Vol. 5    Issue #01

In Love and Light


Editor's Note...

Dear Friends,

   Welcome to all my loyal subscribers in the new year. It is good to have you with me once again this year. As always the New Year offers us the opportunity to make new choices that will change your lives, or make the same ones that will keep you in your present circumstances. Neither choice is good or bad, just a reflection of where you want to be.


   Last month I told you about an amazing Video service that makes inspirational movies available to its subscribers via DVD. I wanted to let you know that I received my first DVD in the mail last month and have had a chance to review it.

   There are 3 short movies of about 30 minutes each and a 110 minute movie. The first one I watched was from Tailand and had subtitles, yuk foo. My brain just doesn't work that fast, sorry I can't rate the movie for you, it simply is a matter of taste and I don't have any here. The other ones were great, and one of them had me in tears while another caught me laughing out loud. One of the movies had a choice of two endings, and the viewer was encourage to go to a web site and vote on the ending that he thought was best.

   I am going to continue to subscribe and purchase some of the past releases. I think that it is a wonderful service that is certainly worth the effort to subscribe. Check out this site at: http://www.spiritualcinemacircle.com/?af=17261

By Neale Donald Walsch

   Conversations with God spend 3 years on the New York Times bestseller list, sold over 7 million copies in 34 languages and launched thousands of discussion groups around the world.
   Over the past ten years, Walsch has received multiple offers from producers (and one major studio) to turn his book and life story into a film. He turned them all down because he did not want his tory to be "Hollywood-ized."
   Stephen Simon, director of SOMEWHERE IN TIME, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and 23 other features will produce and direct Walsch in the upcoming feature about the CWG story told on the big screen.
   If you are already a subscriber to Spiritual Cinema Circle you will be receiving regular installments of a Video Diary that will EXCLUSIVELY be sent  AS A BONUS to subscribers over the course of 2005 as the development porcess, casting, and production proceed. Again--the Video Diary will be sent as a bonus, in addition to monthly films. If you are not already a subscriver, this would be a great month to join!!!


   In response to recent events of disaster and war around the world, I urge all of you not to dwell on them. Think only positive thoughts and bring happiness, abundance, and peace into your life. Disasters, war and other negative events are errors in our collective thought process. If these things are the only thoughts that are in our heads, they will be the events that we will create and experience over and over again.

   They do not have to be a part of your life. Do not give them energy by spending a lot of time reading about them and watching their drama on TV. All natural disasters, war and accidents are man made; they do not happen my chance. They are created first in the minds of mankind and then manifested into physical reality. In a world where there is lack, disease, inequity, injustice, illness and accidents, it is sometimes difficult to look the other way. But that is just what you have to do. Do not deny them, you must know that they are there but don't give them life byfocusing on them. It is just as easy to create the positive things is life as the negative, it simply is choice. There are people in this world that see it as heaven and only know peace, because that is their thought process.

   Do all that you can do to the peaceful in a world that seems to not be at peace. No one has to agree with you or support your position; you do not need anyones permission to experience peace.

Roy E. Klienwachter

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Playing with Matches


   Matches are all about power; a new world opens up when you strike a match and see it burst into flames.

   Most all children go through a period of fascination with matches. I did, my children did, as did most of the kids in the neighbourhood. The taboo of playing with matches has been spoken of and written about countless times in our history.

   I moved from matches to batteries, electricity, and gun powder. My friends and I even managed to secure some blasting caps and played with them. We didn’t find dynamite, so we tried to create it with limited success. We experimented with gasoline and fire. As youngsters, adolescents and teens we were fascinated with the power and energy of these things and are ability to control them.

   One of the blessings of being ignorant is that you don’t have to deal with the consequences of your actions until it blows up in your face.

   This is why we try to protect our children from themselves and the consequences of their actions. Children love power and are not afraid of it until they understand the consequences, and even then it sometimes drives them further to test their limits.

   Every generation of humanity is another physical year in his maturity, yet man has moved very slowly in his evolution. Mankind has been on this earth for thousands of years and until about 100 years ago he was still riding on horse and buggy and using primitive tools.

   When witnessing the diversity in evolution of the people that now exist on our planet, we can observe that we have not been able to positively deal with the awesome physical powers and energies that are available to us. Those that have moved from horse and buggy to space, show the same signs of immaturity when dealing with power and energy. Although humbled by energy, they seek to control it.

   I grew up with the story of humans that have evolved from apes to the time of the discovery of fire. Having experimented with fire the ape got burned and turned away from it in fear, never to evolve any further.

   Why do some of the earths inhabitants evolve faster than others? I live in an affluent part of Canada in North America that has a very generous immigration policy. The country is diversified with all cultures. I can witness many of these peoples struggling with the new technologies; they seem to be out of place and time. Many of them feel compelled to embrace the technology but are either fearful of the power of it or do not feel or understand the need for it. Our older generations have been left behind and many have given up or struggle to keep pace with it.

   Humanity works backwards in trying to harness energy or control it. He works from the outside in. He tries to contain massive amounts of energy and use it to demonstrate his power. It is observable that there is a need for the powerless to control power or energy. This is a sign of immaturity and should carry a warning not to play with matches.

   Humanity moved away from his/her real power centuries ago. At one time he was able to manifest on demand all that he desired for his immediate needs.

   The normal progression of the evolutionary cycle is to move away from your source of energy in bursts and then return to it over time. From the protection of the womb to death and rebirth humanity spends little time understanding and developing the power that he already possesses.

   Mankind already has within him/herself the ability to control energy with his thoughts. In the minds of men, power is not power unless it is demonstrated in a massive display. The real power however is in the knowing that you have the ability to use it and control it without the need to display it. This is the kind of power that man fears the most. Man fears most his own inner powers of psychic abilities, because he has reserved that power for his Gods.

   Power is in the control of the energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it is controlled and transferred. That ability comes from thought, from a source of intelligence (mind). Within humanity each individual has at his/her command all the energy in the universe. Man does not have to strike a match to keep warm; all he has to do is think warm. Man does not have to kill or gather food to survive; his hunger can be satisfied with only a thought. This is the true power of humanity and is were he needs to spend energy developing. The source to real power is in all of us. We as individuals are the switch that moves energy and transforms. We gave up this knowledge millennia ago for a measure of security. We deemed ourselves unworthy to use it, and gave it away to those that would promise to use it wisely. History has demonstrated that it has not worked for us. We gave away our power from free choice and we still have the ability to take it back simply from a will to do so.

   People that play with power in immaturity destroy themselves. Power coupled with awareness of self as the source cannot destroy itself.

   Begin now to move your thoughts inward and know yourself intimately as the source of power. Use this knowledge in maturity to create all that you desire and nothing more. Create your life and the circumstance of it as you desire. Know that you are in this world to experience your power physically. Never be afraid of it, but use it within your own ability to control it for your good purposes.

   The ONLY THING, the ONLY THING that will get in your way is your own thought that it is not possible. I can now hear you thinking, “Wow if only this was true.” If you are having thoughts like this, then you have an awareness, a knowingness of how little energy you get to control. It is your thoughts that open the doors to this absolute energy. If you think little you get little. If you think or expect a lot and are willing to settle for less, that is exactly what you get. You and you alone are controlling what you get. You are demonstrating lack of power because you believe you do not have it. You are in control of little power.

   And every time you fail, your beliefs will be reinforced until you can clear you mind of such thoughts.

   Playing with matches may be fun, but the real power to light up universes comes from within.

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter

Roy's Quotable Quotes
(You are free to use these quotes anytime)

"Become aware that you are alive always, and you will not be concerned with the illusion of death."

                      By: Roy E. Klienwachter





   Did I express love this year, real love? The kind of love that doesn't announce itself in flashy

circumstances or structured conditions - but an authentic, quiet, internal love? The kind of love

that bubbles to the surface when I gaze at another with understanding, a love that places me in their

shoes, granting freedom from judgment and deepening my compassion? A philanthropic love that expresses

because it simply feels compelled to, because it knows there is more than enough and everyone can benefit. If

not, then I resolve to be and do better in myauthentic loving.

   Did I forgive this year, really forgive? The kind of forgiveness that cracks open my heart, peeling away

one more layer of righteous indignation, thus allowing my soul to breathe? The kind of forgiveness that

loosens my clinched fists held high at a situation so that I don't enter into the next one with guarded

mistrust? The kind of forgiveness that comprehends there is a difference between understanding a

behavioral choice and condoning it? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my forgiving.

   Did I stop this year, really stop? The kind of stopping that can't help but make me vulnerable by

becoming more familiar with who I am without distraction, smoke screens, excuses or self-imposed

numbing? The kind of stopping that turns me, naked, towards my feelings, giving them permission to

express? No right or wrong - a stopping that simply lets me hear what I need to hear so that I can live

more effectively? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in allowing myself to stop.

   Did I seek adventure this year, real adventure? The kind of adventure that requires me to not only take a

leap of faith off my cliff of familiarity but actually sends me back to get a running start? The kind of

adventure that shakes the dust off my capable but underused wings and gives them an opportunity to catch

the gorgeous wind of change? The kind of adventure that knows there is no outside safety net in this

physical world, only an internal one? The kind of adventure that shouts, "I choose to live fully!" If

not, then I resolve to be and do better in seeking adventure.

   Did I seek wellness this year, real wellness? The kind of wellness that requires me to be fully

conscious of what I put in my body - the kind of wellness that requires me to practice what I preach

when it comes to self-love while understanding that the power to dissolve poor habits starts by simply

choosing to change? Wellness that says, "This is the only body you've got. Treat me with respect, praise me

daily and honor me as the holy temple that I am?" If not, then I resolve to be and do better in allowing

wellness in my life.

   Did I play this year, really play? The kind of play that gives value to the heavenly activity of fun -

knowing that fun is sacred, that play is the equivalent of work and that during play - renewal and

relaxation usher in the newest ideas and the clearest choices for better manifestations?

   Did I view play as a necessary life function and not a debatable luxury? If not, then I resolve to be and do

better in my relationship to playing.

   Did I set a goal and see it to completion this year, really complete it? The kind of completion that lets

the vibration of satisfaction and confidence in my abilities heal any opposing ideas of not being good


   Did I honor my life and its sacred purpose by utilizing my time with forward thinking and letting my

mistakes be motivators not antagonists?

   Did I dissolve my insecurities and procrastination by understanding

that my untapped genius has but one mode of expression and that is through idea, thought, word and action? If

not, then I resolve to be and do better in setting and completing my goals.

   Did I open myself up to learn this year, really learn? The kind of learning that entices me to enroll

in being a student of life with thirst and enthusiasm?

   Did I set an intention for uncovering more of my potential, letting divine intellect eat from my plate

and stepping deeper into the waters of wisdom?

   Did I open a book, take a class, study a language, learn an instrument, write a poem, visit another culture?

   Did I learn to surprise and thrill myself with the infinite capacity I have to master more than I thought

I could? If not, then I resolve to be and do better on my personal path of learning.

   Did I clean up my relationships this year, really clean them up? The kind of cleaning that requires me

to break open the lock, pull back the curtain, throw open the window and start removing the dust of harsh

words, grudges, false accusations and misguided choices that have layered my heart?

   Did I make amends for the fearful ways that disheartened another, for neglecting to honor their point of view? With careful

examination, did I communicate my truth, understanding

that sometimes all we may be able to do is agree to disagree and to do so without judgement or malice? If

not, then I resolve to be and do better on cleaning up my relationships.

   Did I share my good this year, really share? The kind of sharing that comes from the pure joy of seeing

another succeed, not from what I think they can or will do for me in return?

   Did I tithe back to where I was spiritually fed, transformed and inspired?

   Did I practice random acts of kindness and give of my time,

talent, and treasure realizing that my good is a part of a never-ending wellspring that cannot run dry -

whose source is and always will be the infinite wellspring of the Divine?

   Did I commit to walking the altruistic path, remembering that every step brings healing and enlightenment to

the world? If not, then I resolve to be and do better in my sharing.

   Did I pray this year, really pray? The kind of prayer that is spoken not to God but AS God - prayers

that affirm rather than beseech, are pregnant with knowing rather than bloated with doubt?

   Did I make my every day activities a prayer - realizing that every thought I think carries with it the

responsibility of an effect on the world? Did I remember how truly powerful my own prayer actually is and that

by simply devoting myself to the practice of it, I become the change? Did I remember that my prayer takes

what I seek and introduces it to me, the seeker? If not, then I resolve to be and do better with praying.

   Did I do all these things because deep down inside I fully understand how precious I am and that these

activities will help me to see that I am held in the light as a perfect idea?

   Did I remember that I have been perfectly conceived and am always held in the perfect mind of God as

perfect being?

   Did I know that there is nothing that I can ever say, nothing I can ever do that will separate me

from the love of God? If for any reason,  I forgot my divinity this year, then I resolve to be and do better in my

knowing of it, to fully understand and embody the truth that it is done unto me as I believe. And I believe in

the power of Good, for me, for you, for all.

(c)2004 Rev. David Ault
Counselor of the Heart ...
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Thanks to all for your support. Live well and prosper.

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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash