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"You are the Greatest Expression of God Experiencing Patience!"
Roy E. Klienwachter


Editor's Notes...

Welcome Free Spirits,

Thank you all once again for your support of this newsletter. I was a little down last month when I discovered only about 25% of the people who signed up for the newsletter actually clicked on the link in the email I send out. Since then I found out the number is actually quite respectable as other newsletters often get far fewer than I. So lesson learned, I am extremely grateful for the 25%, thank you.

If you have watched the new video "The Secret" you will not be surprised as to notice a lot of talk about the movie. Most of it has been favourable. However, I did receive an email from someone who was absolutely horrified by it. I expect to see some more as some of the hard core religious people will be fighting back. The email I received was filled with such awesome fear, I had to come back to the article a couple of times to finish it as it was so overwhelming. I thought about it for a day and was going to write back but decided against it. These kind of emails should never be given any life so I left it alone. It is a natural thing for humans to express fear at new things and new ideas. But when it comes to personal belief systems I think religion expresses the greatest fear mostly because fear is interwoven in  religious beliefs.

The secret is a marvelous video and there is nothing to fear from it. Like all things physical, it is just made up as is religion. That's why there are so many religions--they are all valid and they are all part of our collective minds. Beliefs are a wonderful buffet of choice--someone makes them up and you get to choose to believe or not. The thing I like most about "The Secret" is it offers hope and new ideas without being interlaced with fear or retribution. The fear factor is not part of contemporary philosophy. If you don't like it, you're not going to be burned, you simply choose something else.

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*Remember, there is nothing you have to be, do or say--you are perfect the way you are. Unless you think you are not.

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Respect for Personal Space


Respect for personal space includes all the things which make us an individual. Life longs to be recognized as being.

   It is my habit (inside the box) to drop into Dennis' for breakfast on Sunday mornings. It gives me an opportunity to proof read my article for uploading to my site later on in the day. It also gives me a chance to observe other people's interactions with each other.

   Today was just another Sunday and I was immersed in reviewing my article while waiting for my breakfast. I looked up and let my eyes wonder around the tables. In the booth in front of me I noticed a couple with their two children. The children were younger-a boy and girl, perhaps between two and three years old. The parents were jointly involved in admonishing the boy for his behavior. I watched and listened for awhile. Perhaps it was this loud scolding that caused me to look up. The boy would just not listen to his father. I went back to reading and awhile later my concentration was broken by the loudness of the parents who were now having a go at each other.

   There is nothing unusual about this behavior, and in my experience I see it often. I am not making any judgments about the event. It is just one way of parenting and interacting with each other-it is neither good nor bad and it either works for them or it doesn't.

   Directly across from their table I noticed another family. There were two parents sitting close to each other on one side of the table. The wife was reassuringly scratching her husbands back as his gaze looked to his children across the table. Three children squeezed into the bench seat on the other side of the table made up the other half of the family. The kids were busy colouring the drawings received by the waitress with limited choices of crayons.

   The kids were a little older than the ones at the first table, ranging from ages four or five to 10-11. The one thing that struck me the most at first awareness was the peace at the table. The parents were talking calmly to each other while the children busied themselves with the colouring at hand. They were shoulder to shoulder and few words were spoken between then as they bathed in the joy of the moment. Within the peace of their crowded booth I could hear the silent voices of contentment and acknowledgement of a joyous adventure-three bodies joined together and separately in expressions of colour and accomplishment. The middle child Dexter was first to quietly hold up his paper for his parents to look at. Both acknowledged his creativity. At times like this I usually see competition for the parent's approval between kids, but each one held up their paper and it was recognized.

   The food had just arrived, and the papers were calmly collected and stored. The dishes were placed and everyone quietly went on with the business of eating their breakfast and I went back to my reading.

   Their body language and presence flooded my awareness as I tried respectfully to turn back to my reading. For a family of five sitting together in a crowded booth and saying very little-they spoke volumes.

   The youngest, Katie, didn't want to eat her bacon, so she offered it to her siblings. Cassandra-the oldest respectfully took the bacon from her. The parents watched on as the exchange was completed. Juliet, the mother offered Katie some toast and jam to replace the bacon and it was received. This may not be that unusual, but it was the way it was done. It was done with joy, gratitude and respect for each of the individuals. It wasn't forced or demanded, there was not scolding or an effort to overpower.

   During the breakfast, Dexter offered some information to his dad, Gordon, as to the significance of some behavior and what the consequence of it would be as an adult. Clearly there has been some good parenting, education and equality between parents and children. The children are bright and respectful and so are the parents. The children finished their breakfast and got a little playful with dad and started playing footsies, however it wasn't aggressive playing and again done with respect-quietly. I am not sure if anyone even noticed the table.

