Vol. 5    Issue #02

In Love and Light


Editor's Note...

Dear Friends,

   I trust that all of you are in great spirits, that the promise of a new spring is bringing new life into your experience. Remember that you are creating it, create something different this year. Move yourself out of the box and change the circumstances that held you back in the past. You do not have to relive the past but us it as a stepping stone to your next level of awareness.

   Some good news is in the offing. I am going to spend more time with my writing. For the last year I have devoted all available time trying to market this site and the books that I have written. Marketing has taken my energy away from what really matters. Because I am the biggest beneficiary of my own writing, that is where I will spend my energy, the more I write the greater the reward in self awareness and enlightenment. Many others are also receiving benefit and that is reflected in the increase in guest book entrees and emails to me.

   Because I believe that spirituality is basic to the ego, access should be just as basic. I want to further explore the process of manifesting and pass that information onto you. I believe that illness, struggle and poverty are poor models or demonstration of the unique and awesome power that we all possess. I know that we can do better; I am not setting out to prove anything because I know that is what I will get back. I want to empower all that are ready to use their powers and free themselves from these ridiculous paper chains that are holding you back.

   In this next decade I want to see everyone off their knees begging God for what they desire. I want to turn prayers of lack into prayers of gratitude because you have already created what you want from your own power. I want to see people reducing their misplaced reliance on handouts and dependence on the systems by taking responsibility for their own lives and the needs of others without institutional help.

   Love is in the air, and that love is nothing if not shared with others.

Love well and prosper.

Roy E. Klienwachter

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  Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


   Why do we wait so long, before we start thinking about whom and what we are? Why does it take a lifetime of living and struggling before we begin a meaningful search for our truth? I don’t believe that is necessary.

   I began my conscious journey to enlightenment when I was around 50 years of age. I was brought up in the churches and believed that it was just one of those things in life that we had to do. Actually I was dragged to church kicking and screaming and later reluctantly went on my own volition from fear and guilt. All of this ritual stuff really didn't mean much to me at the time and still doesn't. I now have some understanding of why people go to church and what motivates them. But I still don't think it is necessary.

   Religion, structure, ceremonies, symbols, affirmations, prayers and meditations are steps to get you there (wherever that is); they help focus your mind. I still believe that the shortest distance between to points is in a straight line and more than likely the path of least resistance.

    My whole life has been about getting there as fast as I can, until now. I can see with some experience and a little bit of wisdom, that it is the trip that counts not getting there. In fact I don’t think I really want to get there anymore. Once the trip is over there is no where to go. The physical realm of existence is the most intoxicating; it is where we use our five senses of touch, taste, smell, site and hearing. I can’t imagine being in another place that we don’t use them. This is the dilemma that the creator had before he went into self-discovery; he created the physical world of relativity so that he could look back upon himself and see how magnificent he/she was through the five senses.

   Truth is as liquid as the water that surrounds this planet and we create our new truth in every waking moment of every day. At one time our truth was that the world was flat, that truth no longer works for us.

   Enlightenment brings new truths into our experience and knowledge or awareness is power. Thought controls all power and awareness of that truth expands our horizons and gives us more choices and freedom.

   It was our truth at one time that moving into the industrial revolution would make our lives easier and free us up to have more time to spend on leisure and with our families. Our new truth is that we now must have two working partners in a household so that we can support the machines that are at home taking it easy, spending the day gossiping with each other in our living rooms and kitchens.

   My new theory or truth is that we are taking this whole life thing away too seriously. We have forgotten what is really important to us. The technology isn’t working except to keep us alive long enough to pay for it. The trip is not a race, happiness is not found in having the most machines.

   Life is a social experience, an interaction between the souls that make up the planet, that is how it was intended and we do not need to live for the machines. It is observable that the happiness that we seek is artificially produced through the drugs that we take to keep us going and awake for a few hours a day. Leisure if forced onto us and more drugs are used to slow us down for a few days that we might take time off for recreation.

   Enlightenment moves us away from this vicious cycle and motivates us to begin to enjoy the trip. It is a trip that can last forever if we choose it to be so. Awareness can bring joy and happiness even in this world of chaos and absurdity. It has taken all these years for me to realize that I wasn’t really in a hurry to get here in the first place.

   Enlightenment and wisdom does not necessarily come with age, it can be achieved at any age if one slows down long enough to listen to his/her own intuition. The world is the way it is because you and I have allowed ourselves to be caught up in the noise of the rush to get nowhere. We are already where we are trying to get to, to this stage of self awareness.

   The peace and happiness that you seek can be obtained in a heart beat if you just stop and listen. The way you are living now is still just a choice and experience that you do not have to accept. The real trip is in knowing what is the real thing and what is more of an illusion of that thing.

   You don’t have to wait until you are 50 to begin to understand. Can you imagine what you could really experience as fulfilling and meaningful, what you could create with the wisdom of a 50 year old at the age of twenty? You have heard it before “If only I knew then, what I know now.” I don’t believe that one needs to concern oneself so much with discovery but with the experience of discovery.

   Wisdom does not come from churches, philosophers, books or even this article; it comes from the positive application of what you have learned from your life experiences. If something is not working for you, don’t do it anymore. Do not live somebody else’s truth, create your own. Move away from the mind chatter, and take the long way home, learn to enjoy it and stop to smell the flowers. Eliminate all things and all people from your life that lead you away from happiness. Be happy first and you will draw those things and the people into your life that best reflects happiness to you.

   Why are you in such a hurry, why?

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter  Feel free to copy this article and use it in any non commercial way as long as credit is given to the author and the content is not changed in any way and a link to this site is included with the article. http://www.klienwachter.com/

Roy's Quotable Quotes
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"Life is what you experience now, it's neither a memory nor a promise of something to come."

                      By: Roy E. Klienwachter

Today I was in rather a whimsical mood, and so instead of my usual “how to” article, I thought I'd create a fairy tale for the child within you to enjoy.

When I was just a young soul, on my first incarnation to be a human being, I wasn't sure that I wanted to go to Earth School.

I felt so happy here, in Paradise. I did what I liked and I never ran out of time. I played with my friends and we made art by mixing colors out of rainbows, and made music by waving our hands in certain ways in the wind, and made animals to love out of the flowers in the fields. Sometimes, too, we blew bubbles out of sunshine or created small fountains by collecting the dew from petals.

“I don't really want to go to school, Mother God,” I said. Azna smiled and shook her head. Her dark tresses fell over her beautiful face. “All souls have to go to school so that they can become gods and run universes when they grow up.”

“Why would I want to run a universe when I can just play with my friends,” I said. “And why can't I just learn in the Library Of Light. All I have to do is touch the scrolls and the knowledge is mine.”

“It's not enough, Child. Theory is fine, but you only know love when you experience it.”

“Ha ha,” I said, “I know about love. It's easy. I love everyone and everyone loves me. That's just the way you made me.”

“Yes, but you don't know about love when everyone is opposing you, and you don't understand love when you're tired and cold and lonely, and you don't remember love when everyone else has forgotten it.”

“What else do I have to learn at Earth School?”

“You have to learn how to be wise.”

“But I already know that. If I need to know anything I just have to ask you.”

Azna smiled. “It's different in Earth School, Child. You have to learn to look for how things work all by yourself and teach others in a way that they understand as if they had discovered it for themselves.”

“So then I just have to learn how to be kind and wise and then I can come home again real soon. Other souls have told me that it's over with in just a blink of the eye.”

Azna sighed. “It may take a few centuries to learn these two simple things. They aren't really taught in Earth School and you'll forget everything you know now. I send spiritual teachers to remind people how to be free but they often get killed.”

“Do I have to go alone,” I said.

“I'll send you an angel,” said Azna. “She'll look after you when you're little and even when you're bigger than she is, she'll still look out for you. ”

“Good, I didn't want to be alone,” I said.“I'll need an angel so that I won't forget what it's like to be happy. What's her name?”

“You'll call her Mummy.”

Saleem Rana, M.Sc., is a psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. His articles are appreciated by hundreds of people from around the world. He loves to share inspiration and motivation for personal development.

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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash