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Editor's Note...

Dear Free Spirits,

   Welcome to September's newsletter. I don't know what it is like in your area, but here the first signs of fall are starting to show. The days are getting shorter and leaves are starting to turn colour. This is my second favourite time of year only to spring.
   This newsletter will be slightly longer to help make up for the missing one last month.
   As hinted to in the last newsletter there was no August newsletter, I needed the rest. Also the changes that I was expecting to happen over August have not manifested themselves as yet. I was looking for help to turn my articles into day to day practical applications for self growth, but no one has come forward as yet to help. Looks like I may have to go it alone. There is a good reason for this but it is unknown to me at this moment. The restlessness that I am feeling is getting stronger and it may have nothing to do with the site or newsletter. I was feeling however that it was time to turn tactical into practical.
   You will notice some cosmetic changes on some of the banners for the pages. I have included photos of the surrounding area of which I live. I am going to rotate them on a regular basis so that you may see what a beautiful area I am blessed to live in.
   Also because the August newsletter did come out, it has given me an opportunity to now have the newletters come out earlier in the month, that is why you are getting this now instead of the end of September. You can expect all future newsletters to come about the same time.
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   Perhaps some of the restlessness that I am feeling is coming from my first printed book due to come out towards the end of the year. You will be able to buy this one at the book stores. The process has been exhausting, it's a great book but I don't want to read it again for some time. If you are an author you know what I mean. More will be coming up about this as we get closer to the date.

Roy E. Klienwachter

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   If life is a journey, then I forgot where I was going!
   Physical life is a wonderful buffet of experiences. Life is an experience, and it is what we do here. We are not here to learn anything but to experience our thoughts in the physical world.
   To be truthfully honest I have not made the connection as yet. I have not realized my full potential and I am not in total harmony with what it is that my spirit desires to experience. I think it is like going to Disneyland. There is so much there that you want to take it all in at once, you canít imagine where to begin and if you are not in the moment you may think about what you will miss.
   I have not learned to slow down and take it all in and I am like the child that is overwhelmed by it all that just canít make up its mind and in frustration throws himself down on the ground and cries endlessly. If I canít have it all, I donít want anything and I am asking why I am here, why did I bother?
   I am easy to please and particular at the same time. I can find a certain amount of acceptance in anything that I do, but itís just doing. It is motion without life, it is being there and not being there, it doesnít really matter one way or the other.
Life is such a wonderful opportunity to experience all my wildest thoughts and turn them into reality. I know how itís done and I know that I have the power to create it all, still it doesnít matter. It truly is a fantasy land, a holodeck that I am in control off. I have not seen all the wonders of the world and the ones that I havenít, I have accepted as a matter of fact.
   The greatest wonderment of all for me is the people, the diversification of humanity and I am awed by it. I can see the parts as they form the whole mind. Each person contributes to the thoughts of the creator in real time. Yet I am not in contact with humanity and my life has been a solitary one even for the two times I was married and all the people I have met in my different businesses. There are very few times that I am lonely and I am most always alone in the crowd.
   The life that I have chosen to live has been successful by many peopleís standards and even by my own estimation. What I am doing now has been very rewarding, but it is like sacrificing your life for a small metal they pin on your chest. The metal diminishes the action; the action has its own reward and its highest honour. I am growing to understand how the genie in the bottle must have felt after thousands of years of no rescue, ďReady to kill his rescuer, should he be set free.Ē
   I understand that the spirit cannot experience physical life and that is does so altruistically through the ego or body and yet this body aware of its connection with spirit does not feel life and it does not really participate in it.
This does not mean that I do not feel emotion or pain, but that I understand that the physical world is not real. It is the holodeck, the enactment of an intelligence or thought that wishes to express itself. There are no innocent victims. There is only one soul and that soul is expressed through the experience of the individual parts of itself and it cannot be injured or made extinct and all parts work together in agreement to create an experience. The emotion is physical and does not apply to spirit or mind.
   Emotions are the connection between thought and physical experience. They are that which drives the physical body in its individuality, and they separate mind from body.
The emotions seem as abstract to me as one that has never had a headache trying to understand or experience one. He or she imagines the pain but does not connect to it. Mind cannot feel or experience, it can only imagine. It is emotionless, cold and deliberate.
My own awareness spans the triune and it is the matrix or common denominator that holds all three together. I believe that there is much more than that. There is mind, body and spirit and something else. For the time being I believe that there is another dimension and another. At this moment I feel at home with that thought. I have read about the fourth and fifth dimensions, but it is only at this moment that I feel a connection to it. Perhaps this is insanity, early dementia or a bad hair day, or perhaps this explains why I am alone, and why I am not easily understood.
   I believe that the world is perfect the way it is, the struggle, famine, war, natural disasters, fear and lack are all created by humanity because that is truly what it wants to experience. If it were not, human kind would simply change its thoughts and what it experiences.
   In all these things I have found people that experience the world as heaven, peace and abundance is what they experience. The only difference between them and those that are experiencing hell is their thoughts. They know of war, struggle and suffering, but they choose not to experience them or make them part of their lives. It is as a television receiver that can display 500 channels. They all exist at the same time and place, but only one is focused on at a time. If you want to experience war, tune into that station. If you want to experience angels, tune into that station. The kinds of shows that you tune into are physical symbols of whatís going on in your mind. Focus on what you want to experience and it will be brought into your life.
   With awareness comes power, and with power comes responsibility to use it. Power is not power unless it is experienced. Constructive power comes to us within our ability to use it responsibly. Too much power makes us drunk and we loose the ability to use our new power beneficially.
   It would do us little good to have power suddenly thrust upon us if we where not ready for it. In real life we can see how that happens when someone wins huge amounts of money and then squanders it away. Every one of us has the power to walk on water, turn water into wine or turn a fish into a buffet. We regulate ourselves through awareness of not having that power and limit our access to it.
   One of the greatest opportunities in the physical life is to use the awareness that we have to interact with others for the benefit of all and to raise their awareness so that they may use their powers wisely. The physical life is the only realm of existence that we can experience the power to alter our environment at will. How we use the power is an expression of our maturity and enlightenment. If one does not believe that they have this power they will never experience it, so acceptance of power brings power to self.
   Acceptance of power brings with it the responsibility to move to greater levels of awareness and power is the ability to move from one step to the next. It is not ďcarte blanch,Ē to use it at ones present level of understanding for any other reason.
   With acquired new power one places him/herself in the precarious position of loosing contact or communication with others in their present circumstances. It is as one that speaks English and then suddenly has the ability to understand German overnight. Present associations will deteriorate if the new language is used. This person will want to find others that he can communicate with in the new language and this would be natural. A responsible person would not use this new ability to control others that have not acquired the same understanding. The power is simply a stepping stone and one must move on or deny the power and stay as they are or destroy themselves by severing relationships and finding themselves deposed and placed in exile.
   With the new awareness and power that I have now acquired it would make no sense to stay in my present circumstances. Using my power in this present area of awareness would be malpractice and not what power is intentioned for. This places me at a crossroads.
   Because I do not have a clear understanding of what spirit wants to experience, I have the alternate choice of acceptance that will allow spirit to bring into my awareness the new probabilities that I must choose from. The responsibility for self always lies with self and it cannot be given away only ignored, but never forgotten. Because I have awareness of this new power and choose not to use it, it would gradually eat away at me and affect the sanctity of my presence of mind. Power is a catalyst and it permanently alters the chemistry that I am now experiencing.
   I have felt this change coming for some time. I have been impatient and am finding it increasingly difficult to function in the status quo. I am being driven forward in preparation to make new choices, often angered and restless. I am in that state of chaos that turns the caterpillar into the butterfly.
   I have written this article for myself to try and bring out what these changes mean for me, so that I may understand. I have published this article so that others that are going through the same changes may find some understanding as well. There are not many that will understand but the few that can relate will find recognition and comfort. You are not alone.

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article. http://www.klienwachter.com

Roy's Quotable Quotes
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"To deny yourself is the greatest blasphemy!"

           Roy E. Klienwachter

(It has been my policy to only feature quality articles written by experienced writers in this newsletter. By implimenting this policy I believe I have put myself in a box, so from time to time I will feature a quality article submitted by a new writer. I have done so this month because of the very important message in this article. It was written by Tracy, and it expresses very well what all of us have to go through eventually. We begin our search looking outward until we come to a point where we know that we have left the place that holds our answers, I know you will relate very well to this article.)

