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If you come from perfection and you are going back to perfection—then, is what you experience in between—imperfection? Of course it is not!

   The experience of being imperfect is an illusion—a thought manifested into an experience that would seem to be imperfect.

   Imperfection can only be imagined. That which is perfect will always be perfect—it cannot be anything else. You are a creature of perfection experiencing all forms of perfection, and so called imperfection.

   Imperfection is contrived by humanity because it cannot accept responsibility for being perfect. Perfection is an end, a place to go because man does not see the perfection in himself—he is always trying to get there. Humanity does not recognize the eternal connection that it has with perfection.

   Man does not see the perfection is physical things like theft, killing, rape, greed, lying, cheating, infidelity, mental illness or deformity. Man does not see the perfection in all the things that he does, imagines or creates.

   Religion has condemned these things in a futile effort to free man from earthly things. Religion forces man to look away from that which he is now, to something that he thinks he might be in the future—in another realm. But there is perfection is being a thief as much as there is perfection in being a saint. They are both aspects of the same thing, although one of them may be more desirable than the other.

   Humanity is in the physical world to experience it fully. By focusing one’s attention in a possible future realm that may or may not be experienced, he is missing the opportunity to experience fully the place that he now finds himself. It is absolutely perfect that you are now here. This is the place you have chosen, and this is the place you need to focus your experience. The only understanding that you need about the future is that you will get there, dead or alive. The future always takes care of itself. It is the present that you are here to experience. It is humanity that is going to punish you for social disobedience, not God. You are God—you are perfection—you are God manifested in human form to experience all the things that you can imagine, “good or bad.”

   Consequences are experiences that happen when you go against the laws of nature. Punishments are what you experience when you go against the laws of man.

   The church and other religious institutions want you to think of your future in Heaven or Hell so that you will modify your actions in the present. In any society there must be order because it is for the good of the individual and the whole. The issue I have is that religious morality is defined not by God per se, but by appointed representatives of a God that does not exist externally. It is God himself creating another false God in order to speak through the hearts of man. If man would speak for himself he would be much more advanced than he is today. If man took responsibility for whom and what he really is, he would not have to look for God. Nor would he have to look to death to get back to himself. If fact there would be no other place that he would have to be.

   Your life in any form does not begin in the future—it is now—and your soul will take care of itself. You do not have to prepare for death or another world. You do not have to qualify to enter Heaven or Hell. You are the creator of these places and you are experiencing them now in this world. You can move from these places when your own evolution has advanced enough and you are able to accept the responsibility of your new awareness and power.

   You will move away from the crimes of humanity when you find that they do not work for you any longer. When you find that they do not take you to the next step. When you find that you are powerless to get there doing what you are now.

   Humanity needs to move away from these failed concepts of “right and wrong” and “good and bad.” They do not allow us the freedom to take us to a higher level. Fear and guilt are conscripts of these thoughts and they hold us back. When we realize that we have the freedom and power to become much better than what we are now—not in some other realm or time—we will naturally try to achieve it.

   When we replace these thoughts with “what works and what does not work” for us, we will tear away at the paper bindings that are holding us back. We will automatically be advanced into a place of enlightenment, new power, and freedom.

   Your soul will take care of itself—it does not need your concern—it does not need to be redeemed. It only needs for you to experience the place that you find yourself in now. You are already where you want to be or you wouldn’t be here. With this awareness you will experience yourself fully—as God would have it—as you would have it—because you are of the same mind. You can be mindful of this experience or mindless, and that is a choice you make every day.

Roy E. Klienwachter

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article. http://www.klienwachter.com

Roy's Quotable Quotes
(You are free to use these quotes anytime)

"Trust or faith does not work for a true creator"

           Roy E. Klienwachter

Ignorance and fear have driven humanity to pass on the lies handed down to us by our parents, teachers, religious leaders, and politicians. In an effort to control the behavior of society they have not told you of your awesome power. They have not told you of the freedom that is yours—your birthright.

   We have tried to work within the confines of morality and darkness for thousands of thousands of years—we have not received what we were promised for the struggle, hardship, and acquiescence.

   What makes intelligent people ignore the obvious? What we have been doing for thousands of years has not brought us what we desire or what we were promised as a species.

   Why is it that some people are poor while others are rich—is it luck, intelligence or just being in the right place at the right time? What is it that successful people know that you do not? Why is it that some people attract illness while others never catch so much as a sniffle? What is the secret behind a sudden recovery from a terminal illness? Why do some people have accidents and others not?

   Why is it that some people attract the right people to them for mates while you struggle just to be noticed? Why is it that successful people have all kinds of friends and acquaintances around them that support them in abundance?

   These questions have been asked for centuries, yet for all the history, insight, and enlightenment that humanity has—it always turns to the same source for answers. Too few have clued-in—it always brings us back to the same place of lack, accidents, war, illness, and fear. Hasn’t anyone figured out the common denominator, what is wrong in the equation that is giving us the wrong answers?

