your thoughts change, and you think of only peace, nothing is going to change.

   You cannot experience abundance or being rich until you think like a rich person with abundance – then abundance and the experience of being rich follows.

   You cannot experience being healthy, until all your thoughts are about good health. This does not mean that thinking about getting healthy is going to work. You will only experience thinking about getting healthy, and you will continue to experience illness. If you know yourself as being ill – that is what you will experience. If you are thinking you don’t want to be ill, you are still thinking about being ill. Concentrate on good health, not what you are already experiencing. Lie to yourself until you believe the lie. “I am in perfect health” and it is what I want to experience in my life. However, the moment your thoughts bring up your present illness – it is what you will experience.

   If you have lived a live of poverty, all your thoughts are going to be about poverty – about not spending money, or not having any to spend, and not having enough. Everything you do will be determined by money, i.e., “I can’t afford to do this or that.” “I will never have this, I will always be poor,” I can’t seem to save or get ahead.

   To start, hang on to your next nickel and know it as abundance. It may only be a nickel, but it is still abundance. Know that you have it and it will grow - you can see it and feel it. And if it is abundance, then you are rich. You cannot experience being a rich person if you do not think as one. Lie to yourself if you have to, know that you are rich – start to think as one who is rich and eventually you will experience being rich. If you think as a poor man trying to get rich, that is what you will experience. A rich man doesn’t count his money, he knows he has enough. A poor man is always counting his money and knows he doesn’t have enough.

   A rich man does what he wants and knows his money is there, a poor man knows that it is not. A rich man does not keep his money in his wallet. He knows he has access to it. Abundance does not have to be in your wallet. If you know that it will be there when you want it – that is what you will experience. You do not have to keep a mountain of money under your mattress; all you need to know is that it will be there when you want it. You will attract to you what you need in the moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can attract the money to you when you want it - you don’t have to keep records or bank accounts – no one can steal it from you?

   Why are hypochondriacs always sick – because they can? Doesn’t it follow that if you can make yourself sick, you can keep yourself well? I lived with one, and I know how it works. I also healed myself of a crippling childhood disease and healed myself before anyone decided to operate on me. I was declared a miracle child and the first ever to overcome this disease without surgery. The healing came from knowing – not from knowing I was going to get better, but from knowing I already was. But the real miracle was from removing myself as a six year old from a household in turmoil, to a safe place of temporary refuge. I created an illness to protect myself and then I healed myself when it was safe to return.

   If you would take the time to have a look at your present situation, the people, and circumstances of how you live, and interact with others – you will find your story. You cannot run or hide from yourself. Everything you are experiencing now, you have created. They are manifestations of your own thoughts about yourself, others and your environment.

   You may say, “I didn’t want this or that,” but by thinking that you didn’t want it you have given energy to it and created it. By thinking, I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want this relationship – you are creating it, because you are thinking about it and why you don’t want it. You could be spending your time thinking about what you do want – that is where you need to focus your thoughts and your energy in order to create what you desire.

   More than likely most of you will not manifest what you truly want to experience, because you don’t really know what you do want – few of us do. You will not be able to manifest it because you are not clear about what you want. You may say I want $5,000,000, and I will be happy. Think about this – what is it that you really want, happiness or $5,000,000. You may get the five million but will you be happy? You may get terminal cancer just before you cash the cheque. Your thoughts about happiness will not manifest, because you are focused on the money and not a total holistic picture of how you are or what you want.

   For most of us, our past will interfere with how we manifest our future. We have bought into the old ideas given us by our parents and society, and we believe them. You may have decades of old habits and believes that you will have to overcome before you can effectively manifest what you desire. The first step comes from a desire to change your thinking, to get out of the box. You may have to take small steps, lie to yourself for awhile, and do affirmations – whatever it takes to change your thought process.

   When you begin to think as a rich person, you will experience wealth. When you begin to think as one who is whole you will begin to experience good health. When you begin to think happy, you will experience happiness. It is the “law of attraction” and the “law of expectation,” that creates. It is your thoughts which trigger them. The universe is impartial and non-judgmental; it cannot turn you down for any reason.   When you test the law of gravity and jump off a 20 story building; the law works for you whether you are good or bad, worthy or unworthy. And so do all natural laws.

