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The great divider of man to man, man to women or man to his God is poor communication.  Because our world is filtered through our own experiences and beliefs, it is not possible for anyone of us to see the world the same as another. If there was a lesson to be learned; it is to find a way to get along.

In this information age we are reaching out to others so that we may find ourselves. Very few of us communicate with self - the spirit within, and we may spend a lifetime looking for others to identify with us. This newsletter is the glue which cements like-minded people together in a quest for empowerment and identity "outside the box" of obsolete, naturalized beliefs.
June 2008 Vol. 08 Issue 448
The Spiritual New Age Wisdom website has changed, and so has our Newsletter.


   My first book "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle" is now available in more than a dozen countries in English. It is now being considered for translation into several languages and distribution in more countries. People love the book!


   If you haven't noticed, we have added a search feature to our site. This is in response to several requests as there are more than 15,000 pages to search including our article, link, and self help pages.


   For Years I have been writing about how to manifest your life in the way that brings you abundance in every aspect of your life. There are three DVD's out now that explain it in visual format. Although the movies are truly inspirational, one must be cautioned that the message they bring is not that easy to facilitate unless you are at a higher level of your own spiritual awareness.

   I believe many will be discouraged, because like  learning any new skill, there is a learning curve and a willingness that must be there. In the DVD's it just sounds too easy, and this is the weakness of the movies. For those of you who are more grounded in your spirituality these movies will lead you to a place of empowerment that you may not be experiencing in your life now. I have listed them below.

  • The Secret
  • The Moses Code
  • Spirit Space

For more information on these DVD's Click Here!

bullet     There is another related DVD that will add to your experience, it's called;
"The Law of Attraction in Action" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.
bullet     I have created a web site for my new book.
Please, go to this web site to learn about my new book coming out in July of 2008.
bullet Quote: Enlightenment is a state of being; you are "being" enlightened.
Roy E. Klienwachter

bullet What reviewers are saying about "Led Down the Garden Path"


  • A person's comments are always more about them than the subject to which they refer, so I tend to careful what I say. You've taken on the enormous task of giving clarity to a subject that has been obscured

    for so much of our history. I think you did a good job. I hope that many people are inspired by reading your book.

    Namaste, Mallory Carson


  • Roy's insights are not only inspirational and uplifting, they are courageous as well. He is the only author with the audacity to publish what humanity has feared for centuries! I commend Roy's ability to write what no one else has, or will until they've read this book. I am grateful for the experience to have reviewed such an amazing piece of literature. This book is a must read for everyone.
    Matthew Thompson

  • This is a book whose time has come. The chapter on Peace, what it is and what it is not, and how to achieve it, should be compulsory reading for all who long for peace.
    Dzagbe Cudjoe, Ethnologist


Editor's Notes:

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter this year. Much has happened since I decided to make the newsletter a quarterly addition. I first want to welcome the many new subscribers. I try to make our newsletter as unobtrusive as possible; I know we all have to deal with the spam.

I Have Two Major Announcements to Make

First my second book "Led Down the Garden Path" has been published and I should get my first shipment in early July. The book may take a couple of months to show up on Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and the rest. However, you will be able to buy it from our online book store very soon. It is an amazing book and I have received great reviews from those who were invited to proof read it a couple of months ago. I believe it is a much stronger and a more sophisticated writing than my first one. It has a very powerful message for humanity. As with most of my writings - they are simple and made easy to understand. "Led Down the Garden Path" truly is a book for its time. Please have a look at what people are saying about it, in the column on the left.

My second major announcement is about our new Book affiliate Program just launched on June 14th.
For some time now I have been getting emails from people asking me if they could sell my books - now you can!

The program is functional and in (Beta) format as I continue to modify it. It has taken me over three months to put it together. Many people who have read my books want to help pass on the message that they contain. They are motivated and inspired themselves as they have moved to a higher level of awareness. Earning money while delivering something that you believe in is empowering and rewarding. Click Here! for more information.

Your contributions to this web site help make it what it is. If you have any suggestions to improve the web site or newsletter; please contact me.

If you have an article that is spiritually related (not religious) and want to have it featured on this site, please use the contact form and send me a copy of the article. I will review it and if it fits into our genre then it may be featured on the site along with your author bio and link.

Willingness to Accept New Concepts

Albert Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

And in Buddhist philosophy it is said that you cannot fill your cup with tea until you have emptied it.

Probably the most difficult thing to do in the human condition is to let go of the thoughts that brought you this far. You will go not further until you do!

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