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Editor's Note...

Dear Friends,

    I have just moved across the water from my old location. It was only a short move, but the preparations are the same as if I moved across the country. As you can imagine, things are somewhat disorganized and in boxes. Like most people, I just love moving. I am an excellent packer. If it is in a box, it is packed. This time I thought I would be a little more organized because I am producing a newsletter. My articles are in boxes marked, "Office." While that narrows it down, it doesn't tell me which box the articles are in. There is however, thought behind the madness. If I had put the letters into a box marked newsletter articles, I could take my time to unpack. As it is now, I must quickly unpack all the boxes at once, so that I can find the material I need to send out this newsletter. I am forced to unpack quickly and have everything set up, so that I can upload to my site a.s.a.p.

    I received several emails about the article in the last newsletter, "Sending faxes to God." I have included an email I received from one of my readers below.

Roy, just a short note to thank you so much for publishing the article "Sending Faxes to God," by John L. Payne, in your wonderful newsletter. I am now using it in my classes and with my clients. It explains beautifully the process of manifesting and why it is, that we do not always get what we desire. I have been looking for a simple way to explain how the systems works, and this story says it all.
I love your newsletter, please keep me subscribed.

Love and Light

   This article hits on one of the most important aspects of manifesting. Don't keep changing your mind about what it is you want to create. I have written about this many times, but not so uniquely as John did. I find myself telling some of my friends, to stop sending faxes  when what they are doing is not working out and they are complaining about it. They have no idea what I am talking about, but this leads into a great story and discussion. The concept is just so simply, and it works.  I am so grateful for having that article sent to me.

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   If you have any suggestions, for this newsletter, please feel free to contact me. I accept articles for submission as well. I can't promise all will be published as this is only a monthly publication and therefore very limited. Later when it turns into a weekly newsletter there will be more room. I will read them all and present the best of them here.

   I am also interested in doing a joint venture with another webmaster. If you have an idea that you think will work, please let me know. I have not done this before and look forward to trying something new. Email me: Click Here!

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Roy E. Klienwachter

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   Most all of us have a need to be recognized for our creativity or for some special talent we may have, I do. I put a lot of work into my website and the articles and books that I write. Some of it is very good and deserving of recognition. Many of the articles I write help people and I receive thank you letters from them frequently.

   I think that many writers are very humble and are afraid to promote themselves or their works. I love to write. I started writing miniature books when I was very young. I also stopped writing them after a short while, when my mother laughed at me for having written a serious article about parents. I did not get the encouragement from her that I needed to move on.

   I never wrote again until four years ago, when I closed my business and semi retired. Now I can't stop. I forced myself to sit down at the kitchen table and just start writing what ever came up in my head, without regard for grammar, spelling or punctuation. It felt ridiculous, and embarrassing to talk about. It has paid off. I have written 4 full volume books and many ebooks. I thought that someday I may be famous while helping people by passing on the awareness that I have wakened to in the last four years.

   Some time ago while sitting in a restaurant waiting for a call from the office for my next sales lead, I discovered a much easier way to become famous. It takes very little effort. Practically no writing ability, and is very fast.

   It is so simple and can bring fame, and recognition instantly. It requires a pen and a small note pad that you can keep in your pocket or purse. It's fun and brings out lots of conversation from people you know.

   This instant fame program requires you to start writing short quotes. Quotes are not that hard to do. Pick a subject and create a one line quote and sign it. Don't worry about whether it has been done before or not, just begin. I have made up hundreds of them over the last year, just a few at a time. My quotes are about spiritual stuff, but yours can be about anything. Write them down, pass them out. Put them at the end of your mail, or emails. Put them on cards and leave them in restaurants, phone booths, in the library, wherever you happen to be. Write them on the back of envelopes, on gifts or your stationary. What a thrill it is to here someone quote you. It's more than worth the effort that you take to write them down. I have started to include them everywhere, just like the one below.

   Have fun with this, start writing them down when you have a few moments to spare, waiting in a cafe, a bus, or on another person. You don't have to make a career of it. If you do it on a regular basis, one or two quotes at a time, in a very short time, you will have hundreds of them. Don't force yourself, just let them come out. Mine are not all great, but many of them are very good.



"Spiritual: what you are being, when you stop thinking."

                       Roy E. Klienwachter



Selfishness versus Self-Responsibility
By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

One of the last things any of us want to be called is
"selfish." We often end up doing things we don't want to do
to avoid being seen as selfish. In my counseling work with
people, I often hear the questions, "Aren't I being selfish
if I take care of myself instead of take care of everyone
else? Am I being selfish if I do what I want instead of what
someone else wants me to do?"

The problem occurs because of an inaccurate definition of

We are being selfish when:

• We expect others to give themselves up for us.

• We make others responsible for our feelings of pain and

• We get angry at others for doing what they want to do
rather than doing what we want them to do.

• We consistently make own feelings, wants, needs and
desires important without also considering others feelings,
wants, needs and desires.

• We believe we are entitled to special treatment, such as
not having to wait in line.

We are being self-responsible when:

• We take care of our own feeling, wants, desires and needs
rather than expecting others to take care of us.

• We support others in doing what brings them joy, even when
they are not doing what we want them to do.

• We show caring toward others for the joy it give us rather
than out of fear, obligation, or guilt.

• We have the courage to take loving action in our own
behalf, even if someone gets angry with us. For example, we
go to bed early because we are tired, even if our partner
gets angry at us for not watching a movie with him or her.

• We have the courage to speak our truth about what we will
or will not do, and what we do or do not feel, rather than
give ourselves up to avoid criticism, anger or rejection.

Giving ourselves up to avoid being called selfish is not
self-responsible - it is manipulative and dishonest. When we
give ourselves up to avoid criticism, we are trying to
control how another feels about us.

Taking loving care of ourselves, with no intent to harm
another is self-responsible. Yet we are often called
"selfish" when we take care of ourselves. For example, Tammy
had signed up to take one of my weekend workshops and was
really looking forward to it. She let her husband, Frank,
and two children know weeks before the workshop that she was
going, and that it was important to her. The day before the
workshop Frank was given four great tickets to a basketball
game. He wanted Tammy to go with him the next day, which was
the first day of the workshop. When she said no, he got
angry at her and told her she was selfish for doing what she
wanted to do rather than spending the time with the family.
Tammy came to the workshop with much to work on!

In reality, it was Frank who was being selfish in expecting
Tammy to give herself up and do what he wanted her to do
rather than what was really important to her. He was not
caring at all about Tammy – he just wanted what he wanted.
He felt entitled to be angry at her when she didn't give in
to his demands.

For Tammy, this was a crazy-making situation. Being labeled
as selfish when it is really Frank who was being selfish is
crazy-making. Many of us grew up with parents who crazy-made
us in this way – demanding that we give ourselves up for
them and telling us we were selfish when we were actually
taking responsibility for our own happiness and well being.

It is important for each of us to define selfishness and
self-responsibility for ourselves so that we are not
dependent upon others' definition of us. When you become
secure in knowing that you not only have the right, but the
responsibility, to support your own joy and highest good -
with no intent to harm another – then you will not be
tempted to give yourself up when someone tells you that you
are selfish for not doing what he or she wants you to do.
When we are secure in knowing that our own intent is a
loving one, we do not have to manipulate others into
defining us as caring by giving ourselves up.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and
co-author of eight books, including "Do I Have To Give Up Me
To Be Loved By You?" She is the co-creator of the powerful
Inner Bonding healing process. Learn Inner Bonding now!
Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course:
mailto:margaret@innerbonding.com. Phone sessions available.




   One of my author friends has been struggling for some time now to have her new book published. She has made her book available on the web in ebook form, hoping to earn enough money to have it printed. It's a great spiritual book, and it will bring awareness to a great many people. She just lost the use of her computer. Her and her husband have lost work. They are both struggling just to survive at this time.

   Here's how you can help. Go to her site at: http://counseloroftheheart.com and purchase her book or donate to her site. I know she is too proud to ask for help, and she will be angry with me for asking on her behalf. Her work needs to be read and is deserving. It has taken her years to complete it, now is her time and you can help, please click on the link above to help someone in need.

May you be ever blessed for your generosity
Roy E. Klienwachter



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           Help Us With Our Spiritual Message - Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Cash