   If what you are experiencing in your life has given you “all” that you desire, then good for you. I would ask you why you are reading this. It was your thought which brought you to this article. You are missing something, and if you are denying it at this moment, you will have a pretty good idea why your life is the way it is now, and why the law of attraction haven’t worked fully for you.

   What makes using the law of attraction difficult is you own thoughts about why it cannot work.

Roy E. Klienwachte

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Be Aware of Your Conscious Wisdom

By: Richard D. Blackstone

Conscious wisdom is a powerful tool that clears the fog in your life. With wisdom comes clarity, and clarity allows you to see your path clearly and makes it easy to avoid all obstacles. When you can avoid the obstacles and make wise choices, your life becomes effortless and you wonder why you spent a life of struggle before. The answer lies in your wisdom. You have to experience what you are not (a being who experiences a life of struggle), to know what you are (a being who lives life effortlessly).

In this manner, you live in awareness and consciously add to your arsenal of tools that serve you. Wisdom, clarity, integrity, responsibility, awareness, health in mind, body, and spirit, unconditional love, and oneness with all are tools you may desire to create and manifest into your being. The human being that you are is all these things and more. It is your choice to be and bring forth that which serves you most in your moment-to-moment creation of who you are.

It is from this arsenal of beingness that you are able to help others in their awakening and, in the process, continue to manifest more of that in your own reality. This is done with the idea that we can create in our own reality that which we desire by giving it to another. If you want more peace in your life, give peace to another. If you want more prosperity in you life, help another to prosper. If you want more love in your life, then give your love to another unconditionally.

When you possess something you know is in you, and you wish to experience more of that feeling, then give what you know is in you to another with sincerity. The universe will understand that by the giving to others that which you possess you must have a bounty of it, and it will refill that bounty to allow you to give even more away.

Create a knowingness that allows you to give to others what you know you possess and even what you are not aware of that you possess. We know all things inherently but sometimes we are not aware of all that we know. This does not stop us from calling forth that which we think we don't know. We can call forth that which we know and are consciously aware of, and we can also call forth that which we aren't aware of that we know. Just do it. You have that power. Use it!

Always re-member, that is, become a member once again, with your source. You are one at all times anyway, so remain conscious of your connection, and always be aware of the authentic power that resides within you. You don't have to search the world over for answers to your deepest questions. The answers are all available to you at all times. You need only to remember who you really are and go within.

Seek to break regularly from the noise and confusion of the external physical world and journey within yourself in the powerful silence of the realm of the absolute. Remember it is from the silence within you that all things external to your body have come. The silence is the source and the source is the power. Tap into your absolute power by recharging your batteries in silence. Or walk in nature and observe the symmetry and effortlessness that surrounds us. Look with fresh eyes at the awe and splendor that you have co-created with the all.

Remember that, as a co-creator of this world, how you view it is in direct proportion to your idea about it. It is in your perspective that your reality in the physical world exists. Change your perspective and you will change your reality. You can change your perspective as easy as selecting a new thought. Think about that!!!

By going within and meditating to embrace the silence, or by going outside yourself to appreciate the balance of nature, you acknowledge and show thanks for your ability to experience the all of it.

This attitude of gratitude is an unappreciated concept in the world of the sleepwalker. The sleepwalker doesn't think he has much to be thankful for because he is asleep and unaware. You are now awake and fully aware of the limitless nature of life and its bounty. By this awareness you can see the full palate of vivid colors available to you in painting the picture of your life, and you cannot help but be grateful for this paradise in which we exist.

The wonderful thing is that the more we are grateful for what we have, the more of what we have manifests into our existence. Our acknowledgment and gratitude for our bounty tells the universe our acceptance of our creations and allows effortless flow of those things that we call forth. When we are grateful for it all, we open the floodgates of manifestation. So accept what shows up in your life with gratefulness.

When something shows up in your life that you think may not serve you, look again. This time look with an open mind and an open heart and don't be attached to any judgmental thinking. Observe and be grateful. Remember you created or co-created everything that has ever shown up in your life. The difference now is that you are creating it consciously and in awareness. Your awareness will feed your acceptance, which will feed your gratitude, which will feed your awareness---see the circle here?

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