   Life was never meant to be a struggle, we were not put on this earth, we came by desire, and we are not here to learn anything. What is our real purpose—what transcends the obvious misery and struggle that we demonstrate in our lives everyday? Do you really believe that it is a God or Devil that is causing these things? Except for technical advances, as a species we really have not developed spiritually very much, and for good reason.

   In my new book, "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle," I go all the way and push all the buttons. There are no secrets—only for those who choose not to see.

   Your body is an illusion, and you are a process not a thing. "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle," takes you there—to the outer limits and beyond. Enlightenment does not mean you do not have to participate in life. It reveals purpose, and life is no longer a struggle. If you could amass great abundance at will—would you not be interested in the concept? If you didn’t have to be sick or have accidents wouldn’t you be just a little curious? If you could at least understand why your life is the way it is—would it not help you to know?

   If enlightenment comes from awareness, then wouldn’t a short glimpse outside of the box help you make better decisions? If there are secrets—who is keeping them from you and why?

   Roy’s thoughts are not new, they are simply said in a different way that most people can understand. Simple and eloquent in form that opens one’s mind to new possibilities.

   No one comes away from this book without being enlightened.

"You are not a victim of circumstances, you are creating them."
Roy E. Klienwachter



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When I first began Roy's book I was a bit of a skeptic. Entrenched in long-standing mores, I believed that "life is real, life is ernest and the grave is not its goal." His formulas for a better life were too simplistic -until I started to put them into practice. Now, I'm a true believer, and realize that, you can be better than you are, and "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle."

Maureen Johnson

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By: Kalandar Dominique Wirz

Most religions teach us altruism and to love your neighbor like yourself.

Have you ever wondered, whether your neighbor would actually like that?

Because, frankly speaking, how much do YOU love yourself?

Of course we all love ourselves. Easy! We love ourselves in those times when things go well, when we do the right things, when we act gracefully, when we are likable and can feel proud of ourselves.

But what about the other times? When you make a fool out of yourself? When you act like an idiot? When you fail or, even worse, behave in an ugly way? When you feel ashamed and stupid and not proud of yourself one bit?
Do you still love yourself then? Or do you abandon yourself in shame and guilt?

In other words: Is your love for your self conditional or unconditional?

Its an important question. Its the question that makes all the difference in your life!

YOU! Fundamentally you are good. Your innermost core, that which is you, is divine.

And chances are that you try your very best to express that and you try to live up to your divine potential (you probably wouldn't be reading this otherwise).

Chances also are, that you are not 100 % successful in living up to your divine potential. And chances are, that this is exactly when you regularly abandon yourself and stop loving yourself.

How does that feel, when you stop loving your self?

Imagine a little child, innocent, vulnerable, open. And that little child has a friend. A big one, bigger and stronger and much more powerful than the child itself. And the little child loves and trusts that big friend absolutely.
But every time the child does something wrong, maybe something it doesn't even know is wrong, the big friend just goes and abandons the little kid. Just doesn't love it anymore.

The child would probably just stand there, alone and utterly confused and hurt and its self esteem would be completely undermined.
And because the child trusts and loves the big friend, and because the big friend seems so much more powerful than the child, at some point the child would side with the big friend and abandon itself.

Does that sound familiar to you? Is that what happened to you as a kid? Then the chances are, that you are still doing exactly this: abandoning yourself and stop loving yourself every time you do wrong. And maybe even when you don't do anything wrong, because by now your self esteem has suffered so much, that you just in general don't trust your self any more.

Having grown up you are now both: The child and the big friend. And as that child you deserve unconditional love. You always have and you always will. It is the single most important thing you need to grow, become beautiful and flower into your full divine self. And the one person who needs to give you that unconditional love is YOU.

How is change possible, how can you be fulfilled, when the very closest friend you have, YOU, walks away from you. And if YOU don't take care of that frightened, abandoned little child in you, who else will?

Now I'm not saying you are always likable. That's conditional. You might be a real shit sometimes. Then you might not be likable.

But you are always lovable. Unconditionally.

You might also not always find it easy to love yourself. And you might ever so often completely forget to love yourself.

But the one thing you can decide right now, is to be WILLING to always love yourself unconditionally.

If you decide that, then whenever you realize you are abandoning yourself, you can come back to loving yourself.

It doesn't mean you approve of everything you do. In fact, loving yourself unconditionally is what gives you the possibility to disapprove of your acts because you no longer need to identify with your acts. That makes it the most powerful tool to help you take responsibility for your mistakes and change.

So if there is ONE thing you want to do for your self: Make a pact with yourself. Make a conscious decision: To be willing to always love yourself unconditionally. That is enough to change your life.

Kalandar Dominique Wirz is a Life Coach, specializing in working with people who embark on a spiritual path. He believes that life should be beautiful and love is what we are here for. If you would like to meet Kalandar or work with him you can contact him at bewhoyouare@bigfoot.com

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