   I want to thank the parents Gordon, and Juliet-the children, Katie, Dexter and Cassandra for the opportunity to experience their presence. It was a heart felt reminder for me of how and were peace starts-it starts in the family with respect for each other's space and their unique individuality.

   At first light it may appear I caught them on a good day-parents and children well behaved. However, it was very obvious that on a much deeper level the family was joined with spirit and bonded well. It was the complete opposite of what I witnessed at the first table were getting into someone's face was the norm for the parents and it was passed on to the children even at their very young age.
In my awareness of the events, I was given a choice of how I would like to experience others. In the experiences of the two families it cannot be said that either was right or wrong. It is simply a matter of choice-how do we wish to experience ourselves and others in the moment and what better reflects my own values and enlightenment.

   Peace and happiness are what all of us desire the most at some level of our consciousness. This family is ambassadors for these rare and highly sought after qualities even if it is only in the moment of another's awareness.

Roy E. Klienwachter

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article.

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Who Am I? Experiencing the absolute...

By: Openhand

Chris Bourne examines one of the most commonly asked questions - who am I?

The question "Who am I?" frequently arises... To me, the question is actually more WHAT am I rather than who am I?...

There is just one life in the universe. This becomes abundantly clear to anyone who strips away their limited, egoic view of their reality. If we contemplate deeply what it would be like at the 'beginning' (I use the term loosely) before any experience arose, then eventually a realisation may come that we are everything and nothing simultaneously.

Why is this so? We may realise that to be literally everything, we have to be 'all that is' before any experience. In other words infinite potential. This is because experience arises from relativity - the interplay between 'this' and 'that'. However if there is 'this' and 'that', there must also be 'something else' and if there is 'something else', there must be 'something after that' and so on ad infinitum.

So imagine for example I am holding a book in my hand and in your mind's eye you are looking at it. How do you know it's a book? Besides other things you know it by the space around it - so now you've just created 'space around book'. The point is once we create something and acknowledge that, we are also creating something relative to it. So to really be everything, we can ONLY be nothing - i.e. that which comes before anything.

So we are the absolute from which all experience arises. We are beyond definition and this can be experienced by each and everyone of us. You may then ask, 'but how can there be the absolute now that experience is happening'? This took me a while to figure out. If you imagine we are all waves on an ocean, then for each wave, there is another somewhere else that matches it exactly except it is the 'polar opposite'.

Another way of saying this is that for every peak, there must be a corresponding trough of equal magnitude. For example for there to be 40 degrees centigrade, there has to be minus 40 degrees centigrade. So every wave (every experience) is being cancelled out by another wave. This leads to the zero sum total of all things - the absolute - which pervades all things. It also means that 'I' can be the absolute even though thoughts and feelings are arising.

So what is this experience of absolute like and why is it so hard to be aware of it? The point is, it is the total lack of experience to be realised from letting go of all internal identification and efforting. We all experience this from time to time but as soon as it arises there frequently comes a fear of it. It 'feels' like jumping into a black hole - the abyss. It signals the 'death' of our identification with the ego which feels like the death of the ego itself (although it is not). When we loose the fear of this death, what replaces it (at least in my experience) is crystal clear clarity which remains constantly in the background.

I noticed in the beginning that as this state arose, an inner witnesser kept arising asking the question what is going on? who am I? etc etc (just as you point out). Over time, the inner need to answer these questions dissolves. For me after that there was one question remaining: in this state, how is it decided what action to take next? This took quite a while for me to answer and I had a great deal of help from spirit. I was shown that there is a natural energetic flow of the universe and 'I' have a unique path within that flow. Another way of putting it is that the universe flows uniquely through the space that I am.

In order to be in this space of crystal clear clarity (nirvana, enlightenment) all the time, requires complete absence of doubt that 'right action' will happen perfectly when 'I' have let go of all need to shape events and when 'I' have even let go of the 'I' itself. Once 'I' discovered this, 'I' was able to let go of the 'reins' so to speak.

Then there is a response to events based on an authentic choice. So who is now making the choice? The way it is perceived internally, is that actually 'I' have an absence of choice. When there is no need to choose, the right choice becomes clear:

"Do you have the patience to wait until the mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?"
Lao Tzu

Article Source: Chris Bourne is the founder of the Openhand Foundation is a not for proifit organisation dedicated to our enlightenment. Openhand provides facilitation, courses, tools and resources to peel back the layers of illusion in which people live, liberating us from conditioned behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs to reveal our absolute authentic reality... 2006 Chris Bourne.

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