Vol. 5    Issue #11

Life is Not About Finding Perfection... You Are Living It!


Editor's Note...

Dear Free Spirits,

   Welcome once again to my newsletter. Sending out this newsletter is about the only time that I really feel that I am communicating with you directly, it's kinda personal and special.

   Several things have happened on the site since the last issue. One of my new amateur writers "Tajuana," now has her own weekly column "Beyond the Edge of Reason." Her first article was published in the column this week. I am proud to have her with me and grateful for the opportunity to give her her own column. I know that she has a lot to offer. Please click on her link on our home page. I know she would love to hear from you.

   I have added another weekly column about the Kabbalah philosophy, written by Rav Michael Laitman PhD.
I strongly believe in diversity of thought and believe that the Kabbalah philosophy has much to offer. As time and space permit, I am going to be adding other weekly columns on different philosophies and beliefs. If you are interested and can contribute weekly for at least six months, please contact me.

   My new "Themed," article directory, is starting to blossom now with 42 new authors and more than 160 new articles submitted. If you are looking for material on spirituality in many forms, this would be the place to look.

   Something else you are going to be very interested in. I have created "Book Review Pages." New authors that have published their books in "PRINT," can advertise their books in these pages. Usually, before they will even be available on the store shelves, so check in often to see the new additions, then if interested, go out and buy the book. Many of these are available on Amazon.

   I would also like to direct your attention to the articles submitted to our new directory by Eric Gardner. They are truly some of the most empowering and inspiring articles that I have read. If you are looking for some extra energy, please read his articles.

I was very surprised to open up my site on the browser a couple of weeks ago and discover that we are back up to a pr5 with Google. We were there over a year ago and went down to a pr 4 after they made some changes. I'm heading in the right direction, Wah-Hoo!

I want to send out a special thanks to those that have emailed me with their personal issues that I can help with. I have received much more personally I believe, that I have given back. These are great opportunities for me to give something to the people that support my site, thank you!

Roy E. Klienwachter

PS, I can not believe that I almost missed this opportunity. I just noticed that I didn't mention the most important news of all. My first published book in "PRINT," form should be out in the stores in January. I was hoping for Christmas, but there have been one or two delays. That's Murphy's Law. More details about it next month. It's ready to be released and I still don't have a title for it, or should I say I have over 90 titles and can't choose one... Hmmm.


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Living with Mind, Body and Spirit. (Experiencing Life from the Back Seat)


   Your complete identity is mind, body and spirit. You are made up of these three elements.

   Your mind is not thee mind and your brain is not your mind, the mind of the creator is the only mind that is. You serve the purpose of the creator and that purpose is to experience being independent of the creator. It is the creator trying to experience the creator, by not being the creator. You are in service to that which created you by being separated from it.
   The physical experience can only be experienced with a physical body, so mind imagined a physical body to move through the physical dimensional worlds.
   Because the body needed a secondary mind or driver to operate in this realm it imagined "you," and the "one mind," became a passenger observing the physical world through your eyes and senses and the illusion of your own mind.
   Because mind is only a passenger or tourist along for the ride, mind gave you (ego) a mind of your own, or an illusion of an independent mind. It imagined itself in the driver’s seat. This separation gave you independence to move at your own free will.
   Before your birth, mind decided what it wanted to experience in the physical realm and put you into the driver’s seat and gave you the perfect vehicle for the trip, a destination, gas, credit cards and a map to get you there. Because it is the ego that maneuvers through the physical world via its senses, it entrusted you or gave you free will to get around or experience the pot holes, detours and other obstacles as you journey through a life experience.
   The mind is just the observer and it does not control the body in that it pretends to be taking a back seat to your own. It has given you absolute freedom of choice (unconditional love) to make any turns (correct or incorrect) to get to its destination. Through your experience and independence the mind has a sense of its own creation.
   The spirit is the power, in this case the car that responds to the wishes of the ego. When the ego wishes to make a detour the spirit makes it happen. When the ego wishes to go faster or slower the spirit responds in kind. The triune of mind, body and spirit operate with the understanding that all three are going to arrive at the same place eventually.
   The passenger has only one instruction… just keep moving, and do not stop for anything. The driver may forget that there is a passenger from time to time or where it is going, but it is driven by the life force to keep driving. The spirit (car) always obeys, that is its only purpose to respond to your every command. The mind wants to experience the ride, the ego (you) decides how to get there and the spirit responds to the command of the ego. When all three elements of being are in harmony things remain on the straight and narrow.
   The straight and narrow is not the only way of getting to a destination, and that is why there are so many drivers. Because there is only one mind, the mind of the creator, it is in the back seat of every car on every road experiencing every aspect of physical life. There is no need for it to give instructions to you, because the choices that you make are perfect considering your model of the world and how you relate to it and how you choose to reach your destination. All roads lead to the same place, they are circular, despite your best efforts, and you can never be lost… sometime just powerfully turned around.
   When I look across the part of the ocean that flows in and out of the inlet beneath my office window, I realize that the ocean goes nowhere. Twice a day it moves out and twice a day it comes back. I may not notice the movement of the tide because I am not focused on the time of day when the ocean is at my feet. When I am focused on it I will simply see it at different places in time and because my senses react faster than the movement of the ocean I notice the movement, as a high speed camera picks up the movement of a fast moving object that we would not normally notice. Everything pulsates in and out, back and forth, nothing is solid or permanent. I will only see a moment of awareness that I am focused on.
   All the vehicles across the inlet that move to the east in the morning come back to the west in the evening. The east is just an extension of the west and the space in between is created by movement in time and space of the vehicles moving. All the cars that move throughout the day are always there, it is only the illusion of time and space that brings them in and out of my focus.
   Your passenger understands these movements and only wishes to experience them. The illusion is that it is she that is going along for the ride, but it is actually you that is experiencing the movement, the stops and starts, and the turns. There is no place to go or come from, and there is only the illusion of leaving and coming back. All three of you are in agreement to experience the ride.
   Awareness of these things brings understanding and less urgency to rush to somewhere you will never get to. It is in the knowing that you are already there that brings the peace that you are looking for. At that point you can relax and enjoy the ride. You, the passenger and the car are one, you are inseparable.

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article. http://www.klienwachter.com

Roy's Quotable Quotes
(You are free to use these quotes anytime)

"Faith Will Not Put You There, Knowing is Acknowledgment That You Are Already There!"

           Roy E. Klienwachter


Success? It's a Brain Job 
 By: Eric Garner

Programming is a computer term that aptly describes what happens when we feed a goal into our brains. We give our brains the goal and then programmed it to achieve it. It then works like a locked-on missile seeking out its target. The following are 7 proven programming techniques that will ensure you land right on target.

1. Affirm What You Want. Affirming what you want means stating your goal in the present tense as if you'd already achieved it. The brain takes whatever action needed to comply with the affirmation. Affirmations should be positive, realistic and expressed in emotive words such as “I love…” and “I enjoy…”. All of life’s geniuses use affirmations: "I am the greatest" (Muhammad Ali); "I know that I am an artist" (Beethoven).

2. See It Happening Now. Visualisation means seeing yourself in your mind's eye having achieved your goal. The secret of visualisation is to do it in such rich detail, and with all your senses, that you are fully there. Ray Kroc, founder of restaurant chain McDonalds, had a regular bedtime routine, in which he would imagine all the day’s problems written on a blackboard. One by one, he would see them being solved. As a result, he managed to sleep like a log.

3. Associate Your Goal With Rewards. Associate your goal with something you desire such as money, a desired object, or simply the feeling of pleasure and you will be motivated towards it. Alternatively, associate not getting your goal with something you don't want, such as loss of money or physical pain and you will remind yourself of what to avoid. These two feelings, pleasure and pain, are powerful motivating forces.

4. Practice Your Shots. The more you practice your shots, the more likely you are to score well when the opportunity arises. It's what cricketers do in the nets. Or teams that rehearse fire drills each week. Or entrepreneurs who visit their dream home each day as if they already owned it. In this way, you are reminding your brain of exactly what you are aiming for. And the brain will respond.

5. De-Bug With Positive Self-Talk. Just as a computer program occasionally gets infected with viruses and bugs, so your own goal-setting programming can get infected with setbacks, doubts, and feelings of failure. That’s when you need an anti-virus mental program. One such programming is Positive Suggestion which is activated whenever you have thoughts of fear, panic or doom. Simply replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and remind yourself of your progress: “Every day in every way I am getting nearer and nearer my goals.”

6. Leave It Alone. Once we feed our goals into our subconscious brains, it’s very important that we let our brains get on with the job without interference. The conscious brain is like the machine operator while the sub-conscious is the machine itself. This means that you have to let go and resist the temptation to analyze or check how it’s doing. When you let go, you let God or, if you like, let good into your life.

7. Pray With Heartfelt Gratitude. Prayers are a form of programming that people have practiced for centuries. But with one important difference from other kinds of programming. As well as verbalizing or internalizing something you want, you give thanks as if you already possessed it. Such gratitude connects you to a mightier power than you possess and unleashes great forces that work on your behalf.

When you practice these 7 programming techniques to achieve your goals, you will achieve with scientific certainty whatever you desire.

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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash 

           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash 

           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash