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The great divider of man to man, man to women or man to his God is poor communication. Language is made of symbols and symbols are always interpreted. Because our world is filtered through our own experience and beliefs, it is not possible for anyone of us to see the world the same as another.

In this information age we are reaching out to others so that we may find ourselves. Very few of us communicate with self - the spirit within, and we may spend a lifetime looking for others to identify with us. This newsletter is the glue which cements like-minded people together in a quest for empowerment and identity "outside the box" of obsolete, naturalized beliefs.

March 2008 Vol. 08 Issue 447
The Spiritual New Age Wisdom website has changed, and so has our Newsletter.


We have changed our theme background and page formats.


We have added more than 15,000 new pages to the site.


Our monthly newsletters layout is now consistent with the format of the mother site.

bullet We have added several new features to our structure to make navigation easier.
bullet We have created products and gifts for sale featuring our "Outside the Box" logo.
bullet We have discontinued "Roy Bits" and "Featured Articles" in the newsletter as they are redundant with what is available on the site.
bullet The newsletter is much shorter with information and links to news about the site and upcoming events.


Editor's Notes:

I thought I had all the bugs out of my new web site theme, but I missed a couple. If you discover any broken links please contact me and let me know.

I have read a few articles in the last few months about "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" from people who have issues with it. Let me remind you that if you do not believe in a thing; it does not exist for you - you create in your experience what you think. You have already started out on the wrong foot!

To experience a new beginning you have to start creating one. Do something different everyday and in no time nothing will be the same.

Some New Features...

  • Because of my work load, I have decided to publish the newsletter quarterly. This shouldn't cause any inconvenience for anyone, and will be less intrusive as I know we all get way too much email.

  • I am very excited about our new affiliate program that should be released in about two or three months. You will soon be able to sell my book, ebooks, and spiritual products and earn a commission on them. More information and a release announcement in the next issue of this newsletter.

  • Review my new book by going to its own site at:

  • A reminder; my FREE book of quotes is routinely updated. To receive your latest free copy go HERE!

  • The first copies of my new book "Led Down The Garden Path" should be available sometime in April. If you want to be amongst the first to receive a copy, please contact me so that I can reserve a copy for you and it will be autographed.

  • My first book "Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle" is being re-released in China, Hong Kong, and S.E. Asia in April. I will be featured in a new Spiritual Magazine coming out in Australia and New Zealand, more on the later.

  • You may notice that the site is a little more commercialized. We have done this so that it may support itself. We specialize in "spiritual" and "self help" books and products.

  • Have you checked out our new "logo" products?

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