I am proud to say that this article was written by one of our regular contributing amature writers, Tajuana Ozaneaux, and is disserving of publication here! She has a follow-up article that you can read here: http://www.klienwachter.com/Roy/JourneyToFreedom.htm

Disaster of Hurricane Katrina

One of the many questions I hear being asked in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is how is it that we can drop food and supplies from he air to rice patties (in the era of Vietnam) and most recently to those individuals who were in the tsunami ---and have American citizens in this catastrophe have to go without the very basic essentials of food and water for as long as five days?

I think that we all need to consider that maybe its because the U.S. bureaucrats are not responsible in participating in drawing up the logistical plans for these foreign disasters.

Clearly, what we are seeing is a major logistical failure. Perhaps the U.S. government could take notes from those foreign tacticians and logicians, because it clearly needs work in this area (side note: one can also look to Iraq as another example).

Offers are pouring in from foreign governments offering assistance of manpower, supplies and financial aid. However, I have yet to see the U.S. government accept this help. What about our neighbours to the north in Canada or even Great Brittan for that matter? How long would it take either of these countries to get the manpower and supplies stateside in order to participate in the search and rescue mission? Certainly less than the five days, which is the time it took the U.S. government to finally react to this situation. If it for security reasons, Canadians are required to have passports or visas to enter into the U.S., I am sure that those individuals in the Consulate in Great Britain could surely take to the task of quickly processing the necessary paperwork "en masse" to get visas for those who are coming to provide aid in this National Catastrophe.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to ascertain that each hour, and certainly each day that passes----people are dying.

It doesnít take people who have the knowledge of the "lay of the land" to search and retrieve people from roof tops, partially submerged houses and other hard to reach areas....you can eyeball those things and to address the aspect of so-called confusion that could erupt...If nothing else, the using the K.I.S. or "kiss method" (Keep It Simple...Stupid) one could divide the areas where help is needed into quadrants and each be given responsibility for said quadrant and go from there.

Even in a time of crisis it seems that bureaucrats...can't set their beliefs aside. One can also imagine that this isn't the first time they have proven to be: "non flexible to a fault."

When the Director of Homeland Security speaks of abiding by legal statutes that were created to serve and protect---and people are dying...when the Director of FEMA can state on national television that "he was not aware of the individuals suffering in the convention centers after day three or four...considering the information was being broadcast over every major American and Foreign News networks, while the Mayor of New Orleans was pleading for assistance even before this...where were these FEMA People? I'm sure they have some type of liaison watching the news developments (that's if they're not watching it themselves)

Meanwhile each day, news conferences were held saying what was going to be done as people...American taxpayers, languished in totally filthy, putrid conditions in unbearable heat...day to day. As the bureaucrats ran around as dogs chasing their tails, people would have lived if the American response had been at par with that of the Tsunami thousands of miles away.

Government officials said that although planning was in place, nothing was in place to deal with something of this magnitude. I ask, "What happened to planning for the WORST CASE SCENARIO?" Especially when itís a matter of record that case studies showed what the impact of anything higher than a Category 3 hurricane would have on the city of New Orleans.

Given the topographical formation of New Orleans, AND knowing the its' port and the oil and gas industry plays a significant role on the economy---It's truly difficult for me to fathom that this situation comes as a total surprise to "people who get paid a lot of money to know better." If the Netherlands can construct leveys that can withstand the forces of the Black Sea, then surely the Army Corps of Engineers, can build levees to protect New Orleans.

The world is watching and it's said that "Pride cometh before a fall."

It seems that this administration has allowed itself to become fully ensconced in the idea that it doesn't need help. Showing its' citizens and the world that it's "Proud Enough" to let its' citizens----men, women, the elderly and even babies....die.

As the days weeks and months pass, I'm sure that those of us who remember the photos of horror, destruction and despair we saw in the Vietnam era; will have those same feelings revived as we view the images and photographs taken in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

Whatever the racial ethnicity of those affected; let Americans remind one another as the world watches... "That it takes both the Black and White keys on the piano to play "the National Anthem."

T. Ozaneaux

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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash