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You are a Manifestation of Unconsciousness. This is a resource based website that brings awareness into the lives of those seeking to move past their current experience. Natural spiritual awareness and holistic healing touches all corners of your world. An awareness of spirit opens doors you would never have imagined. You are an aspect of that which created you, and you have all its attributes, characteristics, and access to power that goes far beyond your current understanding. Abundance, good health, and meaningful relationships are natural aspects of a life lived in harmony with spirit and purpose. They are not something you have to beg for, and it's natural that you should have them. Dare to go beyond what you already know. Learn to live outside the box and become the person you know you were meant to be!

Spiritual New Age Wisdom Expands the Boundaries  of Awareness - it is Spirit in Action.

WARNING: This site contains mature subject matter, including frequent references to spirituality, authenticity, trust, intuition, unconditional love and a sense of higher purpose. Some may be offended. Reader discretion is advised.
Your life was never meant to be a struggle, nor is it a school, and you did not come here to learn anything, but to experience everything physical.

You have a purpose driven life. You are both the creator and the created. With the awareness of the purpose that you have given your own life, will come the power to manifest it.

The wisdom to create the life that you desire is buried within you. There are no mountains to climb and no guru can give it to you. You simply have to bring the awareness of it into your consciousness - that is the purpose of this site - to help you to that end.

Please note:    We are in the process of deconstructing this web site. Some pages and formatting will be effected, some links do not work. All information is being transferred to our sister site. As there are close to 7000 pages, it will take some time, months/years. Please bare with us as we move to the next step in our evolution.

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You are so much more than you know. There is nothing above or below you that is greater than you. You are the creator of all that you experience. This knowledge has always been with you; in your subconscious.

If you are looking for happiness, then you must change your thoughts about why you don't have it. If you are looking for abundance, then you must change your thoughts about why you don't have it.
Learn to manifest your higher spiritual purpose? You are part of an infinite transforming universe!
Spiritual growth comes with awareness! You are the creator of all that you experience!