Vol. 6    Issue #11

"The Time of Your Enlightenment Comes When You Decide to be Enlightened"
Roy E. Klienwachter


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***Slated to come out in the new year is my next book "Led Down the Garden Path." I am more excited about this book than the first. It is very up-to-date with what my current thoughts are, and is more mature. It is even stronger than the first, and "Struggle" is a very powerful book. I'll keep you posted.

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***If you are in the Vancouver Area of British Columbia, you are privileged to be seeing the screening of the "Conversations with God Movie" to screened for the first time in theatres. Vancouver is the first location for this screening. I have seen the movie, and highly recommend it.

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Your Secret Power--Don't You Want to Know?


When someone comes to you and wants to tell you about a thing you do not know about, why are you so defensive?

   When you go to someone and ask them about a thing you know nothing about, why are you eager to hear everything they say? It is because of fear-not fear about learning something new, but fear of a realization of what we knew as no longer our being. It is the ego fearing for its existence. The ego relies on what it knows to assure itself of its own immortality. When someone tries to teach us something new, there is natural resistance to the information. The ego does not want to replace what it knows as real with something that may invalidate or deny what it has experienced, because it would deny its own awareness of self.

   The ego clings to physical things to assure itself of its existence. The ego is reluctant to know of things it has not experienced, the abstract is something it can not hold on to as real. When someone comes to us with information we did not ask for, our arms go up in a posture of defensiveness. And once again it is about fear, we are afraid what we already know will not being able to stand up to the new information. So in other words, what we knew in the past may not be real, or perhaps a lie and it invalidates what we believe to be our good sense of judgment and our very existence.
However, when we seek new information it is a sign the ego has matured and is ready to move into a place of new awareness. The ego has taken charge of its own destiny and is creating it.

   From ignorance, the ego does not understand its relationship to all other things. The ego sees itself separate from spirit, and does not realize it has the power, or it is the power that commands the spirit to create. For most, we do not want to know we have the power to command, nor do we want the responsibility for it. What if we realized we could change the world into anything we desired? And in doing so we made a mistake, what if we did it wrong? Could we live with what we have created?

   The power to create is within each and every one of us. There are no worlds or circumstances we could not create. In the immature mind, this information could destroy the ego, or even more accurately the ego would destroy itself. With power comes responsibility most of us are not ready or willing to accept. With the knowledge you could fly off the top of a 20 story building-would you take the responsibility to do it. Yet it is in the knowing you can do it, that commands the spirit to make it so.

   It is much easier for the ego to accept it would be stupid to jump off a building and expect to fly than to know it could fly. It is a built-in safety protocol that imprisons it and protects it within its limited awareness. Even if one witnesses another doing it, the ego will not believe it. Because it goes so much against what the ego knows as its truth-as how it sees itself-it will even deny what is presented to it in three dimensional colour.

   You have the power to create anything you desire. You have the power to create and destroy worlds. You have the power to create life and destroy it. Yet you are limited by your ego who says you do not! It is the ego afraid to let go, afraid to accept new information, afraid of its own vulnerability and presence which controls you. The ego is a whimpering child afraid of the dark, wallowing in its dirty diaper-in control of unlimited massive power.

   If I come to you and told you you are God, how would your ego respond to this new information? Would you need proof, or could you accept it? If I told you I am God and everyone around you is God, would your ego fight for equilibrium? Could you even accept there might be a possibility I am correct? How you answer this question will give you an exact estimate of whom and were you are in your spiritual evolution. It will give you an exact indication of your fear level. It will tell you exactly why your life is the way it is now, and how far you have to go. If you see this information as an assault on your intelligence then you are in denial. If you see it as an opportunity, then it is a symbol of higher awareness. It doesn't really matter whether the information is valid or not-it is all about how you perceive it. It is about accepting your power or denying it.

   This may just be a dumb little article, but it is also a gift and opportunity to validate what you already know-it was written for a purpose-your purpose, because it is you who is reading it, and it is no accident or coincidence.

Roy E. Klienwachter

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article.

