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"You are the Greatest Expression of God Experiencing Patience!"
Roy E. Klienwachter


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***Happy New Year to all and I trust 2007 will bring something special to you. And about those New Year resolutions-- I'm not sure if we all are suffering from procrastination or if we are expecting too much from ourselves. I think priorities need to be narrowed down and so does the list. My priority last year was to get my new book published, and I did. I have little to complain about and I am so grateful that it has been picked up in four other countries--not bad for a new author and his book--but I had to sacrifice doing all those other things on my list--awe!!

***ATTENTION all artists! I am looking for an original work of art for the cover of my new book "Led Down the Garden Path." This is a contest and the winner will receive cash and recognition as the cover artist. Please express you interest by contacting me  and I will send you the details. Contest closes April 30, 2007

***ANNOUNCEMENT: Last month I created a forum for those who had general or personal questions about spirituality or any of my articles or books. We now have over 70 members and some very good questions have been asked  Please go to: and sign up for your membership, it is a tightly knit spiritual community and is monitored by a human.

***My younger sister Linda has started plans to create a spiritual retreat called "Hands on the World Spiritual Center For Well-Being." She just launched her web site at: and it is still in development. She has also opened her doors to her new Reiki practice. If you are in the Vancouver area you may contact her from her site to arrange for a free introductory appointment.

***January will mark the month that I start doing work shops on spirituality. These short one hour presentations will be scattered over the Greater Vancouver Area and will be an introduction to New Age Spirituality and my new book "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle." I will also be collecting names of those who are interesting in attending  weekly courses on New Age. If you are interested please  Contact Me! or have a look at my events page to see where I will be appearing.

***I just purchased the DVD "The Secret" and watched it last night. It is a extremely empowering DVD and worthy of your attention. The message is clear and strong. I have written my own review of it in this weeks "Roy Bits" on the main site and invite you to read it, it's called "The Secret." If you miss this weeks "Roy Bits,"  you will be able to find it in the archives.

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What Works and What Does Not Work in the New Year


As another year comes quickly to a close and we come face to face with the things we didn’t get done last year and the new promises to do them and others this year—maybe it’s time to change our strategy.

   If you are feeling inadequate, frustrated, and let down by the promises you haven’t kept—you are due for a change in how you do things. It makes no sense to keep doing the same thing over and over each year expecting to get different results—"it ain’t gonna happen!"

   It is insanity to keep doing things which don’t work for you. It does very little for your self esteem and the things don’t get done anyways, so why do it. Have a good look at your list that seems to be getting bigger every year. If it is the volume of things on your list which are overwhelming you—then take some things off. Learn how to prioritorize your list and make an extra effort to make it much shorter.

   Maybe your life is getting too complicated and it is more than one person can handle. If the things you see as needing to be done are taking away from the quality of your life—it isn’t working for you—you have lost touch with what matters most in your life. Don’t feel bad about being in this situation—change it—it is within your power to give more meaning to your life.

   If you can afford it, it might be in your best interest to hire someone else to do these things or delegate someone else in the family in exchange for something they want or want to do.

   A New Year is simply a point in time many of us use to mark with gratitude and regret the things we did the year before. With the new year comes hope and a promise of better things to come, or at least it is what we have come to expect—a new sense of optimism. Keep this thought and follow through with it. Maybe bring a new thought into your reality—"all the things that really need to be done will be done" and leave it at that. Trust the universe to accommodate your desires—it will. Whatever is left over at the end of the year will be purposeful and appropriate because at some level of your consciousness it is how you prioritized them. Don’t sacrifice family, friends, and peace for control and order. When you get to the end of the year, simply notice the things you have done and feel good about them. The circumstances of your life always follow an order consistent with your thoughts. You don’t have to change anything except your thoughts to change the order of your life.

   Think positively about your life and its circumstances and the cluttered garage will have a different look at the end of this year. Deed always follows thought, whether you physically do anything about it yourself or not.

   Take a deep breath this year knowing all things are perfect, even if it means fooling yourself into believing it. You are so powerful—work with the universe to create what you truly desire and it will be made so.

   New Year is truly a remarkable time to change your thoughts and expect your life to be different.

Roy E. Klienwachter

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article.

Roy's Quotable Quotes
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"It is in the experience of becoming something that one experiences awareness."
  Roy E. Klienwachter

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Super Inspirational Stories

Don't We All?

I was parked in front of the mall wiping off my car. I had just come

from the car wash and was waiting for my wife to get out of work.

Coming my way from across the parking lot was what society would

consider a bum.

From the looks of him, he had no car, no home, no clean clothes, and no

money. There are times when you feel generous but there are other times

that you just don't want to be bothered. This was one of those "don't

want to be bothered times."

"I hope he doesn't ask me for any money," I thought.

He didn't.

He came and sat on the curb in front of the bus stop but he didn't look

like he could have enough money to even ride the bus.

After a few minutes he spoke.

"That's a very pretty car," he said.

He was ragged but he had an air of dignity around him. His scraggly

blond beard keep more than his face warm.

I said, "thanks," and continued wiping off my car.

He sat there quietly as I worked. The expected plea for money never

came. As the silence between us widened something inside said, "ask him if

he needs any help." I was sure that he would say "yes" but I held true

to the inner voice.

"Do you need any help?" I asked.

He answered in three simple but profound words that I shall never forget.

We often look for wisdom in great men and women. We expect it from

those of higher learning and accomplishments.

I expected nothing but an outstretched grimy hand. He spoke the three words

that shook me. "Don't we all?" he said.

I was feeling high and mighty, successful and important, above a bum

in the street, until those three words hit me like a twelve gauge shotgun.

Don't we all?

I needed help. Maybe not for bus fare or a place to sleep, but I needed help. I

reached in my wallet and gave him not only enough for bus fare, but enough to

get a warm meal and shelter for the day.

Those three little words still ring true. No matter how much you have, no matter

how much you have accomplished, you need help too. No matter how little you

have, no matter how loaded you are with problems, even without money or

a place to sleep, you can give help.

Even if it's just a compliment, you can give that.

You never know when you may see someone that appears to have it all.

They are waiting on you to give them what they don't have; a different

perspective on life, a glimpse at something beautiful, a respite from

daily chaos that only you through a torn world can see.

Maybe the man was just a homeless stranger wandering the streets. Maybe

he was more than that.

Maybe he was sent by a power that is great and wise, to minister to a soul too

comfortable in themselves.

Maybe God looked down, called an Angel, dressed him like a bum, and then

said, "Go minister to that man cleaning the car, that man needs help."

Don't we all?



Taken with permission from the book "Super Inspirational Stories" by Adebola A. Oni


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