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"The Time of Your Enlightenment Comes When You Decide to be Enlightened"
Roy E. Klienwachter


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***Recently I added software to my site which allows people to translate the site into nine languages. Curiously enough the aerobic countries are the ones taking the greatest advantage of this opportunity

***The premiere of the new Neale Donald Walsch movie starts Tuesday Sept 5th in Vancouver BC, and several more are slated in Canada and the US. Please review chart below for scheduled times and places.

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Friends and Relationships Define Who You Are


Categorical Imperative: It is neither moral nor ethical to treat a person as a means to an end, but to treat the personal as the end.
Emanuel Kant

This is a world where all opportunity exists in the same time and place. The world is a giant buffet where you get to choose any experience you desire. The world is a stage and you create all the actors you will interact with. You will experience being the actor, the playwright, director and stage hands, all at the same time. All of these people are aspects of your imagination and will serve your purpose.

The stage has been set and the actors are in place-now what? Where to you go from here? Where does your responsibility lie for the people you have brought into your life?

Your only responsibility lies with the opportunity you have given the others to enter your awareness. They have come willingly and have agreed at some level of consciousness to be part of your play. They are not victims, they cannot be, you simply to not have that power. What you do have is a responsibility to yourself to create what you desire in accordance with your own belief system and within the paradigm you are now living your life.

If someone has been drawn into your life because they want to experience being a victim, then you are giving them the opportunity. And you are at the perfect time and place for them to experience victim hood and a very unique way. What you need to be aware of is, treating someone as a victim my not be within the image you have of yourself and if you violate the image, you violate yourself. You are not moving forward, you have taken a turn that will not work for you. When we treat people with respect for the gift they have brought us (opportunity), we are not using them. When we treat a person outside of our nature for the purpose of deception to get something from them, we both become victims of the lie. However, even this relationship was intentional and agreed to at some level of consciousness. You cannot do anything to another without consent at some level of consciousness. For the purpose of enlightenment what you are doing will not take you to were you say you want to go spiritually. It's not a question of right or wrong, it simply does not work for the play and needs a correction.

All persons in your life have a purpose-a gift for you. It is in the acceptance or rejection of the gift that your responsibility can be found.

Within a relationship with others, you are nothing, have nothing and you will be nothing until you know you do because of their presence. Having nothing can be everything if there is no one else you can relate to and visa versa-but you would never know it. Your very existence is defined by others and it is why you are experiencing them. They are symbols you create so the ego will know itself as itself. Your parents, friends, family and strangers symbolize who you believe yourself to be in the moment they are in your consciousness. Expect nothing more from them then what you have already brought you.

Only in relationship to others will you ever know you are alive or who and what you are-it is this knowledge over which humanity obsesses. Acknowledge them-for they give you definition and opportunity.

Roy E. Klienwachter

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article.

Roy's Quotable Quotes
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"I know of no other belief system that measures its success by your misery, as well as religion."
  Roy E. Klienwachter

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by Roy E. Klienwachter
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Carol, Alberta



Loving Yourself Unconditionally
By: Kalandar Dominique Wirz

Most religions teach us altruism and to love your neighbor like yourself.

Have you ever wondered, whether your neighbor would actually like that?

Because, frankly speaking, how much do YOU love yourself?

Of course we all love ourselves. Easy! We love ourselves in those times when things go well, when we do the right things, when we act gracefully, when we are likable and can feel proud of ourselves.

But what about the other times? When you make a fool out of yourself? When you act like an idiot? When you fail or, even worse, behave in an ugly way? When you feel ashamed and stupid and not proud of yourself one bit?
Do you still love yourself then? Or do you abandon yourself in shame and guilt?

In other words: Is your love for your self conditional or unconditional?

Its an important question. Its the question that makes all the difference in your life!

YOU! Fundamentally you are good. Your innermost core, that which is you, is divine.

And chances are that you try your very best to express that and you try to live up to your divine potential (you probably wouldn't be reading this otherwise).