Roy's Quotable Quotes
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"The greatest love of all—total freedom to mess up your life again and again, until you get it right."
  Roy E. Klienwachter

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Gift-Giving: Your Expertise and Wisdom

By: Saijin

As a child I was taught the age-old wisdom, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Once I entered public schools, being the overly-sensitive child which I was, I had to quickly learn the defensive protection of "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Truth be told, however, many of my less-sensitive schoolmates' words did hurt--I just learned to act as if they didn't. Thus, I began to wear a mask and keep my feelings inside, except of course when they seeped through the corners of my eyes. Of course, there were times when I allowed my feelings on the outside in the comfort zone of friends or family.

As an adolescent I began the marvelous process of thinking for myself--trying to make sense of the world in which I was living, idealizing and philosophizing--thinking I knew it all, wondering why there were so many problems in the world which had seemingly simple solutions!. And I, like many teens, when their offerings of idealism are discredited and ignored by much smarter, more experienced "adults," cloaked myself in rebellion and silence and indifference. When my feelings were challenged, I often built a soap box from which to broadcast my views. Those who liked what I said became friends. Those who didn't became enemies. But in times of crisis--when my lack of experience over-rode my confidence--I learned that without a doubt, "blood was thick than water" and so, even those lines of distinction (friend vs. foe) faded at times.

Then love entered my life and the world became a wonderful place again! How hopeful it was to find my once-lost and nearly-forgotten rose-colored glasses! So nice to have at least one special person with whom to express my deep feelings: Joy! Love! Faith! Ah! But I was in for a rude awakening as time taught me that nobody is perfect! Glasses off, mask back on! I carried both at my side for many years in my early adulthood. I became an expert on analyzing, trusting/not trusting, judging, acting/being real. The world calls it social skills and personal relationship skills. I saw it as simply survival techniques. I was an army of one.

The world was a lonely place though. I felt no one knew the real me. I became bitter and angry now that I saw life for what it really was--a struggle. Feeling betrayed--all this and then you die? Nice! Very, very nice! The answer? Religion! A plan! A system! You do this and here's your reward! Okay, I reasoned, something's better than nothing! So I bought off on that in my desperation for life needing to have meaning and purpose. Even religion let me down, but having hit nearer the mark with it than without it, I learned to "bite my tongue," "bear my sorrows," and "take it to the Lord in prayer."

Push came to shove and I found myself in the therapist's office. She taught me, "It's not what you're saying, it's how you are saying it." She was right, of course. That truth went all the way back to childhood, "If you can't say something nice…" and on through the, "Sticks and stones…" through the mask-wearing of adolescence--the art of the lonely, to soapboxes, which should be left to derbies not enemy-making, and finally bursting through the guise of so much error in organized religion.

All that understanding and now the remaining challenge--getting to the How. How to say what I have to say without hurting. That's definitely upperclassman's work, higher education. Seeking a master's degree, if you will. Expertise, not born of knowledge, but rather, of wisdom. New mentors arrived for this student of life. Messengers touting principles such as, Speak your truth, but soothe your words with peace." This new quest demanded honoring my individuality, but also retaining respect for unity. It demanded not an abandonment of my past traditions, learning and understanding, but an expansion and a clarification and filtering…retaining the truths and gently discarding those teachings and doctrines which no longer served.

All masters, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, et. al. invite and instruct to follow their examples to embrace our own glory, to find out who we really are, to end our own suffering, as well as our infliction of suffering upon others. They all turn us to ourselves, to probe more deeply, to find peace, to find fulfillment , to know wisdom. Their lives are the example, their words are their instruction. And I am finding that this master's program of life has the potential to encompass all the recognizable truths of my life. Knowing when to speak. Knowing how to speak. Distinguishing hyperbole from pearls of wisdom. Honoring self and oneness. Discarding masks and soap boxes in exchange for transparency and mountaintops.

Gift giving. Your Expertise and Wisdom…now those are gifts that are larger than life, wealth untold and immeasurable. And yet, they fit in such a small package that they are found only inside a pure heart and a clear mind. They are the gift of a master. Each one of us is master of his/her life. The experiences we have, the truths we hold--those are our own gifts to have and to share with those around us. Every life is immeasurably invaluable! It has cost a lifetime to know what you know, to do what you have done. Expressing your wisdom, telling your life story--leaving your legacy for those you love…now, that's a true gift-giving from the heart!


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