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Dear Free Spirits,

   Thank you for clicking on this months link to the KLIENWACHTER.COM newsletter. Have I got a special surprise for you this month, please read on.
   This is the last week of July and we finally have summer here in beautiful British Columbia Canada and it has been slow coming this year. I am thinking about taking August off from the web site this year. I have been working the site continuously for the last four years without a break, so maybe it's about time. The next issue will be towards the end of September.
   If you haven't visited the web site lately you have been missing out on some new regular contributing authors. Three new weekly columns have been created, "Shamanism," by Shaman Elder Magie Elder, "A Celebration of Life," by Diana Kennedy, " and "Journey to Freedom," edited by Tracy Barker. Please visit the site and have a look at these new and exciting writers, there is something there for you.
   I am still looking for new short articles of inspiration to publish on the site. If you have a short personal story that motivates or inspires please send submit it and it may be published either in the newsletter or the site. You will receive full credit for the article.
   I am very pleased to give you this opportunity to download and read a very special book by author Maureen Lyttle, "The Longest Road: Finding Peace With the Past." This book is over two hundred pages and you will need "Adobe Reader," or "Acrobate," to read it. Please click on this link for more details. It truly is a wonderful book and it's FREE.
   Until next time may your find the peace and abundance that was promised to you before you were born.

Roy E. Klienwachter

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   I am looking for unique column and featured writers. If you have something important to say on a weekly basis, you are the one I am looking for. I am searching for writers who are willing to work outside of the box and need a place to demonstrate their own thoughts. I am not restricting articles to New Age at this time, but certainly they must be based on a spiritual theme, poetry may be one of those areas. Writers must be expanding outside of the paradigm of their belief system (Free Spirits).


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   Over the month of August I would like you to put a few minutes aside and try and block the world out. I want you to think about your life, not the way it is now, but the way you would like it to be.
   Do not think so much about the others in your life, but how you would have it be if you found out that you could make it any way you wanted. Do not think so much about the desires of others, but what you really desire for yourself.
   You can be completely honest with yourself at this time because no one is going to know how you really feel. And no one will know your inner most private secret. "What is it that I really want for my life?" Be completely honest with yourself, remember you are not going to act upon it right now.
   "If I could have my life to be anyway that I desire I would..."
   Leave guilt and fear behind, be selfish for just a moment.
   Think about it for the next month and whenever you get a few moments alone, work on your secret life. This fall we will start working on what it is that you desire. We will eliminate all the things in your life that are not working for you and you will bring only the things into your life that work for you and are consistant with your inner most desires.
   The first step towards change is to know what it is that you desire.Then you start to take baby steps towards that end.
   Stay in touch with the site, and I will give notice in September that I am ready to begin at your side to create your new life, in your time the way the you want it.
Think about it!!!

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"Trying without determination is like driving a car with four flat tires!"

           Roy E. Klienwachter


(It has been my policy to only feature quality articles written by experienced writers in this newsletter. By implimenting this policy I believe I have put myself in a box, so from time to time I will feature a quality article submitted by a new writer. I have done so this month because of the very important message in this article. It was written by Tracy, and it expresses very well what all of us have to go through eventually. We begin our search looking outward until we come to a point where we know that we have left the place that holds our answers, I know you will relate very well to this article.)

What is Enlightenment
Vijay Kumar

What do we really mean when we talk of Enlightenment? Is it not the bloom of life for a true seeker of spirituality? The life itself comes to a full circle the moment one reaches the stage of Enlightenment. Seeking Enlightenment in the present age (the metallic age aka Kali Yuga in Hinduism is more of a curiosity than the faint hope of being able to achieve it within the present lifetime.

Truly speaking even spiritual stalwarts like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Aurobindo Ghosh and many others in the line failed to reach the stage of Enlightenment. The reason is fair and simple... some like Swami Vivekananda never desired reaching the stage of Enlightenment in their lifetime whereas both Rabindra Nath Tagore and Aurobindo Ghosh attempted but failed in their mission. They have category stated in their literary works that they did not reach the stage of Enlightenment.

What is it while proceeding on the path of Enlightenment that is difficult to achieve? Even when it was possible for Swami Vivekananda to have gained Enlightenment under the guidance of his spiritual master and a god realized soul Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, he did not exercise the option! Why?

Enlightenment (in other words self-realization) is the culmination of all we know as spirituality. There is nothing beyond having reached the stage of Enlightenment that is left to be achieved by a human being. Having reached the Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary became quite depressed for he realized that the goal of his life had come to an end. There was no further to go anywhere? The moment one comes across the final goal of his life... it is all over for life itself. Probably, life loses its meaning.

Is it not true that the essence of life is while pursuing our goal? And one who gains Enlightenment merges his identity with the larger whole... the God Almighty himself. Having lost our identity of life it becomes difficult for a human being to be able to recognize one as a friend, a relative, a teacher and even your parents. For an enlightened person it is not difficult to maintain the relationship but while living in the society it becomes difficult to maintain the balance between the spiritual end of life one has achieved and the relationship with the physical world.

A flower having bloomed loses its meaning... it is no more related with the plant which gave it life and also everything which the bud needed to have flowered into a full-blown. The identity, the ego, the self lost its meaning the moment the bud bloomed into a beautiful flower. As long as the society, the community felt the sweet fragrance of the flower... it got recognition and the moment came the time to wither out and die... none cared! Life moves on and does not wait for anybody.

The essence of life lies in moving on and on until one gains Enlightenment. And this Enlightenment is the stage when one is totally liberated forever from everything we call as the materialistic world. Materialism is a phenomenon of the physical world. On the contrary, Enlightenment dwells in the absolute truth of our life. It is only related to our true inner self... our soul (the true self of us). And the moment our soul realizes and reaches its final potential... the need for the body vanishes.

Every enlightened soul has to abandon the body for ever... the cycle of life and birth ceases for this enlightened person. If I say that only two persons have gained Enlightenment in the last 150 years out of the 6000 million people residing on mother earth... then Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana were truly blessed by God Almighty to have gained Enlightenment even when the society presently is passing through such a bad phase on the materialistic plane. Everything presently is measured in terms of materialistic achievements.

In the present times a spiritually enlightened soul residing in the deep dense forests of the Himalayas would not find as much public appreciation as the likes of Bill Gates... One who shall not be able to carry the wealth one manages onto the next life but always seems to cling on until the last moment of life arrives. The false hope one maintains that money can buy one the best in life in the present and the afterlife is an absolute misnomer. We fail to remember that it is only the likes of Madame Curie who shall gain a special status in the next life for the ones like Madame Curie come once in thousand years... those who dedicate everything one could have called their own to the mankind at large. They truly live for the society until the last breath and it is for that they shall be repaid by God in the next life.

Even though Madame Curie may not have gained Enlightenment... but chances are that these thinkers and true philosophers of life would gain Enlightenment a few lives from now on. A true enlightened person lives like a true trustee believing in the fact that everything belongs to God and one is only a maintainer on his behalf. It would not be in the interest of the trustee to look forward to materialistic riches in life. Every true trustee would do whatever possible within his means to work for uplifting the society.

I again repeat that every god realized soul loses everything in the materialistic world. It simply means our true self, the real self of us who exists within us as our soul... the moment it reaches its pristine purity, the dross having completely removed... the physical body losing its meaning... and one truly gains Enlightenment.

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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash 

           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash 

           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash