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Editor's Note...

Dear Friends,

    I just reviewed my subscriber list and am absolutely delighted about how many people have subscribed since our first issue in August. I didn't expect the numbers that I have received.  After all it is vacation time, and many people are not in front of the computer as much as they are the rest of the year. Still the support has been nothing short of amazing. Worthy of note, is that 82% of my subscribers are women. This part I am still trying to grasp. While I am extremely flattered and awed by the female response, what happened to the males. This has left me pondering several questions. Does my writing mostly appeal to the female half of our planet, or is it that my counter parts are more spiritually aware than the males.

   Thinking back over the last four years, most of the books I have read on the subject where written by well known male authors. Yet most of the email I get is from women. Many of the good spiritual sites I visit are created by women and managed by women. I am plainly missing something here.

   Is it that many of the men do not correspond with there contemporaries? Could it just be that men are into writing books and prefer not to make themselves available on the web? Is it an ego thing, that puts them in front of people in seminars and presentations and less conspicuous on the internet? Are the men in it for the big bucks and have discounted the internet as a waist of time and effort.

   From my own experience I am finding that women appear to be more open minded and flexible. It appears that the men that I do interact with have very strong opinions and are less flexible. I confess, this somewhat sounds like me. My observation is that as men, we take a very strong authoritative position and lose interest in others that do not agree or have a different opinion. Many may believe that they just don't have the time or  don't want to spend the energy unless there is something in it for them. I think men try to commercialize the process more than women. I know from corresponding to many of the female webmasters, that they are struggling with their sites and are more interested in passing on information for free, rather than charging for it.

   I could be out to lunch on this one. It may be that my female side is more dominate than my male side and it appeals more to women.

   However it works, I value the interest in my site and my newsletter by both sexes. If anyone has some insight into what I have written, please email me at: Click Here!

Live well and prosper.

Roy E. Klienwachter

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   I don’t believe that giving up and giving in are the same things. When we give up on an idea, it has an element of finality. We give up our job, we give up a relationship, we give up an idea.

   I have tried everything in this relationship, I can’t make it work, it’s no use, I give up. We end the relationship, its over.  We have all experienced this before, whether it’s an intimate relationship, work related or personal relationship. At some point we give up on it, and move onto something else.

    What about relationships and circumstances that aren’t working for us, that we do not want to give up on? There are relationships in our lives that are deserving of extra work and consideration. We are willing to put more effort into them because we see value in them. Do we give up on them? No we do not, we change our thoughts about them, and give into the thought that what we are doing is not working, and we need to change something. We do not give up, we give in.

   Humanity’s tenacity can be better admired and appreciated, when we are so focused on saving something that we are willing to give in, and try something else that will make it work. It is one of our greatest strengths and it has allowed us to evolve to this point.

   The idea of "giving in," in our society has been viewed as being weak. Especially I believe for men, it takes us away from an image of being “right,” perfect, and in charge. We feel obligated to keep hitting our thumbs with the same hammer, no matter how bloody it gets, just to prove a point that we are “right.” We then lose sight of what we were doing in the first place, and our goal is now secondary to proving how right we are.

   There is a difference in being in denial and cutting off our nose to suit our face.  When do we give in? When it is observable to us that what we are doing is not getting us what we want or where we want to go?

   What is it that we are demonstrating when, we will not give in. What is it that we are demonstrating when we are looking to go to an address in Vancouver and we have never heard of the street or have a clue as where it is, and we do not bring a map? On the trip we do not ask for directions or purchase a map, but keep driving in circles.

   If we can move ourselves away from the situation and put ourselves into the position of the silent observer and watch our actions, how would it look to us? Would there not be great strength in observing that what we are doing is not working, pulling into a service station and asking a couple of questions or buying the map. Would this not demonstrate a greater level of intelligence and observation.

   Giving in, is not giving up. Giving in recognizes that what we are doing is not bringing us the results that we expect. It also recognizes that it is time for a change of thought, a new approach. It is a sign of greater understanding and strength. A sign that we truly are in control of the situation. Our focus is still on what we desire, but we are willing to change our approach in order to make it happen.

   Giving in, is about strength, greater wisdom and flexibility. It is admired by all who witness it. It is talked about by others, and the stature of the one is raised because of it. One does not lose face by giving in, but is admired for his/her wisdom.

   When do we give in?

   When it is observable that what we are doing is not working? We are not getting what we desire by chasing our tail around in circles. A change of thought and circumstance is required to get what we desire, with greater determination to accomplish what we set out to do. Being stubborn and bull headed always accomplishes the same thing. We demonstrate that we are stubborn and bull headed.

   “Give in,” to your thoughts that there is a better way. “Give up,” on the old ways that do not work. “Give in,” to your greater intelligence and wisdom. “Give up,” on demonstrating your weaker points. “Give in,” to your higher self.

Written by: Roy E. Klienwachter



                       Roy E. Klienwachter



Life Is Not A Struggle 
(7 Strategies to Feel Good About Life Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach)

   While most of us have heard the urban phrase, “Life’s a drag and
then you die”, (yeah, I cleaned that up a bit!), I find that most
people don’t really want to believe that.

   And it’s true.  While of course we all have difficult times in
our lives, overall life was not designed to be struggled through.

   Feeling good about your life involves just two parts.   One is to
learn to think about yourself in healthy ways.  This is a learned
skill, ladies and gentlemen, not something that a lucky few were
born with.  If you weren’t given the gift of self confidence and
self esteem as a child, it’s up to you to manufacture it as an
adult.  This is a skill, not a talent.

   The second part of feeling good about your life involves making
things happen.  That is the opposite of giving your life over to
circumstance.  If you want something, set things into motion to
make it happen – from losing weight to getting the perfect job –
it’s all in your hands.

   Are you feeling like life’s a struggle?  Try these seven tips to
help you feel good about life again.

1. Never stop questioning – how can I do this better, faster,
easier, simpler?   Get interested and curious about yourself and
about others.

2.  Accept your weakness.  Everybody has weaknesses.  Instead of
spending your time and energy trying to “overcome”, accept it,
don’t make excuses for it, and find ways to make it work for you.

3.  Always keep learning.  The brain is a muscle just like any
other, and it will stagnate if you let it.  Learn something new
every day.

4.  Expect nothing; expect the best.  Paradox?  No.  It just
means that you don’t want to miss out on what’s wonderful in your
life right now, while you spending all your time peeking around
the next corner.

5.  Plant the “seeds” that you want to grow.  Many people are
(figuratively) wondering where the roses are in their life, yet
they spend all their time sowing corn.  You reap what you sow.
That’s just the way it is.

6.  Swim with the current.  Accept life.  There are lots of
things you can’t control.  Don’t waste your time complaining
about what you can’t control – the weather, the economy, other
people.  Do accept those things and work within the circle that
is within your control.

7.  Don’t wimp out.  When the going gets tough -- and it will --
keep your head up and keep moving.  Nobody ever won a race by

   Here’s my challenge to you:  Take any one of these seven ideas
and put it to work in your life over the next seven days.  Just
seven days -- you can do anything that long, right?   Read it
over in the morning and choose a particular way to practice it,
review it at noon, recite it at dinner.  Make it a part of your
every minute the next seven days.  Then write me, tell me how it

   And of course the next seven days, choose another one, and
Life Coach Kathy Gates specializes in helping people who are
ready to create a simpler, less stressful, more meaningful
lifestyle.  Want to know how?
  Visit http://www.reallifecoach.com to
learn more and sign up for her newsletter.






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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash