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Editor's Note...

Namaste Free Spirits,

I trust that all is well with you and you are manifesting all that you desire. Where did summer go? How fast the seasons come and go. Of the four seasons that we experience in Canada--summer seems to be the shortest of all. I am on vacation and have chosen to stay home and finish off my next book. I am locked away in my office at home, so I have to discipline myself to do something outside each day or I'll be asking myself what happened to summer, again.

***I am really pleased with the way the sales of my new book are going, and your responses have been more than generous. I am sure that there are some that are not as enthusiastic about it as most. I would like to hear from them as well. My next book is nearing completion and I have only just begun marketing the first one. "Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle is now available in Hard Cover. It's new ISBN # is 1-4122-7752-4. The book is now listed at Chapters/Indigo,, and others. I have learned that it is a two to three year project and can take weeks or months to be listed or available in most major book stores. If you can't find it at your favourite book store you can order it directly from the publisher at (ISBN 1-4120-7752-4)

***I just finished Neale Donald Walsch's new book "Home With God." Of course I am one of his biggest fans and have read and re-read his books many times. A lot of my writing comes from the enlightenment I have gained from reading his books. If you want to understand what you are going to go through when you die, I encourage you to read this book--it's great!

***I am pleased to announce that my home site "Spiritual New Age Wisdom" is now available in eight different languages. I have installed new translation software that converts the entire site into your language of choice. I am still tweaking it, so some things may not be 100% yet.

***I mentioned in the above that I am trying to finish my new book "Lead Down The Garden Path" by the end of the year. I really like this book, the writing is more mature than some of my earlier works and reflects my own personal spiritual growth and awareness. I will keep you informed of its progress.

***I would like to draw your attention to a new site! Have you ever seen those handcrafted wooden books. Well here is you chance to see several. My friend Gypsy has a wonderful collection. Please visit the site at these wooden books would make excellent gifts for those people who have everything. And Heh--Christmas is coming.

The Editor


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It has never been God's intention for you to know him. That would not serve his purpose.

   If I walked up to you on the street and told you I was God, would you know me as God? And if I created miracles and demonstrated great power would you then know me as God? The answer of course is a resounding "NO."

   Your mind would not be able to accept me as God, and as much as you may want to believe that I am-your ego would not allow you to even believe.

   The ego always wants proof and cannot except the obvious and why would God want to prove anything to you anyway. If you knew God, you would be God and that is exactly what you are-you are God, God is in and around everything-he is omnipresent! And yet, you do not believe. You already have the power to perform great miracles and do wonderful things. You already have done these things many, many times and you still do not believe.

   You cannot know God because there is no God out "there" that is God. God is made manifest in human form for the purpose of God to experience all aspects of physical life. It is not God's intention for you to act as God, but to act as God being human.

   God is everything that you see, smell, touch, taste and hear. He is the one you look at in the mirror each morning and the one you meet in the street. You are as the wave is to the ocean, you have all the characteristics and attributes of the ocean, you are the ocean divided into limitless pieces of itself. You are the ocean in "wave" form.

   You have the power to move mountains and create universes and yet you do not for one reason only-"you do not know that you can!"

   Because you do not know that you are God, you do not use the power of God. You gave away your power before birth, so that you could experience being powerless. Although that power is always there, always at your beck and call-you just don't know it.

   Because you do not know yourself as God, you cannot see God in others. You cannot know God because he is too close to you, as the forest is to the trees. You look past God every moment of every day trying to find him, and you deny what you already instinctively know-that it is God doing the looking.

   If I came to you and told you that I am God, you would deny me. You have no other choice, in fact you would demand proof, and you would even try to kill me to proof your disbelief. And once you did kill me, you still would not know me as God and you would not be convinced, yet I cannot be killed. Do you really believe that I would present myself to you in a single body that looks like you? I would still not be God, because I am omnipresent, you would only see me as an illusion, a preconceived image of who you think I am.

   To know me-you must know that you are me. And to know that-you must let go of the notion that your body exists. And that is next to impossible for most minds. The only possible way that you could know me, is to know and accept that I am everything. All that you see, even the illusion of self-is me! Every time you use the word God-you distance me! You create a dualistic reality that is not real. I am not out there-I am where you are. You cannot properly know me when you talk about God, because using the word creates time and space and an image that is separated from you.

   You can know me when you say "I Am." You can feel me when you say "I Am." Just using those words fills you with the power of "I Am" and a sense of well being and purpose. Try it now, say "I Am." What is it that you feel, when you let go of ego. "I Am" is the only declaration of life-it is what life says. I am here, I am there, I am Roy, I am this or that, and I am anything that I say "I am."