Chances also are, that you are not 100 % successful in living up to your divine potential. And chances are, that this is exactly when you regularly abandon yourself and stop loving yourself.

How does that feel, when you stop loving your self?

Imagine a little child, innocent, vulnerable, open. And that little child has a friend. A big one, bigger and stronger and much more powerful than the child itself. And the little child loves and trusts that big friend absolutely.
But every time the child does something wrong, maybe something it doesn't even know is wrong, the big friend just goes and abandons the little kid. Just doesn't love it anymore.

The child would probably just stand there, alone and utterly confused and hurt and its self esteem would be completely undermined.
And because the child trusts and loves the big friend, and because the big friend seems so much more powerful than the child, at some point the child would side with the big friend and abandon itself.

Does that sound familiar to you? Is that what happened to you as a kid? Then the chances are, that you are still doing exactly this: abandoning yourself and stop loving yourself every time you do wrong. And maybe even when you don't do anything wrong, because by now your self esteem has suffered so much, that you just in general don't trust your self any more.

Having grown up you are now both: The child and the big friend. And as that child you deserve unconditional love. You always have and you always will. It is the single most important thing you need to grow, become beautiful and flower into your full divine self. And the one person who needs to give you that unconditional love is YOU.

How is change possible, how can you be fulfilled, when the very closest friend you have, YOU, walks away from you. And if YOU don't take care of that frightened, abandoned little child in you, who else will?

Now I'm not saying you are always likable. That's conditional. You might be a real shit sometimes. Then you might not be likable.

But you are always lovable. Unconditionally.

You might also not always find it easy to love yourself. And you might ever so often completely forget to love yourself.

But the one thing you can decide right now, is to be WILLING to always love yourself unconditionally.

If you decide that, then whenever you realize you are abandoning yourself, you can come back to loving yourself.

It doesn't mean you approve of everything you do. In fact, loving yourself unconditionally is what gives you the possibility to disapprove of your acts because you no longer need to identify with your acts. That makes it the most powerful tool to help you take responsibility for your mistakes and change.

So if there is ONE thing you want to do for your self: Make a pact with yourself. Make a conscious decision: To be willing to always love yourself unconditionally. That is enough to change your life.

Article Source:

Kalandar Dominique Wirz is a Life Coach, specializing in working with people who embark on a spiritual path. He believes that life should be beautiful and love is what we are here for. If you would like to meet Kalandar or work with him you can contact him at




Dear Roy,
For the past decade I have dreamed of making CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD into a movie. Now, the dream has come true, and I am thrilled to invite you to be among the first to see it!

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD tells the true story of Neale Donald Walsch (brilliantly portrayed by Henry Czerny) who, at the lowest point in his life, asks God some very hard questions. The answers he gets become the foundation of the internationally-acclaimed book series that has sold over 7 million copies and been translated into 34 languages. The film chronicles Neale's dramatic journey from being a homeless man with a broken neck to international fame as a bestselling author, illuminating the surprising twists and turns of the path along the way.

Before the Samuel Goldwyn Company and Capri release the film into theaters across U.S. and Canada on the weekend of October 27th, Neale and I are embarking on an 18-city publicity tour. In each of the cities listed below ,we will have ONE exclusive screening of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD followed by a LIVE Q & A session with Neale and myself. Please come out and see the film and say hello to us!

Vancouver, BC September 5
Seattle September 7
Portland      September 9
San Francisco September 12
San Diego     September 13
Los Angeles   September 16
Phoenix       September 19
Denver        September 21
Minneapolis   September 24
St. Louis     September 27
Kansas City   September 29
Chicago       September 30
Dallas        October 4
Houston       October 6
Palm Beach    October 7
Atlanta       October 11
Toronto       October 13
New York      October 17
Phoenix       October  20 (Neale only)

A complete list of venues and more information on how to purchase tickets can be found at .

We look forward to meeting you at the screenings!

Many blessings,

Stephen Simon

Stephen Simon
The Spiritual Cinema Circle

P.S. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this announcement to your friends and family.

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