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Editor's Note...

Dear Free Spirits,

It's already nearing the end of spring--where has it gone? As usual my life is so busy that I forget sometimes to stop and smell the flowers. They are popping up all around me. I am reminded that they are new life and are only here for a short time, it is now that I need to appreciate them. A month ago I was in a mall and noticed some beautiful red roses. I immediately went to them so that I could smell how beautiful they were. Of course there was no smell. The roses have been treated so that they will last and this kills their fragrance. What is a rose without its smell I thought? Just a few feet in front of my window are some beautiful red roses growing in the yard, so on the way out this morning I am going to take the time to visit with them and enjoy there fragrance.

***You may have noticed that I have given the Newsletter a more obvious name "PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY TODAY" to better reflect the spirit of the publication.

***Take the time this year to get out into nature and enjoy not only the smells, but the sounds. There are birds singing everywhere--there is a whole symphony that most of us in the city miss because of the background noise. Life and love is in the air.

***I have just finished reading a new book called "The Indigo Children" by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. This world is moving very quickly--it requires new minds that think and react swiftly. My generation is too slow and will not be able to respond to change in the new world fast enough. Every few generations we are replaced by new humans that are better able to handle the new world conditions. These new children are already arriving, and they have a name--"Indigo Children." They are sometimes referred to as Computer Children. They are hear to take over where we will leave off. "The Indigo Children" is a must read if you already have a small child or are curious about the new humans. These children cannot be treated the same way we were. They require special care and handling. I have included a description of the indigo children--an excerpt from the book at the end of this newsletter. If you embrace change, they will amaze you, if you do not--they will scare you.

***My new book has just been released and should start showing up on book store shelves soon. It is an amazing book filled with new ideas of who and what we are, of the awesome powers that we all possess and are not using. The book is designed not so much to give you answers, but to cause you to ask questions and develop a new awareness. I have send the book out for review and the endorsements are starting to come in. Truly the book is a much loved asset to those that choose to read it--definitely a keeper!

   The title of the book is "Your Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle" ISBN 1-4120-7752-4 by Roy E. Klienwachter. You can order it directly from the publisher at if you do not find it in you favourite book store. I look forward to hearing back from you, with your comments.

In love and light
Roy E. Klienwachter


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Enlightenment can come in an instant or it may take many life cycles.

The shortest distance between two points is in a straight line and so the fastest way to achieve enlightenment is to know that you are already enlightened.

Few of us will be able to do that on demand because we all have lifetimes of experiences and circumstances that say we cannot do it. So we have to wrestle with all our memories and the wisdom of others that we have adopted to get to a place where we can accept our new awareness.

Changing a lifestyle can be met with great difficulty and struggle or wild abandonment and joy. It is simply another trip or a course along a different path that has an alternative purpose. It is not going to be any easier or more difficult than the one that you already chose and it will mean sacrifice or clearing depending on how you think of it.

Because there will be a profound change in you and your lifestyle you will lose people along the way, including friends and family. For one thing as you move along your new path you will learn a different language and as you start to master this language your friends and family will no longer understand you; it will not be so easy to communicate with them, nor they with you.

Along with having difficulties communicating with each other you will not be able to relate to each other just as a grade one student will not be able to relate to another in grade 12 except on the most basic levels. As you empty your mind of old business and memory, new concepts and awareness will replace them and become your new truth. You will travel lighter and pay little notice of others that are around you, they will call you crazy or weird and as your awareness increases you will eventually move to a state of transformation.

One transforms when one has raised his/her vibration level so high that they virtually disappear and enter another realm of awareness. You will become invisible to all in the old realm.

If your feet are firmly planted in the physical world and this is where you are strongly focused, transformation may take several lifetimes. Death is a human or physical concept and in truth you do not have to leave your physical body behind.

The first step in the thousand mile journey is to make a choice or decision for enlightenment. With this choice comes the eventual transformation that will take you out of this physical realm and into another.

With this level of awareness comes rejection of all physical things and people. The truth is we are all headed there anyways. Those that have a higher level of enlightenment or awareness simply move faster and with anticipation lacking any fear of what is to come. It is the tendency for all things to move back to its source, it is a natural law of cause and effect or Karma.

There is a Buddhist teaching that says if you want to put new tea in your cup you must make sure you have an empty cup.

In preparing for this new enlightenment you must let go of old belief systems and thoughts. You must clear your mind to make way for new concepts and ideas. Enlightenment will not come when your mind is busy with old thoughts. Neither will it come while you try to analyse it, acceptance is the key to enlightenment.

There are many who say that they want enlightenment but few will receive it. The pull of the physical world is strong, and addictive. For those that have found great meaning in the earth experience they will find it hard to let go. “A rich man cannot get into heaven,” for when you are attached you are not going anywhere.

In preparing for enlightenment you must be prepared to leave all things behind. It is the natural tendency for all to move to the next level of awareness and to better themselves. Leaving this world and moving into the next realm comes in two ways with the highest level of enlightenment and transformation or the lowest through physical death.

There are few that have gone the first way and most people tend to get there slowly and through many lifetimes experiencing physical life again and again. Once you have grasped the idea that life is an occurrence that you are in control of, and you grow to understand that you are not in school to learn anything, you will begin to look farther ahead to greater awareness with the knowledge that the spirit is eternal and cannot be destroyed.

Enlightenment should never be taken lightly but seen as a natural course of experiences that you have absolute control of.

Enlightenment can come in an instant or it may take many life cycles but always it is about freedom of choice and unconditional love.

Roy E. Klienwachter

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article.

Roy's Quotable Quotes
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"Create your life's story while you still have time to do it"

           Roy E. Klienwachter


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Your life was never meant to be a struggle—somewhere along the way you lost sight of that fact.

This earth is not a school, and you were not put here to learn anything. In fact, you were not put here at all—you chose to come freely to the physical earth, and experience life in a way that could not be experienced anywhere else.

You were given abundance, and freedom of choice, to create anything you desired without fear of retribution.

What you are witnessing now is unconditional love or freedom to mess up your life as many times as you desire. The creator does not care what we do—but that we do it. Life must be expressed in all its possibilities, unconditionally, or it is not love.

You have such awesome power within you to change the way you are living, and the only things standing in the way are your own thoughts.

You have all the attributes and characteristics of the creator—you just don’t know it!


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Maureen Johnson

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This is part of the first chapter taken from the book by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, co-authors of the New Release "The Indigo Children. I urge you to pick of a copy of this book and read about the new human that will be taking your place. And possibly you will be coming back as one of them in your new incarnation.




What is an Indigo Child? And why do we call them Indigo? First, the definition: an Indigo Child is one who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has common unique factors that suggest that those who interact with them (parents, in particular) change their treatment and upbringing of them in order to achieve balance. To ignore these new patterns is to potentially create imbalance and frustration in the mind of this precious new life. The subject of this chapter is to identify, qualify, and validate the attributes of an Indigo Child.

   There seem to be several kinds of Indigos, and we will describe them later in this chapter, but in the following list we can give you some of the most common behavioral patterns. Do these fit anyone you know?

   Here are ten of the most common traits of Indigo Children:

  1. They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).

  2. They have a feeling of "deserving to be here," and are surprised when others don't share that.

  3. Self-worth is not a big issue. they often tell the parents "who they are."

  4. They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation of choice.

  5. ...

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