   If you meet me on the street and I tell you I am God-would you know me? Of course not, you could not, because I am not only one "thing"-I am every "thing." I am everything that "is" and "is not."

   If you want a glimpse into being God, have a look at the one that is looking at you-when you are able to get to that level of understanding-you will be one step closer to knowing God. And you will never look at me the same way again.

   I you want to know God-then be God-it is within your power to be all that I am. Because I am you, and you are me, when you deny me-you deny your very existence-we are inseparable. For those of you who do not like the term "God," substitute it for the word "life" or anything you desire. "Life" is everywhere-all things are "life" manifesting in physical form. I am "life" looking at "life."

   If you know me as "life" you will then know me as the creator. I cannot be offended by anything that you call me, because I am everything and anything.

   There is a Buddhist saying: "If you see the Buddha in the streets, run from him for he is a false Buddha." The creator does not appear in a single form. Nor would it be in any form, because I am formless-that is why I work through you to experience form.

   Whatever you think of yourself-is what you think of me. When you condemn yourself, you are condemning that which gives you the illusion of life. When you kill yourself or another, you are trying to kill me, and it is not possible. When you disrespect yourself or another, you are showing disrespect for me, because you and the other are me.

   When you move your focus away from these petty physical nuances you move to higher power and awareness, because you then become focused on them. Knowing that you are God, does not move you away from being human. It simply brings you to a new awareness that makes your life easier and more rewarding. When you understand why you are making the trip, you will begin to enjoy it, knowing you can change any aspect of it at will.

   You are in a box in a great box factory. When you are ready to move out of your box, there will be countless other boxes you can choose to move into. But you will never be physically anything more than you are now. Every life-time is an opportunity; every box is an experience until you no longer wish to experience it. You have the ability to rise above the box factory and watch yourself moving in and out of these little boxes. That is the joy of awareness and acceptance of what you really are. That is the exquisite joy of being the creator, and is why I created this illusion, so that I could experience myself being myself.

   I am no greater or less than you are, and you have the same abilities. Look into the face of the next person you meet, and you will see me. And if there is no one near-follow the flight of the birds and you will see me. Everywhere you see life and non-life you will see me.

   Life does not pass you by-you pass life by. God does not forsake you-you forsake God. The creator is all that you are and more, and yet you are no less than the creator.

   If I told you that I am God, would you know me?

Roy E. Klienwachter

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article.

Roy's Quotable Quotes
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"When you say no to life, life says no to you!"

           Roy E. Klienwachter


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This earth is not a school, and you were not put here to learn anything. In fact, you were not put here at all—you chose to come freely to the physical earth, and experience life in a way that could not be experienced anywhere else.

You were given abundance, and freedom of choice, to create anything you desired without fear of retribution.

What you are witnessing now is unconditional love or freedom to mess up your life as many times as you desire. The creator does not care what we do—but that we do it. Life must be expressed in all its possibilities, unconditionally, or it is not love.

You have such awesome power within you to change the way you are living, and the only things standing in the way are your own thoughts.

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Maureen Johnson

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Dear Roy,
For the past decade I have dreamed of making CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD into a movie. Now, the dream has come true, and I am thrilled to invite you to be among the first to see it!

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD tells the true story of Neale Donald Walsch (brilliantly portrayed by Henry Czerny) who, at the lowest point in his life, asks God some very hard questions. The answers he gets become the foundation of the internationally-acclaimed book series that has sold over 7 million copies and been translated into 34 languages. The film chronicles Neale's dramatic journey from being a homeless man with a broken neck to international fame as a bestselling author, illuminating the surprising twists and turns of the path along the way.

Before the Samuel Goldwyn Company and Capri release the film into theaters across U.S. and Canada on the weekend of October 27th, Neale and I are embarking on an 18-city publicity tour. In each of the cities listed below ,we will have ONE exclusive screening of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD followed by a LIVE Q & A session with Neale and myself. Please come out and see the film and say hello to us!

Vancouver, BC September 5
Seattle September 7
Portland      September 9
San Francisco September 12
San Diego     September 13
Los Angeles   September 16
Phoenix       September 19
Denver        September 21
Minneapolis   September 24
St. Louis     September 27
Kansas City   September 29
Chicago       September 30
Dallas        October 4
Houston       October 6
Palm Beach    October 7
Atlanta       October 11
Toronto       October 13
New York      October 17
Phoenix       October  20 (Neale only)

A complete list of venues and more information on how to purchase tickets can be found at .

We look forward to meeting you at the screenings!

Many blessings,


Stephen Simon
The Spiritual Cinema Circle

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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash